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The Top Ten

Great song. Epic solo. Definitely better than metalingus...
Great song.. Every time I heard this song in my car make me want to pick my guitar instead of steering wheel.. Genius build-up tone. Riffing and solo..
Metalingus? It's a great song and all, but it's not even in their top 20 for me. Blackbird is a masterpiece. It's only WWE fans that haven't even listened to all of AB's songs that like metalingus that much.
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I may be a WWE & Edge fan but this is truly an amazing song! The guitar and the rhythm are simply incredible. This song is definitely.. must-hear. One of ma favs EVER.
Even if I was'nt an Edgehead I still would have loved it!
Well, I Worship many songs and Like BLACKBIRD very much, but in the end I suppose Metalingus is the Best, Its like the Anthem for me... Its the Best!... M/
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3Broken Wings
One of my favourite guitar intros ever. It's absolutely beautiful how guitar follows Miles trough verses and than explodes in refrain. I love the lyrics too.
It is an amazing, versatile song! The vocals of Kennedy and the superb play of Tremonti just makes this Alter Bridge's 'Very Best' song"'
Great song... And when the Broken Wing words are sung that moment is just awesome! Just superb
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4Open Your Eyes
Love this song, especially the huu uuh part, very amazing
I love the guitar solo in this song, Mark has many good solos but this one is the best in my opinion.
love em all, but open your eyes is just absolutely amazing
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it wlll totally blow your head... another masterpiece frm AB, should listen and vote for this legendary song, its awesome believe me
This should be up higher, and I guess its not only because it's sorta new...
Its so different from the rest of their stuff, it kicks ass!
Awsommmmee... This is from there upcoming album ABIII.. Just listen to it.. totally amazing...!


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6In Loving Memory
Anyone that has ever suffered loss will be touched by this song. Beautiful. Tremonti's performance live in Amsterdam was masterclass.
the most epic lyrics on the world, no one can ever beat this... it's simply brilliant, amazing, whatever you want to call it... sorry for your loss mark, you are a fabulous son I'm sure about it...
Greatest AB song. The emotion is amazing. Superb vocals and spectacular guitar along with amazing lyrics. This song cannot be beat.
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7Ghost Of Days Gone By
Ghosts of Days Gone By ties Blackbird but I voted for it because I do not believe that this song should only be in 10th place. In my opinion, it should be ranged in this order:

Blackbird or Ghosts of Days Gone By
In Loving Memory
Open Your Eyes
Watch Over You
Ties That Bind
Broken Wings
Rise Today
I wish more people new of this epic song. This is their greatest song, no contest. I agreed with the top 10 before I heard this song, now I'm going to have to make some adjustments!


How on earth is GODGB this down the list!
This is top 3 material people, topping the three!
Only for the ending of "you think you know me story of Edge"
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8Ties That Bind
Song is so epic! As soon as Mark plays that opening riff you immediately get sucked in! Get ready and hang on for a wild ride! This song is just Awesome. Love Myle's high notes and also marks Solo at the end!
The. Best. Song. Ever. So easy to get caught up in it. The guitar is everywhere and you have no idea whats going to happen next. I actually thought about getting "beyond the ties that bind" as a tattoo
Brilliant piece of music and definitely on the top of the list of some of the best modern hard rock
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9Watch Over You
I love most of the ones above this one, but it's no doubt that this song is way better than the others. One of my favorite rock songs of all time, to be honest. A girl I'm getting close to right now, it was the first song she heard from Alter Bridge, and she said it almost made her cry -- it's that good.
This song has all the great aspects of the perfect song. It's slow and powerful but also rocking at the same time. It has a sort of epicness to it. Not to mention the catchy guitar riff and awesome harmonies.
This song gives me Wings to fly Beautiful T~T I think it's the best song ever by Alter B. I said thanks so much for that because I'll never be fed up of listening this. Yup, this is a real Love story for WATCH OVER YOU (l).
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10Rise Today
"Rise today" is such a great song. It gives you hope and grants you the power to RISE ADN CHANGE THIS WORLD. After you hear this song, you just can't give up on anything!
I love ab and this song especially. They empathize with the listener by saying how they feel such as being hopeless, but then they give hope by saying things like "rise today", "don't close your eyes" in cry of Achilles, and "on this day I see clearly" in metalingus
Undertaker vs. Mark Henry Unforgiven.. Hey Yeah Oh Hey Yeah.. I wanna rise today and change this world
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The Contenders

