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1Matt LeBlanc

Jensen Ackles is very overrated

Makes me laugh every time

2Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles is an incredibly talented, outstanding actor! He conveys drama as brilliant as comedy or romance, and he doesn't even need dialogue to share his character's emotions with the audience; it's all in his eyes and facial expressions. Jensen pours his heart and soul into his characters, raising them from their fictional existence and bringing them to life with a breathtaking intensity. He gives them depth and nuances, authenticity and dignity and introduces them to the viewer as persons you can easily relate to, laugh, cry and feel with; to an extent where you completely forget they're not real. This effect is especially obvious with Dean Winchester on Supernatural; Jensen's outstanding portrayal of this complex character over the last almost 9 years is deserving of every television award out in the industry. Aside from his impeccable acting skills, Jensen Ackles is an adorable, charming, humble and down-to-earth guy who cares so much not only for his family and friends but ...more - angiewinchester

Jensen Ackles is an amazing talent. He has grown so much through the years and currently just blows away his role, using his entire body to portray the character and make every situation - and there are some, let's say credulity straining ones - believable. He has strong presence, a wonderful ability to emote, and he makes every shot he is in better and more layered. To think once upon a time he was another pretty face - not that he lost his looks. He's grown into a very handsome man. Maybe it was the attention to detail he learned directing that helped him become a better actor. It's hard to watch so many movies with so-so actors when you know, Jensen Ackles would have been perfect for the part.

Powerful and driven, Jensen Ackles makes every role come to life, any character believable, and strange plot twist plausible. He makes Dean Winchester as fresh a character in Season 8 as he was in Supernatural Season 1. Dean is a better character because of Jensen Ackles' ability - no matter how cheesy his lines or how trite Dean's story, Ackles doesn't play him as a stereotype. With incredible skill at taking little in lines and making the audience feel his character's emotions, Ackles steals every scene unintentionally. It helps that he has matured from a pretty boy to a drop-dead gorgeous man.

He's so talented. My favorite actor on television by far. He's amazing in Supernatural.

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3David Duchovny

David Duchovny is the most talented actor in the world.

David has created the most wonderful and iconic characters in the world:Hank Moody and Fox Mulder.

He is effortless & yet the best simply my icon

4Roy Dupuis
5Misha Collins

Misha is simply our overlord. He's funny, cute, nice to his fans, he is not only an angel from a T.V. show but I think he's close to being one - Internet-User

6Charlie Sheen

An outstanding actor. Besides he's wild side.. He can act in an amazing way with any personality or character.

charlie is so funny in every simple way. and also has great timing.. wish he'd continue on the show...

7Benedict Cumberbatch
8David Tennant
9Hugh Laurie

The man can act, he plays his character perfectly and not to mention a flawless American accent.

10Bryan Cranston

Most likely one of the best actor in T.V. history love him in malcom in the middle and breaking bad he should be definitely higher on the list if not number one!

Seriously, no vote for Cranston... Have you seen Breaking Bad? #1, Aaron Paul should make the list as well

The very best actor in television land, hands down. Everyone else is vying for second place...

He can do comedy and drama!

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11Casper Van Dien
12Peter Capaldi

The mouthy spinster Malcom Tucker in The Thiock of It, Capaldi was recently announced as the new Doctor Who

13Martin Freeman
14Jared Padalecki
15Mark A. Sheppard
16Josh Holloway
17Matthew Perry
18Dean Cain
19Dominic Purcell

Amazing in Prison Break!

20John Krasinski

hmmm, not a whole lot of competition here - FATRESS

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1. Misha Collins
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