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I Remember You
Fantastic episode with the most heartwarming moment in the series. Truly shows what adventure time is capable of and deserves to be first.
You would probably think that I have favorites. Apparently I do. I love marceline. She's so awesome. This episode will also make you cry like her in this episode. This may lack action but it will certainly touch your heart. Add the great voice of rebecca sugar (voice of marcy), the way she sings there made me cry. Music in this episode is genius.
The sweetest episode... Truly amazing, especially for a weird, awesome show like adventure time. The background of this show is like no other. Almost cried...
[Newest]This is the most amazing episode I've ever seen! Not only in Adventure Time but in all of the cartoons I've seen... ! :D It's story is very good with no bad influences for children... It's song was great! I almost cried... Ice King is not very bad at all... He's good in his heart and marceline is so AWESOME! It is really awesome I love it! I LOVE ADVENTURE TIME! :D #Adventure Time is no. 1

2Simon & Marcy
I am always "the tough one" in a group but I can't help but to cry in this episode. One would appreciate this more if they watched the series "cheers". I always liked the fact that the setting of adventure time is post-apocalyptic. This episode emphasized its setting. This episode is truly my fave. No wonder why it's an emmy award nominee.
This episode was fantastic, probably my favourite episode of all time. I can't believe it's so low.
This episode was beautiful. It was funny, and yet sad at the same time. Seeing Ice King trying to protect Marceline was a very heartwarming sight.
[Newest]This was great. It was adorable, and horrifying. The episode was very creepy and the concept and funny. What's not to love?

3Card Wars
I thought that AT was going to be the whole emotional girlfriend/boyfriend thing they had changed it into, but then Card Wars came along. It brought back the original, Finn and Jaje messing around hilarity I thought made the best episode. Also, Card Wars seems like a really cool game.
Extremely fun game to watch Finn and Jake play. The game actually seems very fun, and looks very well thought out on the episode creator's part! I also love the "Finn and Jake messing around" part, it's not often we see that. Most of the time we get the episodes focused on a whole adventure time universe and episodes important to the season, but this episode was just pure fun!
I Love This episode! Absolutely Funny! I love it when Finn trolls jake with his skills! Extremely funny and awesome! I loved the game of card wars too and I wish it was in real life because its is todally awesome and FUNNY!
[Newest]Card wars was so fun and I have the game on my Ipad

4Too Young
This is my favourite episode! :) But the funniest thing is that when my younger brother is angry, he is exactly like Lemongrab! (Well, except that there's no lemon juice rattling around in his head when he laughs. )
Too young is my favourite episode ever! Laugh out loud Lemongrabs looks mental when he laughs! You can even hear the lemon juice inside his head shaking around when he laughs.
Lemongrab is so FUNNY and he is the FUNNIEST villain ever in the show and the episode is very good

5Frost & Fire
It made me sad at the end but it's still an awesome episode
Poor ice king
Flame princess should be killed for beating him up
I like it when the snow golem hugs her and she suffers in pain

6The Vault
Such a sweet episode
I loved the insight into the past of Ooo and the theme of "making things right"
Shoko's AWESOME. this episode is so cool and it raises so many questions, I kinda hope we see more of shoko in the future (even though that's pretty unlikely haha)

7Burning Low
Finn and Flame Princess FOREVER! This episode has GOT to be the best, plus it has the most amount of viewers, with 3.5 Million viewers, beating the record set by 'Fionna & Cake' with 3.3. I don't think PB is jealous, okay maybe a little; but at least she has valid reasons.
This has got to be the number one. The most talked-about love triangle, FLAME PRINCESS, FINN AND PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM!
Oh finn + flame princess is just beautiful and romantic and the princess bubblegum is jealous
This is easily my favourite episode; Finn and Flame Princess are so cute together and this episode proves they are made for each other also Princess Bubblegum is jealous
[Newest]This is in my top 3 list

8What Was Missing
This episode is amazing! The music is beautiful, I really love both of the songs, especially I'm just your problem. The characters really open up and we get to see a lot out of them (Marceline in this episode was great, as well as Finn). Not to mention that Jake was hilarious with his "jerk in the band" act. This was just an amazing episode.
The music in this episode was great and the writers portrayed lots of genuine emotion with the rift between PB and Marceline. I think this episode definitely qualifies as one of the best in Adventure time thus far.
What Was Missing was very heartwarming. It had brung most of the characters together. The singing was very well constructed too, so I appreciated that. The characters' personalities were also expressed, seeing how Marceline and PB fixed the rift between them.
[Newest]This episode is so amazing! How is this not higher? At least it's in the top 10.

