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Maricel Soriano


Like a diamond, the Diamond Star is multi-faceted. Her brilliance in her craft shines through in every role she portrays. She was awarded the Best Comedy Actress award from Asian T.V. awards thrice (3x) and continue to receive best actress awards (for both comedy and drama) from the local award-giving bodies. The Diamond Star never fails but like the most precious gem man has discovered, she forever endures. Hail to the Queen!
Maricel Soriano is one Filipina actress who can make you laugh in her comedy films, make you angry in her strong women roles, make you cry in her drama roles and touch your heart in her romantic movies. She gets so much into the character from the smallest detail of her mannerisms (she perfected this in the movie INANG YAYA or Mother Nanny) and uses her eyes effectively to express emotions.
Ms. Maricel Soriano, the Diamond Star of Philippine Movies, is the MOST VERSATILE actress who excels in all genres - drama, comedy, horror, suspense, even action-comedy or action-drama. Her body of work proves that her amazing depth and range as an A-1 actress. She is the THIRD MOST AWARDED actress in the Philippines. Great, great, great actress!
A honest actress- she can always transcend her true character and emotions right on the target ---at the very core of viewer's heart. With her very heartfelt portrayals, everyone gets carried away.
For me the Diamond Star Ms. Maricel Soriano should be included on the list a versatile actress, be it comedy, drama or action, she always makes it with much aplomb... one of the great actresses in the Philippines... Hail to the Queen.
The Undisputed Diamond Star of Philippine Cinema is also the Best Actress of her generation! An all-around artist destined for greatness!
The best of the best actresses can only be found in the Philippines.. Never anyone can match her versatility in acting, be it in drama, horror, comedy and even in action films... Ms. Maricel rules!
Truly a versatile Filipina actress who can give justice to any role that she portrays and the only Filipina actress who exudes brilliance and expertise. No wonder why she has been included in this poll. I've seen a lot of her films and she really deserves an internatonal recognition.
The Asia's one and only Diamond Star. Deserving to be named as one of the greatest. I hope survey and list do give attention to the a number of individual who cast a marvelous performance in Asia not only in the west.
When I watched her in Florinda T.V. series, I noticed that she really is an effective actress. Her emotion in every scene is very realistic.
A woman with extreme sense in a field of acting! The most respected movie star in the Philippines!
The best for me because she is the diamond star in Philippines..
Maricel soriano is just brilliant! No wonder she's hailed as the diamond star of the philippines.
She is a legitimate Movie Queen who deserves the radiant title "Diamond Star", the only movie queen who's acting ability is versatile.
She's brilliant when it comes to a high caliber acting. Truly a great Filipina actress, no wonder she is the Diamond Star of the Philippine Cinema. Mabuhay Ms. Maricel Soriano! Diamond is forever!
The most versatile actress in the philippines.
Versatile actress... THE DIAMOND STar for the WIN..!
Next to the legendary Nora Aunor, versatile actress, she deserve to be in the top ten...
Diamond is forever just as the Diamond Star is...
She's good
And one of the best actress
Can do anything what script she does and deliver it as viewers can relates.
She's a great and a down to earth actress of her time. I'm so proud of her whole self.
I love Maricel Soriano she is great...
She is indeed an icon in terms of acting
She deserves to be on top! Truly a high caliber actress and pride of the Philippine movie industry. No doubt that she is a movie queen and the diamond star of the Philippine cinema.
Maricel Soriano is one of the best actresses in the Philippines. A respected woman in her own right. The highest paid actress in Philippines!