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21UegaramarikoV1 Comment
22Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou

This song sounds great, this song so diffrent with akb songs others, there meaning is a girl hwo bullying dan dying...
The most thriller songs ever!

V1 Comment
23Iiwake Maybe
24Sakura No Kini Narou

This song will touch you, even you don't know the meaning of it

This is AKB's best song. No doubt about it.

V1 Comment
25Everyday Kachusha

I feel happy and sad a well when I am listening to it... I can recommend this song.. Watch MV as well

One of well known forever song of AKB48

26Yume No KawaV2 Comments
27Ponytail to ShushuV8 Comments
28Oogoe Diamond

Makes me feel energized every time I listen to it!

V2 Comments
29Seifuku Ga Jama Wo Suru

Come on! This song should be at least in the top 30.

30Heart ElectricV1 Comment
31Show Fight
32Sugar RushV2 Comments
33Namida SurpriseV2 Comments
34Sakura no Shiori

It's a different, sweet song, also the song that got my interest into AKB48. by the way, what can beat all the members plus Jurina and Rena from SKE48 singing together?

35Gomen ne Summer

Kawaii ne! The beat its powerful, I think its like happy song to someone we loved before =), but when see the lyric, I suprised! Realized its unrequited love song

V2 Comments

I like the song, the music video concept and everything else. This was Team B's first single with AKB48 I guess~

37AKB Festival

Nice song, love it.

38Eien Pressure

Very catchy. Although I don't understand Japanese, it still sounds so good, the chorus is especially great

39Kibouteki RefrainV2 Comments
40Ue kara MarikoV2 Comments
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