9Marceline's Closet
When the spider bit Jake... Funiest reaction ever!
I LOVE THIS EPISODE. I showed my sister and she hasnt stopped laughing especially at the part where Jake got bitten by the spider
Not much adventure in this episode, but this is to Adventure Time what This is My Jam to Regular Show. Funny, funny, funny!


[Newest]This episode shows how I react when I see a classmate out in public.

10Vault of Bones
Such a great episode. Really shows the relationship between Finn and FP

The Contenders

11No One Can Hear You
The first time I saw this episode I spent like two minutes shocked after the episode finished just looking at the screen. It"s the scariest and weirdest episode of all the show, and this episode is not for kids! But I loved it, it gives me the creeps... Brr!
This episode definitely had the darkest feel to it. It really creeped me out. I think it would make a good movie. I felt bad for jake cause he went crazy.
As much as I love the "Simon & Marcy episodes and the episodes where Finn and Jake just goof off, this episode is fantastic. It has a dark tone, a scary concept (while still having a satisfying ending), it had a lot of suspense. This plot is good enough to be turned into a movie.

Great episode! Finn lived a whole other life in an instance of real time in another dimension. Great story line and concept, one of my all time favorite episodes
Super funny QND cute! 😍

13My Two Favorite People
Jake tries to get lay rainicorn and finn better friends but things get complicated.
Just because I love Tiffany laugh out loud


14Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
Hilarious episode! Nice to have a random story like this with no relation to plot that's still so well done. As a side note, I thought it was fun to see an episode centered around the rough-housing village. Those vikings are so funny!
I LOVE memories of boom-boom mountain. IT'S HALARIOUS

15From Bad to Worse
The candy kindom gets infested and turn into zombies.

16Death in Bloom
The very best the show has to offer! The animation is incredibly creative and interesting, the characters are all on top form, and the jokes are hilarious, especially in the first half. Also, how great is Peppermint Butler?
I like the way Death is portrayed in this episode, a deer skeleton living in a castle of light.
Awesome episode, Peppermint butler is my favourite character

17The Creeps
This episode is so funny. Prince Hottbod, the bathroom screaming, the whole Brad thing- I just love watching it. And the part with the ghost lady always mystifies me. (even though I've seen the vault I just always thought it was a cool scene)


Good mystery and Finn was in a suit. What's more awesome than that?
Scariest adventure time I've ever seen
[Newest]Dude, this episode gave me goosebumps.

18The Witch's Garden
It's so funny finn jake say that the whitch has a husband but its funny to here her say I don't have a husband in her angry voice
I love the witch in this episode
I guess but its not my favorite

"Hello, Frank the human... (gasp) how did you almost know my name? "
"Lady, you are SICK! " this should be in the top ten

20All the Little People
I enjoyed it because it had mini versions of most of the characters. Magic man gives Finn a small bag. He realises later that their are people in it
This must be in top ten this episode is beautiful! Why its in top 19
It was pretty interesting and had some dark piano music in the backround. It is probably my favorite episode so far.

Finn and jake thought that Princess Bubblegum is jealous because finn is now hanging out with flame princess
A great episode with my favorite song from the series


Adventure time should release an episode showing Finn and Marceline falling in love with eachother!

22Jake the Dog

23Mystery Train
This one was great it showed a lot of mystery and weird stuff and that's what makes adventure time what it is
A murder mystery happens when Jake takes Finn on a train for his 13th birthday.

24Mortal Folly
This episode introduces the Lich, who has real menace and one of the most badass evil laughs ever heard on televison. The main plot also makes for one grand quest. Finn and Jake are fully aware of the stakes, but they handle it in a way that is unique to this show. When you hear this exchange (they're chasing after the lich)
Jake: This is our first fate of the world deal!
Finn: Yeah, man! We gotta shut this fool down hardcore!
It's just awesome.
In this episode, the most evil of evil anatagonist is introduced. He is the lich

25Jake Suit
This episode really funny! One of the best

26Thank You
HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP TEN this was like the most heartwarming episode in adventure time, is wasn't a typical episode, it focused on different characters and gives us a great moral and different perspective of adventure time...this episode was so beautiful..
This is what makes adventure time so diff and awesome from any other shows, it can me you love it even if your favorite character is not there. This is heartwarming and life-affirming. It will teach you a lesson. Watch it.
This episode is hilarious heartwarming and adorable should be in the top five WHY ON EARTH IS THIS SO LOW?!

