Best Albums Of The 00s


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Awake - Josh Groban
This is the most diverse and creative album Josh has produced so far. It's good to see how far he's come since he first began. His music is captivating.


This album is unique in it's differing musical styles.

2American Idiot - Green Day
What Sgt. Pepper was to 1960s and The Wall was to the 1970s is what American Idiot is to the 2000s. A wonderly crafted set of songs of similar themes within Rock Opera story. Its one of the few true works of art in music during the aughties.
Has one of the best songs of the 21st century on it - Jesus of Suburbia and why is Heart on top of the list? Never heard of them!


So far this is the best album unto 21st century comes out Rolling Stone was saying how good it is


[Newest]This is the best album in history

3The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem
Easily number one. Why is this so low. And why does that Michael Jackson album get so many votes on everything.


Out of these top 10 he's the only one that's still making good music or alive. This is what started it all.
[Newest]What the albums changed rap forever should be higher

4Kid A - Radiohead
Radiohead took a major risk with this album, completely changing styles that Pablo Honey, The Bends, and OK Computer had and diving into a pool of experimental music. The random mash of instruments, sounds, and vocals became a result that was one of the greatest albums of the 2000's if not of all time.
I don't often agree with Rolling stone, but when they rated this the best album of the decade my faith in them was restored, (temporarily). The perfect start to mediocre decade.
Best is 2000's... Who are these people they really don't know about a good album...
Most creative album of the decade

5Hopes and Fears - Keane
An excellent sound. Beautiful. Passion and emotion burns behind the soft tones and ethereal vocals. Influences from Radiohead, Coldplay, u2 and others, but a unique sound all its own]
Not only is it a great album, but Josh Groban? Come on! This makes Josh Groban look like something that belongs in a petting zoo.


VOTE FOR KEANE!!! they are the best british band and this is their best album!


6Meteora - Linkin Park
Easily the best album of all time. It has Numb, Faint, Somewhere I Belong, Breaking the Habit, From the Inside, and Lying From You. All six of those songs went on to be famous


Remove the 0 in its position
It deserves thst

7Stankonia - Outkast

8Invincible - Michael Jackson
This album is beautiful. Michael sang the songs with such depth and emotion. His reality of life in his songs is amazing. Speechless is on this album and that song alone makes me speechless. Awsome album and I just can't get enough of it.


One of his worst albums in terms of sales, and yet it still managed to take the number one place during its release. If Michael Jackson at his worst is better than any artist at his/her best then this surely beats all! You Rock My World
Michael had his heart and sole in this album. Hi s music was wonderful and I love it so much...


[Newest]Probably the most underrated album of all time... Some of the songs are awesome and a lot different from your typical Michael Jackson stuff.

9Harem - Sarah Brightman
this is one of the most wonderful album that I ever hear


10Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park
What! 15 is madness, at least top 3, this sold 29 million copies!


With this album I fell in love with music. Still Linkin Park's best work. Can listen this forever.
I Can Sit And Listen To This CD Over And Over Again


[Newest]How is this not number one?

The Contenders

11Speakerboxxx / the Love Below - Outkast

12Confessions On a Dance Floor - Madonna
Madonna's greatest album in the 2000's. Dance/Electronica sound was really impressive. The lead single "Hung Up" broke all the records during that time and was #1 in 45 countries. My personal favorite song here is "Sorry" - beautiful, deep and very emotional


13The Emancipation of Mimi - Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey's The Emancipation of Mimi wasn't only the best album of 2005, it was also one of the bests, if not the best, of the 2000's decade. It set and broke several records, and was the best-selling album of 2005 with over 10 million copies sold worldwide. It produced six singles which all experienced success on different charts globally. It produced two chart-toppers, We Belong Together and Don't Forget About Us. We Belong Together topped the chart for 14 weeks, the longest stay at number one in the past decade, and the second longest stay at number one ever, only behind Mariah's very own One Sweet Day, a collaborative effort with Boyz II Men, which topped the song for an undisputed record of 16 weeks. In between WBT's reign, TEOM's third single peaked at number two, making Mariah the first and only female artist to occupy the top two positions on the Hot 100. The other chart-topper from the album, Don'r Forget About Us, became Mariah's 17'th number one, the most for any female. She has since topped this when the lead single from her album E=MC2, Touch My Body, reached number one in 2008, making her the solo artist who have the most number ones, the second overall with the most number ones, only behind The Beatles with 20, and the only active artist with a possibility to surpass the record of 20 number songs set by The Beatles. Additionally, the album itself received warm reception from music critics and fans alike. The album and its songs received major awards and nominations, most notably the 10 Grammy nominations (2005-2006), winning 3. At the end of the decade, We Belong Together was crowned as the Song of the Decade (2000-2009) by Billboard, making her the only artist to have two and consecutive Songs of the Decade, as One Sweet Day achieved that feat also (1990-1999). And lastly, the entire The Emancipation of Mimi album was vocally stunning and lyrically remarkable (All songs were written/and or co-written by Carey). Like every Mariah release, her voice soared to unbelievable heights in the album, but she never lost her soul even for one second. The Emancipation of Mimi was a mixture of Pop-Rap-HipHop-R&B, and was full of songs only "The Voice of our Generation" can sing, the one and only Mariah Carey.


It's a great R&B album!

The lyrics are inventive, the music is nice and the vocals are at their best!

14Is This It - The Strokes
This is one of the best albums of all time, let alone the 00's, and well I'm here, might as well complain about there being no In Rainbows in the top ten. There, I'm done.
Really? Josh Groban at the top? THIS is the best album, bringing back some of old rock and roll's essence into the 21st century.
Last nite, someday, trying your luck
This is the best album of the 00's

15Crush - Bon Jovi
It's my life, best song of bon jovi including have a nice, this is better than that crash of heart and Madonna!


It's My Life, Thank You For Loving Me, One Wild Night!
nothing left to say...


best recent album of bon jovi


16Funeral - Arcade Fire
It's a disgrace that this so far down on the list. Not only is this one of the best albums of the 00s, it's one of the best albums of all time. I'm also surprised that This is It-The Strokes is so far down when it is one of the most fun to listen to albums ever.


This is THE best albums of the 00s. How come its only at 20?

17Hot Fuss - The Killers

18The Script - The Script

19The Blueprint - Jay-Z
This album should be much higher, it is much, MUCH higher than the Marshall Matters LP, this album has excellent beats and it has a very diverse sound, its the best album of the 2000's in my opinion
How this so low. It is so much better than the overrated MaMathers Mathers. It is one of the best rap albums of all time and Jay-Z is the second best rapper behind Biggie, Eminem is just plain overrated
You think jayz was better than slim? Looks like the world just turned upside down

20Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Seriously?!?! Dani California, Snow (Hey Oh), Tell Me Baby, Storm in a Teacup, Charlie, Warlocks, the list could go on?!?!
American idiot is for American idiots. Rhcp beats Green Day


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