Top 10 Best Active Hockey Players


Best players of the greatest sport ever, everyone on this list has played on the international level at some point, so incase you have questions, I didnt add anyone who hasnt played at an international level. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Sidney Crosby
My top ten:
1. Sid the Kid
2. The great 8. He needs to win a cup and looks like the caps r not the team.
3. 28 on the flers. He is simply really good. But the flers r not the team. Unless he wants a lot money and not the cup.
4. Steven Stamkos. He is outstading. He chould win the cup with tampa bay.
5. Corey perry. He is simply outstanding goal scorer.
6. Zach Praise. He is geting paid big bucks for a reason and he chould win the cup with the wild.
7. The magic Man. He is geting worster by the year with all tose injuries but still isnthe most tallented.
8Rayn Getlaf. The man.
10 is tied with rick nash. Kane, koittar.
It's really between Crosby and Ovechkin. My vote goes to Crosby because he brings home Championships, not just individual awards. Two Eastern Conference Titles in a row, One Stanley Cup, An Olympic Gold... and the Golden Goal! The Kid is The Man!


crosby #1 its no contest. just won rocket richard. amazing leader. just won cup and olympic gold. the people who dicide the hart are stupid for not voting crosby. ovechkin sucks!
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2Alexander Ovechkin
Alex ovechkin is a jerk. My brother has a friend who asked him to sign a hat. Everybody else on the Caps did, but guess who said no and zoomed off in his 1 million dollar sportcar leaving all his were-fans in the dust?
Hockey players are supposed to be tough. Crosby may have better stats, but when it comes to stepping up in a physical game he just can't hang with the big dogs like Ovi!
More individual awards than Crosby which shows that he is the better talent. The awards that Crosby has that ovi does not are TEAM awards. Crosby has always had the better team around him and ovi has carried the caps to 5 division titles in the past 6 years by himself. Ovi is the best!


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3Pavel Datsyuk
You're kidding me! Have you ever seen him?!?!?


I honestly think Dastyuk is one of the best players. Crosby might beat him, but I vote him. His hands are incredible. If he's not the best player, I definitely think he's the best shootout player.
The guy is a beast!

4Evgeni Malkin
A very consistent player who scores goals when you need him to.
Malkin is no match for other players on his team orpik, letang, kunitts, CROSBY

5Steven Stamkos
Stamkos is definitely 3rd under Crosby/Ovechkin. No arguing this.
There are at least 20 people before him!
No he should be tied at 2nd
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6Jonathan Toews
He needs like a 30 to 50 goal season. Which in the furure can be possible.
2 Stanley cups, 1 Conn Smythe ( 2010) and a great captain

7John Tavares
He should be #4, only behind Sid, Ovi, and Stamkos
Totally him and I am islanders fan. MY FAVORITE PLAYER. the best though
1. Sidney Crosby
2. Alexander ovechkin
3. Tim Thomas
4. John Tsavares
5. Mark Streit
5. Calahaan on the rangers

I don't know that many other hockey players than rangers or islanders

8Zdeno Chara

9Kris Letang

10Teemu Selanne

The Contenders

11Patrice Bergeron

12Mats Sundin
Obv he's on the list, he's has the most career points out of everyone currently in the NHL, also my favorite player


13Henrik Zetterberg

Really sidney crosby?!?!?
Henrik is actually a man!
give me a break.


14Ilya Kovalchuk
Why is Cindy Crysby on top of this list? Ilya is a true man, he plays with meaning, and he doesn't cry for his mommy when he gets checked.

15Anze Kopitar

16Tim Thomas

17Patrick Kane

18Jason Spezza

hey, he's good, no matter how bad his team is


19Carey Price
Best goalie in the NHL, in my opinion!

20Eric Staal

yes, awesome, he's from where I live


21Jaromír Jágr

22Mike Richards
He should be number 2 behind crosby
He needs to get his game on. 13 and 14 were dispionted seasons.

23Pekka Rinne

24Tuukka Rask

25Shea Weber

26Jeff Carter

major imporvement this season from his rookie season


27Henrik Sedin

28Jordan Staal

29Jeff Skinner

30Roberto Luongo

31Miikka Kiprusoff
He retired I think.

32Martin Brodeur
Best goaltender to ever live. Take kovalchuck and kiprusoff out and tim Thomas. Then put stamkos as one and martin as two

33Paul Stastny

34Jarome Iginla
He is better then any one else on this list. Well maybe not sid and grat 8.

35Claude Giroux
Giroux really deserves a high spot. Not only does he always end up high on the points list, he inspires his team as a great team. Hey, he was nominated for MVP for a reason!

36Erik Karlsson

37Martin St. Louis

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