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The Thespian
Their best song so far, by their best album so far, The Emptiness... Deserves to be at the top.
Our band was named after this song
It was the first song I ever heard by Alesana and it definitely left a positive imprint. They're now one of my favourite bands, I'd like to thank the guy who showed me them, they're amazing, I don't know where I'd be without them
[Newest]My favorite Alesana song

Best song from Alesana ever no song beats this song


This song is how I see Alesana. It is just perfect and always will be.
The combination of shawn milke, dennis lee and shane crump's voice joined together in screaming and accompanied with sick instrumentals produces the best song ever.
[Newest]Nothing beats the acoustic version of this song, so cold, so piercing, seeps in the depths of heart leaving with a blissful venom

Great Song! Good beat, good feel, altogether it all syncs well together
Ambrosia make me crazy... The chorus is great... Oh god, I love it
Love this song. The one that started it all.
[Newest]I love this song... lets rock

I think this song is the best because it had a great rhythm and lyrics. The thespian is also a great song but I wouldn't vote it as number one
This is the first song of alesana that I have heard... Is just amazing! ♥♥♥♥
Lyrically, this song is emotional and melodically, so this song is by far the best song by alesana.
[Newest]This is my favorite song!

5To Be Scared by An Owl

6Curse of the Virgin Canvas
This is probably my favorite song by Alesana! It was also the song that really got me hooked on the band. I love the lyrics, Shawn and Dennis's voices, the guitar; everything. This needs to be ranked higher!
Give me a reason why I shouldn't think this is a great song. Until then, this is my favorite.
Don't forget this song
[Newest]My favorite because it's really relatable.

7Circle VII: Sins of the Lion
Song of the Year! This piece of art indubitably deserves this title. The whole album is a masterpiece, whether you enjoy it or not. The guys worked very hard on this, perfecting it and trying their hardest to outdo themselves from the last album. I know how much my dear friend, Shawn, works, and they really do deserve all the love and support they receive. It's EXTREMELY hard to come to a conclusion, each song is utterly phenomenal and breathtakingly beautiful. Since this song was awarded song of 2011, I'll choose to vote for this work of art!
Circle VII: Sins of the Lion got a revolver for being the best of 2011 so that is huge on my list and that should be huge on yours because of how amazing this song is this should be first. Shawn Milke is a true artist in this song and he is a huge inspiration so it is obviously the best of the best and will be, yep.
I can't stop the bleeding... Tell me do you want me... If you need me... Tell me do you love me... If you want me...
So beautiful makes me cry every time... Describes my life...

Great beat I like it!
Great song! The acoustic solo at the end is my fave
Good lyric and song is perfect
[Newest]This is the first song I heard by them, I just adore the chorus~

9The Artist
I listened to this every day ever aince I downloaded it. This shoukd be at least at the top five in this top ten
I agree; the lyrics, the tone, the instrumentals of this song really pulls it together so beautifully. I don't know why it's ninth, yes the songs above are really good but this song relates not only to a downfall of people, whether be their choices or mind but ultimately with artists. People who dedicate their lives to give to people. You can look at Picasso, Hemingway, Dante, Poe, all have specific lines of both literature and brush strokes that tell people of a dying that is art.

10The Murderer

The Contenders

11Last Three Letters
The first song I heard by Alesana, the first song I fell in love with. It'll always be my favorite Alesana song. The lyrics are so beautiful and sad, much like poetry. I love Alesana for the poetic lyrics, especially in this song. Last Three Letters is so much better than The Thespian and Apology, even though those are both great songs.
Very good, loud and has got the beat

12Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken
I actually find this whole album to be my favourite and this song the best from the album so far.
It has such an amazing flow. It is my #1.

13Congratulations, I Hate You

14Lullaby of the Crucified
I can't stop listening to this song, this song must be in the top 10

15Beautiful In Blue
First song I heard by them and I fell in love with them afterward. Not my first favorite but second for sure!
This song is just so beautifully made. Can't top it

16Tilting the Hourglass

17Hymn for the Shameless
Does anybody know this song? This is by far the best song by alesana! All songs are perfect by alesana but this I just is just a little better then the rest. Perfect song!
It's simply Alesana at their best.
One of their best by far

18The Temptress
"The Earth will quake as I deflower you" Awesome song.

19Siren's Soliloquy
One of my favourate! This deserves to be in the top 10!


20This Conversation Is Over
Perfect Song Structure! However a lot more simpler then some other songs but if your looking for a good, deep, listen I'd check it out
The first song I heard from Alesana and it made me fall in love with them until this time.
#1 for me, such a big memory

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