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1Star Wars: The Clone Wars

the space battles are just as good as in the movies! - VADERtheIMPALER

Appealed to adults as well as kids. Would of liked to see episodes involving a young Han Solo and Lando.

Star wars the clone wars is the perfect show for action emotion war and space battles it shouldn't have been canceld it was much better than Pokemon

Love this cartoon so much

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2Avatar: The Last Airbender

One of the greatest cartoons of all time!

One of the best ever!

3Teen Titans

This show is crazy action. Robin can beat slade with his kung fu. Starfire can make laser come from her eyes or hands. Cyborg killed brother blood like crazy with one arm. Beast boy can turn into any animal and he's my favorite character next to raven. Raven can control anything she's awesome she's my favorite character she killed trigon the most powerful thing in their universe.

Best Teen titans Episodes
1 The Prophecy
2 Titans Together
3 The Apprentice pt 1 & 2
4 Haunted
5 The End Parts 1, 2, &3
6 Mask
7 Terra
8 Aftershock pt 1&2
9 Bunny Raven
10 How Long is Forever
11 Titan Rising
12 Betrayal
13 Kole
14 Birthmark
15 Fear Itself
16 Divide And Conquer
17 Lightspeed
18 Final Exam
19 Nevermore
20 X

Worst teen titans episodes

1 Crash
2 Things Change
3 Overdrive
4 Deception
5 Titans East pt 1
6 Fractured
7 Mother Mae Eyed
8 Waverength
9 Forces Of Nature
10 Trust
11 For ...more

4Young Justice

Young justice is so amazing!

5Dragon Ball Z

Dragonball Z is the best action cartoon. Ever. Widely imaginative, intriguing stories, over the top fighting scenes, & the quality of the animation itself is great (considering it came out in the 80's). It doesn't get better than DBZ.

Dragon ball z is the greatest cartoon ever the fact that's not in the top ten is is unreasonable it should be one or two

It is a super cartoon and thanks to the owners who created it and please I have watched all the episodes from dragonball episode 1 to dragonball Gt episode 64 in dragonball club. Com so please make new episodes like Naruto is making

I love dbz and it should be on number 1

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6Justice League Unlimited
7Batman the Animated Series

Personally, this is my favourite show of ALL time. Ever.

Loved this show from the storylines, characters, to the action scenes. - HyperKnight9X

I like this but I like Pokemon very well

8Kim Possible

It's a action cartoon for people who like butt kicking women. And it is awesome.

9Transformers: Prime

Transformers prime is an awesome cartoon

10Justice League of America

Justice league is the KING of action cartoons, and the GOD of all superhero cartoons (and Justice League Unlimited obv). Characters, development, complexity, animation, plot... And every episode even has classical literary, philosophical, and/or mythological subtext. Genius.

The Contenders

11Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Good cartoon but we need new episodes there but I still watch

12Wolverine and the X-Men

People how can you forget this cool cartoons

This should be one of the first

It should be on number 1

Its not a cartoon

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17The Tick

Light hearted comical fun and the Moth guy is funny.


I think Pokemon is much better than star wars

I say that this is the best cartoon in world

Pokemon seriosly this show is for babies star wars was much better Pokemon is a nother fail of some random stupid cretures destroy this show

19The Spectacular Spider-Man
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1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
2. Avatar: The Last Airbender
3. Young Justice



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