11Addicted to Pain
This song deserves a top ten place. Great intro, great chorus, and AMAZING solo. Without Tremonti, would this song har made it this far? I don't think so, thumbs up for this song!
This is a new great song by AB, I sincerely hope we can vote it up to top 10
I'm ADDICTED to it. Always cheers me up. I love every part.
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12All Hope Is Gone
Why isn't it in the top 10?... Such a great composition... I rejoice the tune whenever I listen it... AB I is so awesome..
Best song from alter bridge. You must listen to it
This is the best song ever. What the hell r you guys listen?
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13Slip to the Void
The greatest way how you can start AB concert. It's just amazing how it's built. First Myles starts with a quiet sing and after about 30sek Mark Tremonti introduces himself with a powerful riff. It's just what AB is about - Tremonti is the leader, Myles just help him to be visible
Why the devilisnt this higher on the list? It's my favorite song by them! Also, I'm a huge Edge-head but I still think this song is way better.
This should be at least in the top 5. Isolation sucks compared to this. This is almost better than Afterlife by A7X and What I've Done by Linkin Park.
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14Come to Life
This song has been truly disgraced on this list.
Hello! This song is the best AB song ever. Just listen to it.
The intro is totally cool and Chorus so very Thrilling. Its A MUST-LISTEN!
A perfect title to an awesome song. This song makes you want to COME TO LIFE! Mark's solo, Myles' vocals, Mark's backing... Classic AB!
It is just a truly must hear song simply awesome my favorite one lately
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15I Know It Hurts
One of the best from ABIII
love it 's melody and lyrics...!!! vocals and instruments are Superb as of the best from Alter bridge...!!!

Hail Alter Bridge...!!!


This is defenitley one of the greatest songs of Alter Bridge, personally it came down on me hard, its very inspiring for those times when you feel given up on life
Absolutely brilliant lyrics and riff and everything! Myles Kennedy rules
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16Cry of Achilles
Definitely their best song ever!
THE best song on a great 4th album in "Fortress". No question...
Has some of the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard from an Alter Bridge song!
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17Buried Alive
All of Alter Bridges songs are totally awesome, but if I had to choose, it'd be Buried Alive. It's got a good meaning to those who need cheering up when their down. To tell them that they're not the only one going through the rough times in life. Anyone who likes this song will agree!
Unbelievably awesome riffs and rhythm!
I love this song as much as I love Blackbird!

The beginning and end of the song are PERFECT and the whole song is just a mind blower!
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18Words Darker Than Their Wings
The intro is kinda Blackbird to me. Myles ^^ Mark vocal duo is great, although it feels weird. however, this songs is kickass. Myles high notes towards the end of the song is simply incredible! You have to give this song a listen...
Not only one of my favourite songs by Alter Bridge, but one of my favourite songs period. How is it so far down?
I absolutely love Tremonti's backing vocals. While not as good as Myles, his vocals really add a lot to the song.
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19Coming Home
The chorus is superb on this one! Definitely a top 10 for me. I wish it was higher, but I still think this is amazing! Blackbird was probably their best album filled with amazing songs like this. Blackbird - the song- was excellent as well
this song is so beautiful, beautiful riffs and vocals, so great! long live myles and alter bridge!
yeah! coming home is my favourite song from them! and it's the first I ever heard from them, yeah!
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20Brand New Start
Fantastic refrain, perfect melody, gives me creeps. My favourite song from AB.
Brand New Start at 20 is a joke
This is one of there great songs.
1 Fallout
2 Brand New Start
3 Ghosts Of Days Gone By
4 Rise Today
5 Broken Wings
6 Wayward One
7 Ties That Bind
8 Still Remains
9 Cry Of Achilles
10 Before Tomorrow Comes
Although might consider as simplier than havier songs by alterbrigde this one has the best feel musicaly and vocaly.
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21Before Tomorrow Comes
Best song I've ever heard. Needs more votes. This is a travesty. Passion, emotion and spectacular vocals
How is this song so low on all the lists I see? This is my favourite ever! Beautiful lyrics and just gives me chills every time. !
This song is a classic from AB, should be top 10 for sure!, they always usually play it alive.
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22Wonderful Life
Slightly underrated but not certainly overrated... This song is so awesome, but so are the other ones. But still you should listen to this song
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23Life Must Go On
Definitely one of my favorites by them. This song has gotten me through so much and will always be an all time favorite of mine
Beautiful Chores... Amazing song AB III Rocks...!


