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21Hilda Koronel
22Angeli Bayani
23Gladys Reyes

Shes very good and villain roles.. Great in mara clara and other teleserye.. Aries

My favorite contra. Bida.. Very good in acting and she really a good person..

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24Mercedes Cabral

She's beautiful, sexy, and hot. Really, she's our one and only 'Kurba'! Besides, she really look good together with Vice

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26Sarah GeronimoSarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only more.

Shes very talented she can dance, act, and international singer

Sarah has an innate talent in acting.The way she acts came from her deepest heart.So natural and nice to see.It reflects her real emotion.

Sarah G is a complete package..speaking of movie she can make you cry and laugh, (box office queen) she has amazing voice & very energetic stage presentation..

She can act, dance and sing. She can do everything.

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27Snooky Serna

She is simply great and her acting prowess is like wine that gets even better as she ages.

Snooky is the Eternal Star of her many followers..

28Jolina Magdangal

She is one of the few stars who maintained good values in and out of showbiz. Others may have great achivements but their value as star will fade away soon. She is the orig Multimedia Superstar. They said other is Ultimate but where is the value? I look up for those who has a great impact to all generation not just once but for all time generation. Jolina has no best actress yet, but for millions outhere, she is one of the best actesses, though because of the new aspiring actresses, she gives way for them to shine but the real talent will remain at the end.. And she is the real ultimate survivor, the multimedia star icon and great person for her family. To identify an actress as best, look beyond of her... Not just what she is doing now

One the versatile actress... She can do anything

29Ryzza Mae Dizon

She not pretty but she has talent

I love ryzza shes very cute lil girl and confident in any show

She so cute and talented child... We love you Ryzza Mae...
Regards from Norway..

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30Alessandra de Rossi
31Bea Binene

Bea Binene the tween Princess. Tween Dream Girl.

She give her best to show her acting in the television, she is a beautiful, she is intelligent, she is respectful actress and also she is so very friendly with her fans and to her co-actor/actress

Bea For Me Because Shes The Best :* I LOVE YOU BEA

31Bea Binene the tween Princess. Tween Dream Girl.

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32Cristine ReyesAra Marie Cristine Reyes is a Filipina actress. She became a contestant of GMA's reality TV program, StarStruck.

She has the talent and the charm! I wish her more success in her career.

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33Julie Anne San Jose

She is a good actress and specially in singing too.

Bound by her passion for music, her determination in acting, her dedication for her studies, and basically, ruled by her curiosity to explore new things

She is a good singer she has lot of award in singing a multi awarded singer and compositor of her generation she proved it to us lots of album with a very good songs. She already good in acting.. Very humble person...

She is good singer

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34Gina Pareno

She is more than VILMA & NORA because she acts very stunning, soulful and very natural. Unlike other big stars GINA is not forcing herself to act very hard to say that she is a good actress but she delivers a story very natural. She acts not too powerful but she acts on what her role needed. You can tell that she is good in acting not only by her eyes but also in how she deliver her dialogue. Her voice change every time she deliver every emotions. What I like in Gina is she is not competing to other big stars but if she cries on the screen try not to say WOW!

She is the Jewel of Philippine cinema and portrayed roles that are tailored for genuine performances like hers. Like NORA AUNOR & VILMA SANTOS, she represents the real meaning of quality and versatility when it comes to acting. Bravo to all three!

Maggie Smith of the Philippine cinema. Such a poignant balance between comedy and drama. Such remarkable talent. From Lola Gets of Tayong Dalawa to Belita of Kasal Kasali Kasalo and her role in Kubrador, she is the definition of versatility

35Janice de Belen

She has won best actress and supporting actress in awards giving bodies in movies and television.

I have been a fan of here since Flor Deluna. I have been following her
Ever since.

One thing you missed about Janice is... She' so Intelligent... She has the brain...

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36Jessy Mendiola

I like jessy mendiola a lot because she is beautiful, sexy and a very outstanding actress I ever known two thumbs up for you girl!

37Louise delos Reyes

Very good in acting whatever role it is he can act graciously and deliver it well... Congrats..

From Alakdana to One True Love and galing nya! I think she's the next rising star of GMA 7!

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38Eula Valdez

Because Eula is the most sexiest here in the Philippines

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39Claudine Barretto

The Youngest Icon of Philippine Showbiz. Once hailed as the Teleserye Queen and dubbed as The Optimum Star of Philippine showbiz. The only actress who can portray different roles.

She is so beautiful.And she is good in acting.I really love her.Thank you...

She's simply the best. She acts with power and she can nail every character or role given to her.

She is the Optimum Star the 5th Brightest star in Philippine Showbiz. With the acting prowess she has, indeed she is the definition of an actress

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40Shaina Magdayao

Shaina is an ultimate and versatile performer -- a very good actress, a very good dancer and singer. Happy birthday Shai! - from California fans

She is very beautiful in kung ako'iiwan mo she brings the good performance in abscbn

I think she brings performance maganda inside or out super sana ipagpatuloy mo lang iyan go girl I'm supporting you go.

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