Best Acid Bath Songs

A very good sludge metal band. It's to bad they're not around anymore. Oh well, We still have Agents of Oblivion and Deadboy & the Elephantman and dax riggs' solo project.

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1Scream of the Butterfly

Not a very traditional Acid Bath song but probablly the most deep and meaningful song of their masterpeices.

2Dead Girl
3The Bones of Baby Dolls

We smoke the bones of baby dolls

4Bleed Me an Ocean

Has somewhat of a meaning about about the circle of life.

6Cassie Eats Cockroaches
7What Color Is Death
8Paegan Love Song

A song about the band taking angel trumpets and were high on them for days.

9God Machine
10Finger Paintings of the Insane

In a way it sounds like it refers to John Wayne Gacy (the guy who painted the artwork on When the Kite String Pops while he was in prison)... Freaky.

The Contenders

11Locust Spawning
12The Blue
13Venus Blue

Seems like I always known this song, even the first time I heard it!


Such a beautiful and melodic song. The lyrics talk to me in a way that other songs can't

15Toubabo Koomi

Land of the white cannibals!

16Cheap Vodka
17Dr. Seuss Is Dead

He really is you know.

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