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Jackie Evancho
I had my back to the television the August 10th evening. I had not been impressed with what I had seen prior. Then I heard the "voice". Whoa! I turned to see who was singing, and I remember saying out loud: "What the...? You're kidding! No way! " Yes way. A little wisp of a girl singing a classic with more feeling and emotion than I'd ever heard. With a voice that was jaw-dropping, and more pleasant to my ears than anyone I'd ever heard.

I've seen her live in concert 8 times since then. Every time she somehow brings even more to the audience.
She was the most profound contestant on since America's Got Talent started and if it were not for her age and a desire to protect her, she would have won for sure. I will never forget her performances and neither will Sharon Osborne
Regardless of the praise the AGT judges pour over some of the contestants since Jackie, none, absolutely none have come within a mile of Jackie's exceptional talents. She has set the bar so high, it will be very difficult for anyone to come near. I am sure there are some exceptional talents out there, and Jackie has opened the door for many to attempt to reach her star. But although some come very close, none has yet succeeded. Nevertheless, Jackie is a phenomena who has made it possible for others to try. And this is a very good thing.
[Newest]David Foster once stated that in his 45 year career, he didn't recall seeing anything quite like this-he was describing the incredible Jackie Evancho phenomena. The magic of Jackie's voice and persona continues to touch thousands today and her up-coming world tour will add to that fan base. I have seen her live twice now and the voice was flawless. Thank you Lisa and Mike for allowing us to share in the Jackie gift.
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2Kenichi Ebina
Kenichi Ebina really has talent. He deserved to win America's got talent season 8 and he did win!


He's gonna win tonight, end of story


He's like a human robot!

3KriStef Brothers

4Quintavious Johnson
He's only 12 years old and his voice warms everyone's hearts! He is fantastic, original, and very unique. I hope he wins or at least makes it to the Top 3

5Red Panda

6Big Barry
Old Man trying to be happy at the end of his days... Don't say he's horrible, he's tryin.

7Mat Franco

8Anna Graceman
Good singer like jackie evancho butt less
Anna the most talented, the most beautiful and she struck me most of all!
AGT's bias against singer-songwriters hurt Anna on the show. Had she been allowed to sing her original songs, she would have been in the top three at least. She went independent and now owns her own label, and is about to release her second album (her first would be gold or platinum if she had signed with a major label - she's that good). Jackie Evancho gets my nod for best AGT contestant and vocalist, but Anna Graceman got my vote simply because she is an all-around better musician, and therefore scores more 'got talent' points with me.

9Taylor Williamson

10Those Funny Little People
That's right Piers, your most favorite act in the world is on here.


The Contenders

11Snap Boogie

12Michael Grimm
Unbelievable talent and voice! His music is timeless and appeals to all ages. He is so humble and displays no egotism. He is simply filled with passion when he sings and performs.

13Melissa Villasenor


15Team iLuminate
They should have won Season 6.

16Lindsey Stirling
As far as post-show success goes, Lindsey Stirling takes the cake!
Probably among the most successful, although not a finalist.
Perhaps not one of the best contestants (she was knocked out in the quarterfinals, ) but her follow-up success is undisputed. She may be more successful than any other AGT acts, except for Fator and Evancho.

17Derrick Barry
Funny as hell inpersanating briteny

18Fighting Gravity

19Prince Poppycock

20Zuma Zuma

21Collins Key
I don't know why he got 5th place. This teenager is great!

22Kinetic King

23Michael Grasso

24David Weathers
The Crazy but Underrated Venomus Snake handler. When that snake popped the balloon I was like, WOW!

25West Springfield Dance Team

Loved their voices and performances!

27Terry Fator


29King of Nut Shots

30Recycled Percussion

31Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

32Kevin Skinner

33Neal E. Boyd

34Bianca Ryan

35Barbara Padilla

36Christian Stoinev

37Blue Journey

One of the best acts of season 9.

39Sons of Serendip

40Mike Super


42Aerial Animation

43Dan Naturman

44Academy Of Villains

45Ray Jessel

46Mighty Atom, Jr.

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