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The Adventure
Such an inspirational song. Full of meaning, and the intro is simply amazing. I absolutely love this band, it's safe to say I fell in love with them.
The beauty of this song (as is the case of many ava songs) is that every different person is able to relate their life in some way to the song. It helps great moments become perfect and reminds you when life isn't great that their is always hope. Love it!
Best Angels And Airwaves song by far! The intro is amazing and the lyrics are very good. Tom de longe is the best musician in this world!

This song should be inplace of the adventure. The adventure is not so catchy but surrender is a extremely wonderful song. This is their number 1 song and there is no doubt about it.
This song has picked me up and gotten me through hard times and makes me feel so empowered and happy. The lyrics, especially the "I, I will not surrender" parts are amazing, and so is the music video. Arguably the best AVA song out there
Best song from Angels & Airwaves LOVE Part Two album. One of the best, period! