Best Actors Who Played a Villian

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1Al Pacino

He's Tony Montana! The Ultimante villain.

2Nicolas Cage

Well done as Little Junior Brown and Castro Troy. He should play more villains.

3Gary Sinise

The man who played the ultimate villain who's name is Jimmy Shaker.

4Christopher Walken

He's the villain in movies such as A View to a Kill, Nick of Time, and The Rundown. There's more of his villanious roles.

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5John Malkovich

He played villains in these movies such as Con Air and In the Line of Fire

6Samuel L. Jackson

Jumper, Lakeview Terrace, etc. You name his villanious roles.

7Thomas Ian Griffith

He was the ultimate villain in Black Point.

8Heath LedgerV1 Comment
9Harrison Ford

He was a good guy at the beginning of What Lies Beneath, but near the end, he's the villain.

10Jet Li

Jet Li: The villain of War, Lethal Weapon 4, etc.

also the villain in The Mummy 3 - rock2metal

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11Mark Hamill

He was also the voice of The Joker in Batman The Animated Series. who knew he was so good at making the joker scary?

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12Alan Rickman

Can't believe he is not listed here. Remember his role as Hans gruber in die hard.

13James Earl Jones
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