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1 Bring Me to Life Bring Me to Life

The first song that I fell for in this group. Not only that, this song was the first female lead vocalist to top a male dominated genre and made it to the billboard charts and the album itself it genius! No wonder! It was and is in the best selling albums!

I love this song. Amy has such an amazing voice and paul mccoy makes it even better

Yeah I fell in love with Evanescence when I heard Bring Me To Life

It shows a great display of her awesome vocal range and strength.

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2 Going Under Going Under

Really good song! Evanescence songs are all beautiful as rock music goes, and this is one I can relate to. Of course, all of her songs seem to reach you in some way, know what I mean?

Great song. Very hard-rock, but still beautiful and epic. She has such an amazing voice and I truly love all or her music.

Beautiful song. I love the music especially when they do it live. And I can relate to the lyrics. Of course, I enjoy all of their songs! It was really hard to pick a favorite of these!

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3 Sweet Sacrifice Sweet Sacrifice

My favorite song with Going Under.

Sarcastic lyrics, great music and Amy's voice is an ANGELIC!

4 My Immortal My Immortal

This is truly the greatest song they've came out with. It should really be number one!

This song takes me back too when I was young, free happy and careless, very good. But now I wish I could go back I regret everything I've done, I swear and don't listen to the teacher, this song is very understanding and makes me cry

I love all of there songs that I've listened to but I say this is the best song they have

Just amazing!

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5 Broken Broken

I above that, really... i, I can't say nothing, just listen it, great job
You most listen it before your dead!

6 Imaginary
7 Everybody's Fool Everybody's Fool
8 White Out
9 Call Me When You're Sober Call Me When You're Sober
10 Lithium Lithium

This song has a magnificent lyrics, a wonderful piano and guitar sync and just great progression. It is the perfect song and definitely the most meaningful.

THe most powerful voice I've ever heard... Great song! Great voice..!

Best song ever by a female metal singer the voice is just heavenly

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11 Between Worlds
12 Lockdown

Great song, Amy's voice is so beautiful and the piano is great. Definitely in top 5.

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13 Hello

This is a song that will make anyone cry.. Just the way it makes you remember good things that happened in your life..

What?! How is this song not on the list? It should at least be in the top five. Come on, people! This song when I heard it was so beautiful it made me cry, and I'm not the crying type.

14 Haunted Haunted
15 Thoughtless Thoughtless
16 Breathe No More

This rare song of hers shows her excellent piano skills and vocal strength. Her vocal range is incredable in this. The words, melodies, and instruments work like gears in this amazing song.

17 Sally's Song Sally's Song
18 Missing Missing

Why this song is not even in the list?
it's one of the best song I've ever heard in my life...

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19 Field of Innocence
20 My Heart Is Broken

A truly amazing song
I love her voice

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1. Going Under
2. Bring Me to Life
3. Lockdown
1. Sweet Sacrifice
2. Going Under
3. Bring Me to Life



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