27The Limit
Finn and Jake go through a maze for a wish, but Jake is being stretched to the limit.
Literally the funniest episode ever. I was laughing nonstop.

28Jake vs. Me-Mow
I love Jake and Me-mow there my most favorites.
I don't know, I just voted. Laugh out loud!

29Guardians of Sunshine


31Holly Jolly Secrets
OH MY GOD! What can I really say about this episode? It revealed the tragic backstory of the ice king, the jokes are HILARIOUS and its just has great plot overall. Go watch this episode.. My 2nd favorite episode.

32Bad Little Boy
Marshall Lee Takes Fionna And Cake In The Woods Where Lumpy Space Prince Is Throwing A Party With Other People.
Best Part : Fionna Punches Marshall Lee
Amazing plot of this episode :) I love the Fionna and Cake ones.
Cause it has marshall lee in it
[Newest]Marshall Lee is so handsome!

33Heat Signature
It was really cool of Marcy to actually care about those two!
Buuut I dislike the ending. (no point on it)

34The Lich
How is this not an option! My favourite episode by far! I love the sense of adventure and the foreboding feeling throughout! The Lich really can be quite scary! Also this episode ends on a cliffhanger which I love
How is this not an option? My favourite episode by far! I love the darker tone to this episode and the absolute terryfiying nature of the Litch itself! This episode really is Adventure Time at its best! It also end on a cliffhanger and I love that

35Mystery Dungeon
Seeing all the characters together was so satisfying.
Awesome! Tree Trunks, Shelby, NEPTR, Lemongrab and Ice King ALL go on a quest in a dungeon? That's pretty awesome!

36To Cut a Woman's Hair
I LOVE the way he say bad things to the poor ugly tree witch "You're never gonna be beautiful EVUUR" laugh out loud

37Holly Jolly Secrets, Part II
I'm sorry did you mean part 666?

38Lady & Peebles
This episode is unique, because it focusses on Lady Rainicorn and Princess Bubblegum, instead of Finn and Jake.
Oh yeah! PB kicks butt!

39The Other Tarts
The royal tart toter's soliloquy is the best writing the show has ever seen: "Hello? Eat my tarts? " and "I'll still be here tomorrow to high five you yesterday my friends. "

40It Came From the Nightosphere
It came from the penis not nightosphere ya idiot. Lets hate adventure time forever!

41Princess Cookie
This episode is surprisingly serious compared to the other episodes and I was surprised to see a relevance to suicide DONE RIGHT (looking at you One Coarse Meal) and its great at the end!


Only episode on T.V. that has ever made me cry. So touching
The only episode on a T.V. show that has ever made me cry
[Newest]It was heartbreaking and heartwarming all in one episode. definitely one of my favorites!

42The Eyes
SPOILER ALERT! Ice king the horse but great episode. you know who else thinks the eyes is a great episode? My mom!
Finn and Jake try to sleep, but there is a horse staring at them
Whacked-Out poo-brain...
I wonder what that means?!

43Memory of a Memory
I love this episode, my favourite part is when Marceline and Finn return to Finn's old house and see Finn as a baby laugh out loud!

44The Real You
Finn makes himself smarter to give a speech at princess bubblegums since barbecue.

45The Jiggler

46Dad's Dungeon
Jake feels conflicted when his father forces him to try and hold Finn back in a dungeon meant to toughen Finn up.
Yo finn! I'm proud of you I love you son! Your gonna do great things things
Your gonna do great great great!

47Slow Love

48Susan Strong
I thought is was the bomb is was rely good episode also beautopia I think Susan strong is human in the episode she probely is you should go and ask cartoon network if they can make a new episode with her in it:-)
This seriously had me longing for a sequal.

By far the best. ever!

50Jake the Dad
Kim Kil Whan's older voice is really cool. I like him best.

51All Your Fault
Lemon grab is such an interesting character philosophically - PB created him how he is - all her fault! And the idea of a beings that love to create life more than eat when they are starving - conflicting wants/values - and lemonjohn's sacrifice at the end after he gained a heart as well as new values of wanting to prevent suffering!
I like the episode how they got there people but some of the looked weird I like it was a good episode
Really interesting. Oh, and nice shot, Jake.

