Best Alternative Bands of the '90s

Here is a list of bands that I am putting in my files. I want to collect their songs, the songs, that became a hit during the boom of alternative rock up until the time when hybrid hardcore flourished. If there's something that's missing from this list you are welcome to add them.

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Nirvana is the band responsible for making grunge music popular. A great band.

The best grunge band, and one of the best bands.

Nirvana didn't make grunge, they just made it popular and better. Too bad kurt cobains dead...

2Smashing Pumpkins

The only bands that really mattered in the 90s, Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana.

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This band are truly amazing. Ok Computer is one of the best albums of all time. Amazing band.

4Red Hot Chili Peppers

I love this band!

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5Green Day

Just one of the oldest bands. They started back in mid 90s but they're still around and still producing hits - firstplace

They were the only band at the time keeping punk rock alive. Say what you want, they're still punk.

There early Music is much better than there American Idiot album.

6Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder had amazing vocals, Mike McCready had fantastic solos, and Jeff Ament wrote the best music. Love Jeremy and Alive.


Champagne Supernova is probably the best song from the 90's. Noel Gallagher is one of the best song writers of all time, especially during this time.

People say they ripped off The Beatles. But they are a great talented band.


With tracks like "Rusty Cage" and "Jesus Christ Pose" (and a less known but incredible track "Room a Thousand Years Wide", I can't see how Soundgarden could be left off this list, and be below Pearl Jam for that matter... Just saying!

9Third Eye Blind

One of the best bands of the 90' and still one of the greatest vocals I have ever heard. Plus Stephen Jenkins was amazing, I wonder where he is now. - firstplace

10Alice In Chains

Foo fighter is a term used by World War II pilots to identify UFOs.

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One of the oldest still rocking band - firstplace


I still think this should be way higher as the made the face of alternative you would never hear them in the radio as they were alternative like the meaning

They have a great debut album they also have some good later music.

Should be higher! Should be Number ONE!

How the bloody hell is weezer 23

13Foo Fighters

Foo fighter is a term used by World War II pilots to identify UFOs. And the name of the band is Foo Fighters, it's plural. They are definitely one of my Favorite bands. Founded in 1994 by Dave Grohl, they're not one of the oldest.

One of the oldest, I still wonder about the meaning of their name. I guess it was taken from one of the controversial files I think from area 51. I am not sure. - firstplace

One of the few 90s alternative rock bands that still make great music today.


One of the most misunderstood bands, I think because their song isn't really the kind which you will get to like when you first hear it, you have to listen to their songs twice or thrice before you get to like it. And the lyrics is very poetic. But I just put them on the 9th because although they are my favorite, they still are young. - firstplace

They aren't alternative. They fall under the category of alternative metal, but that's a subgenre of metal. Not alternative

Deftones are pioneers of alternative metal, they revolutionized the genre.

15The Offspring
16Stone Temple Pilots
17New Radicals

I am putting this band on my list because simply they are good, too bad they disbanded too early, I had their album before and I think all of the songs there was good. - firstplace


I like the style. - firstplace

19Nine Inch Nails

Best of all time - michaeltre

20No Doubt

The old style of No Doubt, when you hear the song spiderweb, and sunday morning, it brings you back to the old days, it has 90's all over it. - firstplace

Great Band, one many acts in the current Pop and Rock scene are badly copying from, Gwen and the Gang did that in the 90�'s.

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