Should be in top 10. Great song
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Definitely rivals Blackbird for best Alter Bridge "epic" piece...7-plus minutes of riffing, brilliant soft/loud lyrics by Myles, amazing four-in-one guitar solo...just an amazing all-around track that deserves to be voted into at least the top 5.
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25Calm the Fire
Epic song one of the best
This song is unbeatable by so many bands. I love Avenged Sevenfold but this song tops almost all of theirs. The falsetto at the beginning, the vocal point at the end, and the melodic music is just to die for
Hands down one of the best songs on the planet. AT least top 10.
If this was a single it would surely be in the top ten. This is just a list of the most popular songs, not necessarily the best ones. Also White Knuckles is way too low.
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26Still Remains
I think Alter Bridge are one of the best bands in terms of relatable songs and this song is yet another of their masterpieces with brilliant words through soaring vocals and master guitar shreddery
Best guitar work on the album. Killer opening riff sucks you in!
The chorus is so epic
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27Find The Real
Aside from the ballad style tracks from AB, this is easily one of the top 3 hard rock songs from these guys! No question
My favorite AB song is Metalingus, but I cannot believe this song hasn't gotten a vote. Come on! This song is so amazing. My 2nd favorite AB song!. Alter Bridge ROCKS!
How is this not in the top 10? I know all Alter Bridge songs and this is definitely one of their best. Perfect for road rage driving! If you haven't listened to this song yet then I feel very sorry for you. Please go listen to this song and come back and vote it up.
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28Down to My Last
Just Listening and Vote, I know this amazing song. I think this is best song from alter bridge. But I don't know why you're not vote n comment this song
Heard this the first among all songs. Lovely song and deserves to be top ten. Please, listen to this and vote up!
Amazing song, rocking solo... It should be top ten...
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29Shed My Skin
Such a great song like so many from AB. but the chorus here takes the biscuit, such emotion and power from Myles and the rest of the best band out their today
This is my second favorite. Save Me is first
Epic. Should be much higher!
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30White Knuckles
This song should be higher on the countdown! Isolation should be here! I love the voice of the singer at the chorus... He had a great voice... Alter bridge is such a great band.
If this isn't in your top ten you don't truly appreciate Alter Bridge; first time I heard the closing riff I think my face melted!
30? Come on, this song is so underrated. It ought to go like this-
1- white knuckles
2- coming home
3- blackbird
4- metalingus
5- wayward one
6- one by one
7- the end is here
8- slip into the void
9- still remains
10- fortress
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31One Day Remains
Just too good. One of their best. And it rocks! I don't really care what people says about the other songs of Alter Bridge-maybe good or may not but this song is really worth listening. its a must for all the fans of Alter Bridge out there and if you dnt try dis then definitely you are missing something
This is DEFINITELY one of their best songs! Vote vote vote! Tremonti Godlike-skills are shown in this amazing song. Long live Alter Bridge!
Best song. Period. Its sick intro, solos and fluidity are unmatched. Ide say there should be more like this but then it wouldn't he as original.
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32Show Me a Sign
33rd SERIOUSLY? This should be in the top 10 easy! Definitely worth your 6 minutes, this is an amazing song!
What the hell you r lisening, it should be in top ten, it has marvolous theme and feels like flowing water from sky to our heart.
Guys please lisen this song!
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33Make It Right
Never understood why this song got so little fame under the Alter Bridge songs. It's so awesome.
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I totally agree with him.
This song Is Totally AWESOME. It definitely should be on top of this list.
Cool Guitar solo and Awesome Chorus.
Man! This LIST look more like a POPULARITY List instead.
Man I just can't not believe it! It's not in the top ten. this song is just pure awesome... everyone just please hear this song


