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Excellent! For those with a tighter budget plays as well as most Martins I have tried.

Best sounding guitar I've owned is a solid wood Eastman.

Great guitar if I could not afford a Martin Eastman would be my next choice.

They are just awesome!

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An affordable and amazing guitar. has amazing nylon strings that makes almost anyone sound great

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Best kept secret in the world. These Philippines made guitar are the best in value!

45Line 6
47Art & Lutherie

Canadian Guitar that has great tone for a beginner. Lent it to two friends that have Martins and both were amazed at the tone. Took me 3 weeks to get it back from one of them.

49James Olson

I think the best guitars in the world if you have £10,000 and can track one down buy it!

50K Yairi

It is the best guitar ever

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52Trinity time before handing over the money in a guitar shop...check out some "TRINITY" models too...tnx


Probably, best acoustic guitar builder in the world.

I love my beauty Furch OOM-32 sm with the nice white Furch decal on the headstock and the label brand on a part of wood inside the bodyhole. reserved and beautyful!

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54Oscar Schmidt

I think these guitars are overlooked in their quality and performance. It's like trying on shoes that are comfortable but putting those aside for name brands that don't fit that well. I love the sound the OF2 produces over some of the higher priced named guitars that do not produce as well. It's all about the creation and birth of each guitar. No wood produced guitar will be exact. Mother nature doesn't make duplicates no matter how much some believe she does. The beauty and the sound from each instrument will be different. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes... you're not.

Aerosmith played an Oscar Schmidt ukulele while at Hawaii. Saw the video.

Great quality guitars for a lower price. Made from very good wood and come in a large line of colors, even spalted woods.

55Ashton Guitars

They are pretty good for the money

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Made in Vancouver B. C, & I believe a high end guitar for Larrivee. Handmade & beautiful sounding. You order what woods you want then they will put it together for you. Mine Dreadnought retailed for $6800 It will never be for sale!


Looks great. Lacks in sound, playability, and good build. But the details in looks are amazing.

I have a Martin, 3 Taylors and a heap of other good stuff inc. a Luna Vista Bear - I chose my particular one because of the beautifully matching selection of woods used. At first just OK sound (but I did get it for the visuals! ) but after a proper setup and a few tweaks plus a set of John Pearse strings it sounds and plays pretty darn good. I'm more than happy with it, and for the price a very nice guitar now. Not up to Taylor/Martin levels of course, but it has its own sound - and when plugged in it has a really great well balanced sound. Recommended!


They are nice guitars, I say they are the best for Beginners.


The best acoustic guitar nylon!

One of the finest Spanish guitar builder in Spain.

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