Best American Male Singers


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Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson was an innovator, his style hadn't been heard before and he really had a knack for keeping the pulse of music and what constitutes a hit.
Michael Jackson should be first
Heartly... I miss you mich
[Newest]Its true very true

2Bruno Mars
I love Bruno, his songs are amazing, for example Just the Way You Are is an emotional but fabulous song. Bruno NEEDS to carry on singing, his songs are amazing and so is he
I love bruno voice, so amazing.. I like bruno song, ex just the way you are, lighters, lazy song, today my life begins, sometimes I listen bruno song :D
I love bruno mars! ❤i'm like his bigest fan! I'm telling you! His voice is BOOM! 💋I love bruno mars he is the most charming adorable guy I've known! 😘I have like thousands of his picture on my phone and his hats! ❤
[Newest]I.. Love.. Bruno mars.. Because of his songs are very.. Very.. Very.. Well I feel so good.

3Elvis Presley
He is bar none the best singer most imitated none better fantastic movies still listening decades later
A lot of his songs always on my mind and I am still listening his songs till I am now 66 years old.
I can sing like him

Eminem is always so creative and passionate about his music, he's a great storyteller and one of the best rappers of all time.
Slim shady is the best
Ihave heard 2 songs of Eminem and I love the rap god

5Frank Sinatra
No one can sing like Sinatra, except me. He was my teacher, mentor, promoter and friend. He could phrase like no one on planet earth. He sold 160 million albums and recorded 1400 tunes. Here in Russia and Ukraine, you ask them who was the best and nearly all say Sinatra.
Frank is awesome, classy, the standard. He set the bar for others the achieve.
Just no one to touch him. By far the best male singer eve.

6Justin Timberlake
I like him for his albums MIRROR and NOT A BAD THING. Expecting him to come out with more such albums.
He's still going strong, even after his hiatus
Justin Timberlake is the best. His music is both inspiring and motivating.

7Chris Brown
He is the best on dance and song!

8Adam Lambert
Search Time for Miracles
He's so cool...
I love him and his voice...!
From a

9Marc Anthony
Excellent singer, the best of all times

10Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber yoh are spectacular guy I love you and your songs are just wonderful I'm totally crazy about you
He is talented, hardworking, funny, lovable and a great singer dancer and musician
Love Your voice. so cute
[Newest]Poor singer very poor

The Contenders

11Jared Leto
For complete my first comment

Jared must be 2

And why 2?!

Because Michael do something another singing

I've got crazy



Can you hear me?!?

You are stupid with your choices

12Greyson Chance
Grey still child. But he always singing like a Man
He is all time best.. He is god of music

13John Vesely
Cheer up John Veseky secondhand serenade or to get a crown in the competition is ok, you are the champion of the other winners, I support you to be the best, let's keep serenades and John Vesely is the Best, Ryan Cook is the excellent and Tom Broyfogle is expert
Come on I always support you, lest you become a champion in this competition, you are the best than all keep the spirit and continue to struggle
By zulfan in Indonesia, surakarta, MTsN1 Surakarta, My Home in Kadipiro

14Flo Rida
He is the best in the world

15Billie Joe Armstrong
He's hot and cute and has a really talented voice!
what's all this Eminem and Justin Timberlake crap!

Not much to say... Everybody wants to sing with him. He is wonderful!
He should be number 1 singer because his rapping is very fast all over Europe Asia and Pakistan he is famous
The best singer Ever. He can sing any type of songs

17Axl Rose

18James Hetfield

19Nikki Sixx
He's in fm 102.9 the HOG in Wisconsin. He's funny! Plus he's a great singer!


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