Best Americas Singers

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1Jackie Evancho (U.S.A.)

If music had a Miss America, it would be Miss Jackie. - BobG

Jackie Evancho brings great peace and comfort with her voice.

Jackie simply has the most beautiful singing voice in the world.

Jackie can sing anything from classical crossover to pop and have it sound just a beautiful.

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2Michael Jackson (U.S.A.)
3Jared Leto (U.S.A.)
4Elvis Presley (U.S.A.)
5Josh Groban (U.S.A.)
6Eminem (U.S.A.)
7Celine Dion (Canada)
8Steve Perry (U.S.A.)
9Whitney Houston (U.S.A.)
10Axl Rose (U.S.A.)

The Contenders

11Taylor Swift (U.S.A.)
12Layne Staley (U.S.A.)
13Beyonce (U.S.A.)

No, doubt she is the best singer in america right now!

14Madonna (U.S.A.)
15Tina Turner (U.S.A.)
16M. Shadows (U.S.A.)
17Katy Perry (U.S.A.)
18Lady Gaga (U.S.A.)
19Ronnie James Dio (U.S.A.)
20Rihanna (Barbados)
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