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1 Dream With Me - Jackie Evancho Dream With Me - Jackie Evancho

Amazing vocals and arrangements! And Jackie was only 10 years old--unbelievable!

A simply amazing voice!
Listening to this brought me to a whole new genre of music.

If You Want to Hear an Amazing Singer she is it. She has the voice of an angel. - Dreamformusic

The title is program. I named a lovely place in my garden at her.

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2 I Am...Sasha Fierce - Beyonce I Am...Sasha Fierce - Beyonce

Awesome album. Its given us uptempo songs like sweet dreams, single ladies and diva and has also given us the total opposite with halo and if I were a boy. This album shows versatility in moods, vocal performance and in is an album that appeals to every age.

3 Hounds of Love - Kate Bush Hounds of Love - Kate Bush

Otherworldly, beautiful and powerful. There is nothing quite like it.

I love Shakira, but I have to go for Kate Bush - RickyReeves

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4 Lionheart - Kate Bush Lionheart - Kate Bush
5 Like a Prayer - Madonna Like a Prayer - Madonna

Not just of female albums, but one of the best albums of all time. This was the era that shifted Madonna from "huge popstar" to a legendary status.

6 Laundry Service - Shakira Laundry Service - Shakira
7 The Dreaming - Kate Bush The Dreaming - Kate Bush
8 Beyonce - Beyonce Beyonce - Beyonce
9 Piya Basanti - K.S. Chithra
10 Awakening - Jackie Evancho

The next installment in the development of one of the finest voices of our time.

A marvelous music tour de force. Find it. Hear it.

At concert in July 2015 she had people in tears, some dancing, from her singing!

Awakening is an "eye-opener" - and an ear-pleaser! - BobG

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? 7/27 - Fifth Harmony 7/27 - Fifth Harmony
? Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

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11 Songs From the Silver Screen - Jackie Evancho Songs From the Silver Screen - Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho's beautiful voice breaths new life into classical music.

There are many great tracks on this album,
But SE, Wonderful World, and I See the Light are just amazing!
A great album!

12 True Blue - Madonna True Blue - Madonna

I love and respect everything that Madonna has done to the world of music. True Blue is one of her most successful albums and established her as THE Queen Of Pop, and nt merely a pop act. Songs like Papa Don't Preach, Live To Tell, La Isla Bonita ad Open Your Heart are not merely hits - they are legndary masterpieces. - TheSudhanva

One of THE greatest albums of all time.

Along with- Ray of light and Like a Prayer.

How the hell is sasha fierce ahead? This sites so stupid.

One word- iconic

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13 Voodoo Rapper - K.S. Chithra
14 Blackout - Britney Spears Blackout - Britney Spears

Blackout is great album with cool songs. - BloodyMargarita

Got a very dark edgy feeling to it. LOVE it.

15 Come on Over - Shania Twain Come on Over - Shania Twain

This is not my favourite female album but it's really good. Shania's beautiful voice suits her country pop style. I enjoy songs like "That Don't Impress Me Much", "Come On Over" and "Man! I Feel Like A Woman".

But the standout track is the beautiful, flawless "You're Still The One" which would have to be one of the best songs of all time. I love the song because it was played as my Mum walked down the isle at my parent's wedding.
My favourite albums by females have all only been popular in Australia, and I know this is an international list so I thought I wouldn't add them. They are "Little Eve" - Kate Miller-Heidke and "The Power" - Vanessa Amorosi.

Amazing vocal artist And song writer, the best album to be made of its time, great songs amazing talant. Never get bored of listing to this album 40million copies sold

16 Sunset Point - K.S. Chithra
17 J.Lo - Jennifer Lopez J.Lo - Jennifer Lopez

Believe SHE is hot

18 Best of Chithra - K.S. Chithra

All of her songs are best, it is best in best forever, most liked by everybody, it is a gem of collections of Chithra's songs, crown to her songs... Great! Collection

19 My Love is Your Love - Whitney Houston My Love is Your Love - Whitney Houston V 1 Comment
20 Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

all songs in this album is perfect. this is the most popular album in indonesia

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