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The Top Ten

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
Can I slap someone for In the End being number one? That's nonsense. This is legendary. Best alt rock song ever: maybe no, but better than In The End and lots of others. My personal favorite is Iris - Goo Goo Dolls.
Simply the greatest alternative song ever made. A true masterpiece worthy of praise nothing will ever compare to it. It still inspires awe to this day.
Nirvana sounds pure with a lot of spirit in it. They don't really rely on sound boosting gadgets unlike linkin park. Kurt cobain is one of the best musician of our time.
[Newest]There are much better alternative songs.

2In the End - Linkin Park
The perfect spot for the song! No song can ever take its place. Simply the best song in its genre. Chester and Mike, hats off to both of you! Thank You for creating this masterpiece!
This song is about life because whatever we do or how much we try to succeed in the end nothing matters... T's such a depressing song, but absolutely true
In The End...
Wins Hands down...
This is as good as it gets...
Chester Bennington And Mike Shinoda rock...
[Newest]Best ever legend song of Linkin Park...
More comments about In the End - Linkin Park

3Mr. Brightside - The Killers
Yay for the one actual alternative song. Emphasis on alternative not alt rock or grunge
One of the most diverse and fun alternative songs to listen to. It has such fantastic riffs and lyrics. The Killers are the future of alternative rock
This is the only Alternative song on this list. It's also the greatest song of all time.
[Newest]Got that on my iPad, this song is so cool, so as the music video!

4The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
I love almost all these songs but Breaking Benjamin is like my... Life band. I always listen to them when I feel alone. They make me feel like my life is important... I guess that's why they will always be my number one.
This song introduced me to modern rock and is the reason for the 3000 songs in my collection!
I feel music is only meant to sound good and not take years for one to develop a taste for it.
This song should at least be better then in the end I like that song but you know men have feeling for women and this song helps with the feeling of being scared to death of asking a girl out so this song should actaully be number one
[Newest]Definitely deserves to be in top 3. absolutely orgasmic

5Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
The only rock song that broke the limits between rock and pop music, you can never find a person who hates this song no matter what type of music he likes.
This song should head this list without any competition!


What is this doing all the way down at 27!? And why isn't Nirvana number 1?!
[Newest]This is my least favourite Evanescence song, but I still love it.

6The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars
Many of the songs "30 second to mars" the inspiring journey of my life I love every song and the content of the content of the lyrics.
I love it how Jarred Leto puts much emotion to this song. It's one of my favorite. And also, this song gives me an adrenaline rush when ever I listen to it. )
The song that changed the world and reached every ear on this planet, I'm surprised why In The End is 9 ranks above this song!?!
[Newest]This is my absolute favorite song and it has changed my life so much.

7Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
MRC... they rock my worldddd totally and simply AH-MAZING
the startin riff made my grandma also rock to it... definitely no 1
I didn't think theyd make it to Alternative, let alone number three. But heck yes. This song is overplayed but still inspiring and amazing.
[Newest]Best song ever! Never gets old! I get goosebumps every time I listen to this, it's so good

8I Miss You - Blink-182
This song deserves much more than this ranking. It's such a nice song an I love the lyrical content of the song. Plus the band music is great. BLINK-182 all day.
I don't mind Green Day. However, their music does not even compare to the sheer brilliance of each and every Blink-182 song. I miss you is my favorite blink song and deserves to be #1. Or at least much higher than it's current ranking.
what!? I miss you should in the top 3!
this is the best alternative song I ever hear.
yeah BLINK 182! glad to see you together
[Newest]This song deserves way higher than 8

9Numb - Linkin Park
What the hell? , this song must be the first song in this list, I really wondered! It makes ma heart stop when listen to it I fell like something tell to stand up and destroy anything I see
Who the hell put this song behind a naked baby?
This song must be at number 1 list. It is so good that I never get tired of listening this song again and again.
[Newest]Yes, the best is here.

10Blackbird - Alter Bridge
This is not the place for an all time awesome song, this song should be at least #1 (with a huge gap between it and #2).
This song was a fusion between Alternative Music, Hard Rock, Metal and Post-Grung, this song has changed many people's lives with it's unmatched Rhythm, Riffs and singing.

And Myles Kennedy's voice is one of the best among all time, he's truly the best Vocalist till now.

This song is 8 minutes and it broke all musical limits and we ended up hearing a phenomenal Song that will never be imitated, this song is a one in a lifetime musical experience that you shouldn't miss!

Alter Bridge... YOU ROCK!
This song is a masterpiece, and a lot of the songs on this list are just awful, I've heard almost every song on this list and Blackbird beats them all by a long shot
Maybe this is the best song ever irrespective of the place it holds in this list as this song easily stands out of any list with no atom of dubiousness...
Very strong, meaningful, heart-touching and thought-evoking song.
Might have listened to hundreds of times in less than a month.
Thanks to Alter Bridge for having created a Masterpiece.
[Newest]Starting tune and chorus more than best

The Contenders

11Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
Green Day is by far the best alt. Band ever and this is one of their best songs. This song is absolutely amazing, it has meaning, it has life. There can not be a better song or a better band ta that, well maybe one republic. But I have listened to Green Day my whole life and I fell in love with this song when it first came out.
This song is amazing in so many ways; The lyrics are incredible, the tune is enchanting, The singer's voice couldn't have been a better match, And the title by itself is pretty Awesome!
the best alternative sng, should have been the no. 1
[Newest]Should be in top ten

1221 Guns - Green Day
First song I heard by them besides Good Riddance, (who hasn't heard that song!? ) It has a good feel to it. This sing really shows you their range of generas they fit into, not just punk. Punk isn't just a genera though either so... What do you think?
It's so damn perfect! I play it over and over..
How is this song not in the top ten

13Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
A classic hit about the insecurity all of us feel at one time or another. The Goo Goo Dolls Iris really brings the feeling of loneliness home.


Greatest song by goo goo dolls. THis should be way up the top.


This is the best Alternative Rock Song, guys! How can you be so dumb? This is simply brilliant! I love this song!
[Newest]Is this a joke? How can this NOT make the top 5 let alone top 10! One of the best songs ever. come on people!

14Creep - Radiohead
One of the greatest songs ever, and truly one of the anthems of the 90s and one of the best songs about self-loathing. Very depressing yet very beautiful.
Santa Barbara killer was this guy!
Never heard a song better than this

15The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
This song is what I listen to whenever I get bullied. It reminds me of how things will get better. I admire this song and I base my life on its meaning and lyrics. This song has and always will get me through hard times.
This song always picks me up on a bad day. I love listening to it while in the car. One of the best on my iPod!

16My Immortal - Evanescence

17The Man Who Sold the World - Nirvana

18Time Is Running Out - Muse
Come on this song is catchy, moving, clever, great use of all instruments. Muse is one of the greatest bands and don't deny it
This is a great song by a great band, they are the best! How did it come to this?


No one can beat Muse! 16 years and still going strong
[Newest]This is the single best song in the world.

19Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
It's one of the best alternative rock songs
Best ever, the lyrics are perfect!
The lyrics are so good
[Newest]You people should know your tastes...

20Walking Disaster - Sum 41

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