Best Alcoholic Drink

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101Queen of Battle
1 1/2 cans of red bull, a glass of organge juice, glass shards(not really)3-6 shots Absolut 100, and 5 shot glasses of Sea dog Blueberry Ale. 1 shot of Crown, and a shot of Spiced Rum. It fits in a military issue canteen.
Every member in our military ought to have a flask full of this!

102Lime Green Snapple and Sauza tequila

103Three Wise Men

Rakia is probably the strongest alchocol drink. It is the traditional drink of Serbia. It is made out of Plums (Шљива means plum). It is very tasty and gets you going in no time. You can buy industry Шљивовица, but it is not so good. Homemade Ракија is the best. It is served before meals and is the most popular drink in Serbia. You can find amazing rakias in Kafanas (serb. Ка�"ана). Best rakia is from Serbia. If you never tried it I think you should come to Serbia to try it and to see this beautiful country!

everclear, sprite, and lemonade. perfect anytime of day. mmm.

106Sri Lankan Arrack
Sri Lankan 'old arrack' works really good. Better on the rock. Cheers!
Hell yeah but smell is bad

107Ciroc Coconut and Pineapple Juice and Cranberry Juice
It's the best drink and it goes down smooth but get you wasted. Love it.

108Four Loko
Cheap, taste good, and get you pretty drunk.


110Margaritaville Spiked Lemonade

111SoCo & Lime

112Gin Kapitan

113Gran Matador

114Honey Jack Daniels & Coke

115Brandy Alexander
I do mine with courvouisier and milk or cream. Was John Lennons favorite drink. Can't believe it hasn't been mentioned in over 100 entries.

You must try this one in Karo highland, Indonesia

Best flavored drink I have had in a long time. You can add a lot of rum and not taste it. It gets you drunk to boot! If you have never tried it before, I recommend that you do soon!

The best thing Indian invaders brought to Nepal other than Indian food! When I was working in Nepal, an old woman offered me some strong un-aged home distilled raksi liquor. I was scared it was like moonshine or whatever but it was the BOMB! This 120 proof clear spirit is made with millet, barley, and spices. In the Eastern part they call it 'aila' and replace the millet with rice. Great for shots, and I hope they commercialize it.
Made with rice or kodo (millet). great to mix with, and strong spiced taste. Try authentic raksi from Baglung, you will be in love
CNN dosen't just put random crap on the list of top 50 best drinks on earth. Traditionally sipped by western Nepalese, shot down by Easterns, I hope raksi reaches the American market. Herbal piece of AWESOMENESS!

119Cafe Bresilien
That drink is just so good it's insane. And I don't even drink alcohol.

120Double Cross

121Savanna Cider

122G.S.M. Blue


124Taaka Whipped Cream Vodka

125Jungle Juice

126E & J

It's kind of new but I tried it and really love it. I have always been a vodka and orange juice and JD and coke kinda girl but this is a must try. Let me know what you think after you try it.

128Dom Pérignon
Pure delicious nectar from heaven, hands down the best alcoholic drink ever, cristal might be as good but for $300 a bottle I'm not willing to try it for what would be only a marginal gain in flavor because dom p is simply divine

129Dr. K (Vodka and Dr. Pepper)





134Remy Martin
This is ma main liquor, still side to side with Hennessey + Couvousier wit ice cubes n coke or sprite!. JUNIOR ONE BOSS.

135Lemon Drop Martini
A friend of mine named Della is a head concierge here in the DC area and she introduced me to lemon drop martini and I have to tell you it was the best tasting drink I've put to my lips so so good

I love this drink so much

137Vodka & Diet Coke
I love vodka so much
A great chick drink.




141Tanduay Rhum


143Gin and Cranberry Juice

144Gin and Lemonade

145Sambuca Romana
I would have to say the best if you like that black jelly bean taste. Even better if served from the freezer with some coffee beans.
As strong as vodka or whiskey but tastes smooth and sweet, the only downside is how easy it is to down!

Me and the girls drink this a good bit.. I love it!

147Southern Comfort & Monster
Great tasting and gives you energy to keep partying all night

148Mind Eraser
It sneaks up on you... Then make you forget everything.


International favorite: equal parts of gin, vermouth, and campari (the perfect is slitting the vermouth sweet & dry. Add a lice of orange with a squeeze.


152Captain Morgan & Pepsi


154Prairie Fire
Mezcal and Hot sauce. How to stay warm at 30 below zero.

155Apple Pie
Most people haven't had it you have to make it by hand but it's worth it. Taste like apple cider and nothing else. Them she hits ya



158Red Headed Whore
Not sure what's in it besides jack but really good

159Remy Martin and Cranberry

160Jack & Sweet Tea

161Bootlegger and Mountain Dew

162Banana Liquor, Sour Puss and 7up

163Mad Dog 20/20
It's the bomb yo


165Graveyard Cocktail
It will surely get the tombstone onto your head. A mixture every single element of alcohol you can get, graveyard surely will have thinking twice of having hangover. Mixture contents are normally rum, vodka, gin, tequila, scotch, whiskey, and even beer or stout


167Southern Comfort & Egg Nog

Cool, refreshing and WOW what a kick. Sneaks up on you and women love them. Rum, mint leaves, limes, sugar and club soda. Simple but killer!
Whenever I have a first date I almost always order a Mojito. Its so refreshing and doesn't let you stray away by making your head light.
Really refreshing.. Feel amazing during summer evenings, casual parties.. Or may be a private party with your "DATE"
[Newest]Can't believe this is at the bottom of this list. A lot of good variants.

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