Best alter bridge song
Another river runs against the grain a loner is born
Shakes my heart and soul
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35Burn It Down
Sureley have it all. great guitar playing one on the best singing by Miles, great feel throughout the whole song. solo at the end not the best from Mark but overall (along with Brand new start and Blackbird) the best musically composed songs by this great band.
Its Magical. Haunting vocals.
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36The Uninvited
The chorus to the song is amazing. Every instrument is just sounding awesome. The riff is pretty sweet one of marks best
Best track on Fortress.
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37The End Is Here
Don, t think you people have heard this song. Deserves to be in the top ten. Anyways, it is unbelievable how underrated alter bridge is.
I think it's the best alterbridge song after broken wings... It's a shame its at 31st place. Awesome lyrics, great guitar riffs.
31st? You gotta be kidding! One of their best songs ever! The guitar riffs!
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Come on! This should be at least in top 5!
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39C'oeur d'Alene
Superb guitar riff! Good solo,
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40Farther Than the Sun Listen to sample

41Watch Your Words
Way underrated if you haven't heard this song yet do it cause it is one of if not the greatest Alter Bridge song.
Huge song and lyrics. Powerfull riffs. Meistewerk
Just listen to this song!
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42Peace Is Broken
Kick ass riff. Amazing chorus.
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43One by One Listen to sample

44Break Me Down Listen to sample

45All Ends Well
I love this song. Unique for AB and very uplifting. I understand AB's trademark is Mark's high-speed guitar alongside Myles' impossibly ranged voice. I'd say
1) Blackbird
2) One By One
3) White Knuckles
4) All Ends Well
5) In Loving Memory
Absolutely mad song, uplifting!
Amazing Song! Love Myles' high notes at the end

46Bleed It Dry
The best solo by Tremonti so far... enough said
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47Water Rising
Really Awesome song indeed!

Take a good listen to my fave AB song off of Fortress!


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48Breathe Again
Whenever a five minute walk to the shops or pub is necessary, I usually stick this beast of a song on. Can't get enough of it. Has an amazing finish which always makes a song score more highly with me. Top ten in my books.
Brilliant song, I wish this was higher on the list. I am a WWE fan, if I didn't watch that, I wouldn't have known how good Alter Bridge is! Alter Bridge are my favourite band EVER and this song is my favourite!
The vocals is totally out of this world.. Love the way how the song starts and how it builds up.. It feels like it tells a story of one's heart, the pain and sorrow it undergoes. Hatoffs to the band for this song
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49New Way to Live

50Cry a River
Amazing song, this should be #1
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51Save Me Listen to sample


53We Don't Care at All Listen to sample

54Wayward One
Of course, Blackbird should be on 1, and most of the other top 10 songs really deserve their spot there.
But why isn't Wayward One on 11 in stead of this disrespectful place?
It's got great lyrics, great solo, great chorus and a great feeling/balance overall.
If most of the people like blackbird, they should at least like this song too.
Am I seeing this in 54? People voting here just need some medication or they really need to hear the full AB discography. I mean, just listen to this song man, this is some masterpiece. AS at its brilliant best. Melody, lyrics, solos every damn thing in this is stuff is just in the bull's eye. How come is the song so down here. Guys, just listen some stuff before you vote
Wow such an impressive song, should definitely be one of top ten. The combination of the guitars, together with that emotional and touching lyrics is just unbelievable. Completely underrated song in my eyes. Not as goot as blackbird (there's only one "perfect" but 3rd or 2nd place should be wayward one
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55Never Born to Follow

Zero, is an extremely underrated song. I remember when someone recommended to me, I was extremely impressed. The message in the lyrics is great, just like all the other songs by Alter Bridge. However, this deserves top ten. I'm not going to hate on Metalingus, but this deserves to be up there. Make it happen, by listening to this song and voting for it, to get it the high place it deserves.
Just listen to this song. It is one of Alter Bridge's finest. Massively underrated song. Powerful stuff
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57On My Way Now

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