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21Susan Strong

This song has an adorable message and tune. It made me so happy. Please vote for it!

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22Francis Forever
23Marshall Lee's Graveyard Rap
24Fisherman Song
25I Was Wrong

Finn's realises the bad stuff he did, so deep

26According to Our New Arrival
27Three Baby Spiders

Three baby spiders.
Three bitty baby spiders.
Were playing in the sun.
The rain came down and it was no fun.
Cry cry cry cry goo ga goo.
Oh me, oh my eyes are raining too.
The first spider drowned.
He was never found.
The second spider cried,
Til' he died.
But the babiest of all,
Splashed and had a ball.
He grew up very tall and lived inside a wall.
Sometimes the sun shines
Even on baby spiders.
And you!

Even though this so g was cut out a bit, search the lyrics on the AT wiki and it's my favorite nursery rhyme now.

28The Hero Boy Named Finn
29The Stuff Song
30BMO's Pregnant Song

This is a little bit funny

32Dream of Love

Most catchy love song ever!

33Stomp'n On Ants
34Lost in the Darkness & LoveV1 Comment
35Real Power

The bird man finally sings it fills me with real power

36Lost in the Darkness
37Dear Marceline

I like this song

38Party In the Clouds (Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!)

An AT game song, but it's so catchy! Seriously, look it up. - Garythesnail

39The Food Chain Song
40Tower Into Space

Baby's building a tower into space
space is where he's gonna find his dad - AnonymousChick

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