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A list of the best songs by English prog rock/metal band Anathema.

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1Untouchable, Pt. 2

I've listened to this band for 20 years now. And I seem to understand why other people may want the older songs like emotional winter or are you there. It is based on the time you felt strongly about the band. If that's the case, I'd go for Angelica... However it is worth seeing the transition here... Untouchable is a song about redemption... and it beautifully fits the time landscape of the band...

Unbelievable change of sound from a wonderful band this comes from an old fan. this track is the best I've heard recently!

How could people vote to this song? Where is "Are you there? "? Where is "Emotional winter"?

What... Of all the choices, all the classic doom metal tracks, someone evidently voted for this? I'm done.

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2One Last Goodbye

I can't believe this is here! Who vote to their new album songs while this song and lost control arnt even in top 10! I mean what the hell! Where are their real fans?

This song is simply AWESOME! It made me cry the first time I listened to it...

I can't even believe that this song was here, this is best song ever, it change my life really it changed my life

That is not the album cover, the original version is the real song

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I always fly with flying...

My first beloved Anathema song! It's great! Especially ending part

9th for flying?! After those untouchables?!

Its not Fair to FlYing :((((((((((((

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4Lost Control

Great, great, great, great, great, great, great,

How much longer to I hit the ground...

Vincent's voice was so big in this album, now it is so much poppy

Great song! You can feel all the pain!

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The plovdiv version is incredible!

6Untouchable, Pt 1

The best love song I have ever heard.

This song touches you literally.

7The Beginning and the End

Perfect, Perfect, Perfect Opening...


Once you hear it you cannot take it out of your head, and actually this sounds awesome :D


Anathema is my idol, and regret is a masterpiece!

The best thing about anathema is your guaranteed a special album every time one is released with top notch production

This track changed my life...

So much love for this song, touching, emotional and intense as no others!

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10Dreaming Light

In their recent Cathedral tour they did acoustic version with both Vince and Lee doing the vocals. They absolutely nailed it! Incredibly atmospheric.

The best Anathema's song forever

This Song has always the Power to let my Tears flow...

It must be number 1 not 10...

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The Contenders

11The Storm Before the Calm

Seriously? Not even top 10? Every second of this song is unbelievably beautiful.

12Internal Landscapes

This song is really amazing! For sure it should be at least on the top five

14Fragile Dreams

The energy in this song is simply charismatic.

One of the best songs of Anathema.

Wow! This song was AWESOME. And I mean AWESOME :)
Every word and every tune of music was perfect. I love this song

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15A Simple Mistake

The best song ever and surprised not to see this song in top five

16Distant Satellites

The best song ever

17Don't Look Too Far
18Temporary Peace

Come on people, I don't understand why this song is not on the list, It clearly deserves to be number one. Followed by Lost control.

Anathema can't have a top ten sadly. Hardest task ever. I'd vote for this song because it is incredibly underrated and insanely beautiful.

Man, this is easily the best from Anathema. come on people, stop voting untouchable...

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I think this is one of the best songs on this album... there comes a time when the melody takes it slow.. and it is as if the singer realises something and regrets it...

20Angels Walk Among Us

Ville valo is not singing in this song right?!

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