Best Alesso Songs

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The Top Ten

Superb! I listen this song every day. Really great!
Lovely tune made by Alesso.. Delirious...
Make me feel good

2Heroes (We Could Be)

3If It Wasn't for You

4Calling (Lose My Mind)
Best song by alesso so far.. Great tune, Vocals, Everything..

5Under Control
Calvin Harris + Alesso = EPIC
NEW SONG...Listen it ASAP...
This should be the first


7If I Lose Myself Remix
One of the most melodious songs ever!


Awesome music and awesome vocal. THE BEST SONG OF ALESSO. HOW IS THIS NOT #1?
Awesome mixing by Alesso... It will definitely touch your heart...

8Every Chance We Get We Run
Awesome track with David Guetta..

9Party Rock Anthem REMIX

10City of Dreams
It's my best song ever been.
Best in my opinion

The Contenders

Great tune from Alesso...

12Silenced by the Night
His most underrated work
Awesome some of alesso production

13Titanium (Alesso Remix)
Great remix from Alessso

14Pressure - Alesso Remix
Alesso's calibre of music is proved by this song..

15Tear the Roof Up

16Raise Your Head





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