Top Ten Best Albums of 1976


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The Top Ten

Queen - A Day at the Races
Tie Your Mother Down, Somebody to Love, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, White Man. This album had it all!


2ABBA - Arrival
This was ABBA's 4th album and contained some of their biggest hits: 'Dancing Queen', 'Money, Money, Money' and 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'. The Arrival album was number 1 on the charts all over the world.


This album was #1 in 1976 - that's for sure


3Shirley Bassey - Love, Life and Feelings

4Rush - 2112
Great Prog Rock though amazingly not as Good as Queen II?


5AC/DC - High Voltage

6Ramones - The Ramones

7Aerosmith - Rocks

8Boney M - Take the Heat Off Me

9Led Zeppelin - Presence

10Boston - Boston

The Contenders

11Genesis - A Trick of the Tail

12Elvis Presley - From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee

13The Eagles - Hotel California

14Kiss - Destroyer

15Billy Joel - Turnstiles

16Scorpions - Virgin Killer

17David Bowie - Station to Station

18Joni Mitchell - Hejira

19The Mighty Diamonds - Right Time

20Kiss - Rock & Roll Over

21J.J. Cale - Troubadour

22Olivia Newton-John - Come On Over

23Blondie - Blondie

24Blue Oyster Cult - Agents of Fortune

25Heart - Dreamboat Annie

26Kansas - Leftoverture

27Styx - Crystal Ball

28The Doobie Brothers - Takin' It to the Streets

29Steely Dan - The Royal Scam

30The Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Edgar Allan Poe

31Al Stewart - Year of the Cat

32Wings - Wings at the Speed of Sound

33Rod Stewart - A Night On the Town

34Elton John - Blue Moves

35Jackson Browne - The Pretender

36Genesis - Wind & Wuthering

37Dolly Parton - All I Can Do

38Carly Simon - Another Passenger

39Bob Dylan - Desire

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