Best Actors Born In the '70s


The Top Ten

1 Matt Damon Matt Damon
2 Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio V 1 Comment
3 Ewan McGregor Ewan McGregor Ewan Gordon McGregor is a Scottish actor. His first professional role was in 1993, when he won a leading role in the Channel 4 series Lipstick on Your Collar.
4 Adrien Brody
5 Christian Bale Christian Bale Christian Charles Philip Bale is an English actor. He has starred in both blockbuster films and smaller projects from independent producers and art houses. V 1 Comment
6 Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner Jeremy Lee Renner is an American actor (born 1971) best known for his role as Clint Barton / Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
7 Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix
8 Jude Law Jude Law
9 Chris O'Donnell
10 Colin Farrell Colin Farrell

The Contenders

11 River Phoenix River Phoenix River Jude Phoenix, born River Jude Bottom (August 23, 1970 – October 31, 1993) was an American actor, musician, and activist. He was the older brother of Rain Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix and Summer Phoenix.
12 Zachary Quinto
13 Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch CBE is an English actor and film producer who has performed in film, television, theatre and radio.
14 Michael Fassbender Michael Fassbender Michael Fassbender is a German-Irish actor of stage and screen whose career includes roles in both independent and blockbuster films, most notably; Hunger, Inglourious Basterds, Shame, X-Men: First Class, Prometheus, 12 Years a Slave, Frank, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Steve Jobs.
15 Heath Ledger Heath Ledger Heathcliff Andrew Ledger was an Australian actor and director. After performing roles in Australian television and film during the 1990s, Ledger left for the United States in 1998 to develop his film career.
16 Peter Sarsgaard
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1. Leonardo DiCaprio
2. Matt Damon
3. Adrien Brody
1. Ewan McGregor
2. Matt Damon
3. Jeremy Renner



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