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A list of the best songs by English prog rock/metal band Anathema. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Untouchable, Pt. 2
Unbelievable change of sound from a wonderful band; this comes from an old fan. this track is the best I've heard recently!
How could people vote to this song? Where is "Are you there? "? Where is "Emotional winter"?
What... Of all the choices, all the classic doom metal tracks, someone evidently voted for this? I'm done.

2One Last Goodbye
I can't believe this is here! Who vote to their new album songs while this song and lost control arnt even in top 10! I mean what the hell! Where are their real fans?
This song is simply AWESOME! It made me cry the first time I listened to it...
I can't even believe that this song was here, this is best song ever, it change my life really it changed my life
[Newest]This is the best song I have listened.

3Lost Control
Great, great, great, great, great, great, great,
How much longer to I hit the ground...
The best of anathema

4Dreaming Light
The best Anathema's song forever

5Fragile Dreams
The energy in this song is simply charismatic.
Wow! This song was AWESOME. And I mean AWESOME :)
Every word and every tune of music was perfect. I love this song
No word to describe this song.. Sinmply awesome!

6Untouchable, Pt 1
This song touches you literally.

7The Beginning and the End
Perfect, Perfect, Perfect Opening...

My first beloved Anathema song! It's great! Especially ending part
9th for flying?! After those untouchables?!
I always fly with flying...

Anathema is my idol, and regret is a masterpiece!
The never ending masterpiece.
This track changed my life...


The Contenders

11Forgotten Hopes

12Don't Look Too Far

13The Storm Before the Calm
Seriously? Not even top 10? Every second of this song is unbelievably beautiful.

14Internal Landscapes
This song is really amazing! For sure it should be at least on the top five
Top 3 at least...


Fabulous melody that just takes me away...
And the minimalistic one on the Hindsight album is just Godd

17Distant Satellites

18A Natural Disaster
Why this song is no:17? This song is my number 1 surely but at least should be in the top three in this list.

19Are You There?
Takes me away in a far away place every time I hear this song..


21Lightning Song


23Angels Walk Among Us
Ville valo is not singing in this song right?!



26Anyone, Anymore

27Summer Night Horizon

28The Lost Song, Part 2


30Thin Air
Mother of all songs, great

31A Simple Mistake
The best song ever and surprised not to see this song in top five

32The Lost Song, Part 1


34Emotional Winter

What a bridge riff! Dayumn!

36Wings of God

37The Lost Child
Amazing song. No words can describe it.
What the faaz?!?! 36? It must be after one last good good bye

38Temporary Peace
Come on people, I don't understand why this song is not on the list, It clearly deserves to be number one. Followed by Lost control.
Man, this is easily the best from Anathema. come on people, stop voting untouchable...
Such a bleak, depressing soundscape full of hopelessness, only so damn beautiful!




42Shroud of Frost
I can see that the newer songs dominate this list, but hey! Shroud of Frost is a masterpiece with an amazing mood-metal worthy any musical top list ever.


44The Gathering of the Clouds

I had to add this one on! I am shocked people. I seriously thought that out of the rockier part of their career, this was up with Fragile Dreams.

46Parisienne Moonlight

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