52In Your Footsteps
I love the bear and the snail at the end was funny but cool! Who put BMO noire on the list? If you ask me, I and my sister think its boring! Every time that episode comes on, I grab the iPad and play on it until its over.

53King Worm
Love when he wakes up and was still dreaming.
This episode is awesome because it's weird
Foreshadows, has some buzzy bits and you gotta love jake's dad

54Princess Monster Wife
How is this not even an option? This was a very sweet episode showing how much Ice King loved his "wife," no matter what she looked like.

We see ice kings past. What's not to love.


This episode should be way higher
How the hell is this so low

56Lemonhope Part 2
It took a while for the Lemonhope story to grow on me, but the song at the end kept me coming back to it. On subsequent views I've found touches of foreshadowing and mirroring between the real and dream worlds as well as subtle moral themes that have actually elevated this 2-parter to my "Best of Adventure Time" list.
That song at the end! The feels! This is a great example of the amazing things that Adventure time can do.
The song at the end of the episode legitimaly made me cry when I first heard it. It's so heartwarming.



59Mortal Recoil

60Be More

61Morituri Te Salutamus
This episode really invokes the spirit of Adventure Time. A kid and a dog beating up a load of people to get out of a sticky situation! It's comforting to know that Finn could re-purpose Johnny Test as a carpet and this episode is living evidence!

62We Fixed a Truck

63Sons of Mars
Great episode.
Jake and Magicman switch bodies
What a real best friend would go through to save their best friend

64Escape from the Citadel
The worst thing about this list is that the newer episodes are not rated as high as they should be. Behind only a select few episodes, this action packed emotionally powerful drama of an adventure time episode is one of the greatest moments in television history period! The Lich is horrifying, Finn's dad is far from what the viewer expected, and Finn has the crisis of a lifetime. This episode should at the very least be in the top five.
I knew one day finn would lose his arm, because in the episode Puhoy and Finn the Human and Jake the Dog you can see that Finn doesn't have an arm. great episode
The whole storyline of the Lich has caught my interest. Killing Billy and Prismo made him the worst character ever on the show. And I love that line he said, "FALL".


66Astral Plane
Such a cool episode based on such a cool concept!

67The City of Thieves

68Video Makers
Finn and jake make a video for a movie club and can't agree on the contents of the movie. Check please!

69Five More Short Graybles

70Return to the Nightosphere

71Daddy's Little Monster

72Wizard Battle

73Wizards Only, Fools

74Slumber Party Panic

75Too Old

76The Suitor

77Earth and Water
Whoa whoa!
PB is NOT evil
FP is evil because she burned down the forest and she deserved captivity


79Billy's Bucket List

80Wake Up

Another abandoned like town in an already post apocalyptic setting of adventure time! Awesome!

82Dungeon Train
It's such a fun episode and filled to the brim with what adventuring is all about. Monsters and loot and having fun. It's like the perfect adventure, never having to rub out of new and exciting enemies and loot. It just looks so fun to me and it also has a good message and calm points with jake.

83Something Big


85Another Way

86James Baxter the Horse

87Five Short Graybles

88Princess Day
Come on you guys it's my favourite. You meet all the Princesses. Tons of laughs, LSP and Marceline becoming BFFs and lots of awesomeness.

89Hot to the Touch
I like when jake extinguished a fire and fp went like oww whhhy like a crybaby
And NEPTR was playing hide and seek for fifteen years

90It's Not My Fault (Creepypasta)

91Chamber of Frozen Blades
Are you kidding me? This had to one of the coolest episodes! (no pun intended) also there were so many Naruto references!

92Is That You?

93Ghost Princess

94Trouble in Lumpy Space
How is this episode not even on the list despite the top 10? This is one of the funniest episodes of the series where you get to see one of the funniest characters in action, LSP!

95The Diary


97BMO Noire
Bmo tries to find out who stole finns missing sock.

98Tree Trunks
This is number one hands down. Tree trunks exploding in the end nearly killed me
Tree trunks finn and jake go on a quest to get the special crystal gem apple.
Tree trunks is old and naive

99A Glitch is a Glitch

Adventure Time 666% SUCK!
So different to other Adventure Time episodes. And why does the Glitch have to barf at the end? Cause duh, there's no way I'm putting my hair into my mouth like that! Still, awesome episode.

100Finn the Human

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