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41 Mirrorball - Elbow Mirrorball - Elbow
42 Reptilia - The Strokes Reptilia - The Strokes

Great song. Love the strokes!

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43 Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana

It's a pity that Smells Like Teen Spirit overpowers the glory of Nirvana's other tracks. Heart-Shaped Box is a brilliant alternative masterpiece that belongs in the top ten.

44 The Man Who Sold the World - Nirvana The Man Who Sold the World - Nirvana V 2 Comments
45 Testify - Rage Against the Machine Testify - Rage Against the Machine

Why isn't Rage higher up on the list... this is blasphemy.

46 All Apologies - Nirvana All Apologies - Nirvana
47 First - Cold War Kids First - Cold War Kids

This song is almost impossible to forget

48 Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low
49 Broken - Seether Broken - Seether
50 Headstrong - Trapt Headstrong - Trapt V 1 Comment
51 Clocks - Coldplay Clocks - Coldplay

This should be number 1. It is a great song in every sense. Lyrics are good, rhythm is great, (piano rocks), and deserves a better position
It is truly a masterpiece. It will be heard for a long time

Best song EVER! Nothing like it out there.

I love this song, it came out when I was little, and I've been listening to it for a long time. I love the piano a lot!

Deserves #1, this song is amazing. One of the top Coldplay songs in my opinion.

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52 Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
53 Mercy - Muse Mercy - Muse
54 The Pretender - Foo Fighters The Pretender - Foo Fighters

What! This is definitely a top 10er. This deserves a better spot than punk ass bands like My Chemical Romance, lp or Green Day.

The Foo Fighters are hands down one of the besg Alternative bands, this song should be higher on the list...

55 Subterranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead Subterranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead

Woah! This is an EXTREMELY underrated song! How'd it make it past Paranoid Android? I'm impressed! - MikaBeeWall

56 Heart Song - Automatic Loveletter Heart Song - Automatic Loveletter
57 The Night - Disturbed The Night - Disturbed

This song should at least be in the top 10... Such a great songs. Two years since I began listening To disturbed but this song still remains right on top. Great riffs, awesome vocals, great lyrics and a killer solo... This song defines disturbed.

This song demolishes every song around it

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58 S.O.B - Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats S.O.B - Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats
59 I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

They need to get back together. they have better songs, but this is one of the best out there.

60 I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

The best song ever. Three days grace is the biggest band they are so good at what they do, every song of em is perfect, its about u, its about the way we see our day. Three Days Grace are the best, I don't know if there is a good enough word to describe them. Just wish they never stop doing this great job, they do now, because I love them so much. I wanna see them. I hope they will come someday to Bulgaria, and even if I can't go to see them I'll find a way cause you can't miss Three Days Grace's concert!

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