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Since alternative music has always been left of mainstream we have had many wonderful unique female singers who have added their own influence on the Alternative music with many years invested to widen the Alternative music popularity. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Amy Lee
Amy lee is one of the best rock female singers of all time. Not only that, but the entire sound of Evanescence blends with her voice. She should be way higher, at least No. 2
Amy Lee should so be number one #1 she has the most beautiful voice
she's just all around amazing...
. Come people lets gets some more votes and put her on top
Where she belongs
I´m think you are wrong in this, becouse Amy lee is better than the others. i´m desagre becouse you compare she with this others... except Hayley williams the other are normal but no gut enough. on the whole the vote are wrong.
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2Alanis Morrisette
Alanis "MORISSETTE" is undoubtedly the #1 alternative rock female artist! As simple as that! I mostly agree with this list, and I love Amy Lee, but she falls more into the "Hard Rock/Heavy Metal" category. As far as women in alternative rock go, Alanis was the forerunner. Alanis paved the way for many other women to break into the Alternative Rock scene. My top 5 would have to include Alanis (obviously at #1) with the top 5 including (in no particular order) Fiona Apple, Natalie Merchant, Courtney Love, and Tori Amos. Again, I love Amy Lee and Evanescence, but she falls under a slightly different genre.
One of the most inspiring careers. Going from bubblegum pop to the alternative rock Alanis we all know and love is just an amazing feat.
Alanis took the alternative industry by storm with Jagged Little pill and her in your face lyrics


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3PJ Harvey
Pj has reinvented her sound over the years but always a joy to hear her vision


4Lzzy Hale
Wow. Just wow. Listen to 'familiar taste of poison', 'tell me where it hurts' and 'hate it when you see me cry' to understand how amazing she is. Both albums are just pure bliss
She is amazing! Love her
She is just amazing...

5Fiona Apple
Fiona looks so sweet but belts out powerful independent lyrics


Fiona is the best singer/song writer ever!


Bjork got it all! the vocal, lyrics, music production and music videos.. the all!

Enough said! Although it was tough between this lady and the one and only Miss Amos. But Bjork has never let me down with an album yet.

I loathe most female singers. Bjork is an exception. There are times her voice gives me the chills. Way underrated I think, in part due to her eclectic nature.

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7Liz Phair

8Shirley Manson

Her voice is amazing. Garbage wouldn't be nearly as good if she wasn't their vocalist.


Shirley can even make gloomy sounding songs like Only happy when it rains and I would die for you catchy and addictive. She is a pleasant addition to Garbage as the band searched for a female frontwoman


9Hayley Williams
I would classify Gwen Stefani as more pop rather than alternative. I'm not sure... But Hayley Williams should be number one. The way she brought rock into the charts with that amazing voice was a really great achievement considering the standard of music in it at the moment.
She is the sensation that showed me what exactly alternative rock is all about! Her voice, her expressions and the emotions she puts into her work is juts MIND BLOWING!
hayley williams for the world!
Her voice is an orgasm to the ears. I cannot describe in words how much her voice ^^ the bands lyrics appeal to my senses.
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10Courtney Love
Courtney Love has a voice that is unbeatable and can make you feel either full of rage or just kinda sway back and forth! And that is the "hole" truth.
She is incredible. She can make you love alternative music if you once hear her.

The Contenders

11Dolores O'Riordan
Dolores definitely shows a delightful, vibrant and musically talented influence on Alternative music with her band the Cranberries with soft ballads to guitar blazing rock songs she never disappoints and no one can even sound like her as she has such a wonderful unique voice and can definitely rock out on over 4 different instruments. Now solo she has not lost her touch but shows that a woman singer/songwriter can achieve success in a pop world


She has amazing depth..! Her songs get caught in my head and keep playing over and over again! All her songs are so different and full of soul... Dolores rocks!
Of course it takes for all tastes, but I think Dolores O'Riordan has something extra that the others don't!
And it comes out, it leaves the heart...
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12Tori Amos

She had a rich character to her studio work, but its her live performances that truly amaze!

The only Siren of the bunch.

Her music really has true meaning and her voice has pure emotion in it. People might say she's gone downhill recently but she's still going constantly making lots of new, different and brilliant stuff.


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13Lacey Mosley

Number one! Lacey is incredibly unique and has meaning behind everything that she says and does.

Lacey should definitely be farther up, she is incredibly talented, and flyleaf has amazing and meaningful lyrics.

14Sarah McLachlan


Sorry, but can't BELIEVE Gwen Stefani would ever be ranked above Sarah McLachlan - are people crazy? Sarah has incredible range, and never hits a wrong note. I lean toward hard, classic rock, but can't help but thoroughly appreciate Sarah's exquisite vocals.

