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1Warlord of Nulgath

Best Armor Ever I got

Huge, awesome, its simply deserves the best

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2Nulgath Armor

This list has poor choices.. I didn't even know which one to choose because none of them amaze me :/
In my opinion, definitely between this armor and Blade Master.

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3Undead Legion Overlord

SUPER Awesome, since its huge!

4Blade Master

It Makes you look like more than a ninja, but a ninja that is undead legion and plus you have big white eyes that glow with a tattoos that are custom color based on your eye color.

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5Arcane of Nulgath

Love it, especially since its color custom

6Crimson Plate of Nulgath

Love the color, and how your head changes the looks

7Berserker Bunny

Love how every year there's is a new type!

8Platinum KnightV1 Comment

Its simple, but very good - looking.

10Light Warden Armor

Looks like the exact opposite of crimson plate of nulgath!

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11Paragon Plate

Way better than Nulgath's armor and even destroys all

12Arcanist Robe

This is a good armor for those who want to look like cool!

13Naval Commander
14Legion Titan

Its big, it has skulls, and its electrifying, and its one of the hardest armours to get within the legion itself. Without any of the big legion token quests, it would take a normal person about a month to get.

15Dark Caster
16Doom Madness of ChaosV1 Comment
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