Sarah has a smooth approach in the alternative industry. Her ballads are smooth and calming.


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15Mika Nakashima

she is not only known to pop


16Natalie Merchant
he is the best guitar player he should be number 1. his my idol and so he should be. his guitar riffs and everything he comes up with are so different 2 everyone else's so no-wonder the chilies are proud to have him back. oh and his not dead.
Natalie Merchant is the Bob Dylan/Joan Baez of her generation...can anybody on this list come even close to her unique artistry?
Best alternative female singer/songwriter for the last three decades hands down! Her credentials speak for themselves...
Natalie Merchant is a pioneer in the Alternative industry with her band 10,000 maniacs and influenced many artists in her genre.


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17Avril Lavigne
She is truely awesome...

18Lana Del Rey
Lana is the best alternative singer because her voice is amazing and she is elegant and mysterious girl! SHE IS UNIQUE

Amazing Singer & Inspiring Lyrics


Alternative Queen and got an Amazing voice... Lyrics are inspiring
I'm in love with being queen!

20Aimee Mann
Listen to "Save Me" and you tell me why she doesn't at least deserve a spot at the top 5.
By far, the best. So underrated.

21Nelly Furtado

22Regina Spektor
Regina is a real genius.Her songs are pure art, they're so human and heart warming. She has her own unique and quirky style.

23Gwen Stefani

today tomorrow and always, that voice has no comparison! the way that she uses her gift to fix words to the music it's amazing! I've not heard any other singer like this!

Gwen with a style all her own showed a girl can rock and keep up with the boys.
Aside from her pop exit , she is back with No Doubt in the studio again


24Corrin Tucker

All of the women on this list have nice voices. None however used their voice as another instrument like Tucker did with Sleater-Kinney. Undoubtedly #1.

25Beth Gibbons
Sorry but Gwen Stefanni would slap you herself for leaving Beth out.
She would slap you for putting herself above Beth Gibbons. PJ Harvey also
Has a much wider vocal range than Gwen. Beth Gibbons hits notes
That do not seem possible. Check out You Tube video "Spider Monkey"
Beth Gibbons. Wait until the end... You'll see. Where's Sinead O'Conner?
Sorry but Gwen doesn't have crap on these women.

26Norah Jones

27Lindsey Pavao

She is a contestant from The Voice. She is just so unique and talented to be able to turn mainstream pop songs into alternative and indie. Watch her cover of Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know and Trey Songz's Say Aah, it is amazing. Her cover of Bon Iver's Skinny Love is also great!

28Laurie Anderson

You can't even begin to talk about alternative women without mentioning the woman who started it all (and she's married to Lou Reed, for Pete's Sake). Her 2010 release Homeland is very good.

29Angie Hart

30Charlotte Hatherley

31Kelli Ali
She is the former vocalist of sneaker pimps her voice simply gets a sharp good quality sound that some female artist simply just don't got if you want proof listen to a song called teardop hitting the ground or 6 underground

32Hope Sandoval

My favorite singer to listen to easily. Love Halah, Flowers in December, Roseblood, Fade into you and many more.

Although she is considered to be aloof she got a shy beautiful voice as the vocalist of mazzy star she has potential of having a nice voice

33Sierra Kusterbeck

34Brody Dalle
Bad-Ass-Punkrock as it's best! I have heard no other singer has a smoky, booze-soaked voice. Maybe get "The Distillers" together again for a tour. So many fans would be f***ing happy to see this band again!
Go on Brody!

35Anneke van Giersbergen

36Florence Welch
Florence has absolutely the most beautiful voice. She has an amazingly unique style, and fascinating, introspective songs.

37Sandra Nasic
The singer of Guano Apes. Very powerful voice with huge range. She is capable of brutal rough screams, shown many times in older Guano Apes' songs. But she can also sing high-pitched tones with crystal clarity.

38Taylor Momsen
The best and most rock n roll female inspiration to the music industry today. Amazing vocalist and writer.

39Caroline Polachek

40Kate Bush

41Ani DiFranco

42Jody Dietz
The up and coming power vocalist of new group on the scene, Storm Chronicles. Upon the first listen to their 2013 debut album, Looking Backward, you'll be inspired by Dietz' huge vocal range and how her powerful instrument compliments the often extreme expressive lyrics and uniquely wonderful music of multi-instrumentalist and composer, David Burr. I really love this music and I'm looking forward to watching their star rise.

43Georgia Hubley


45Jen Ledger

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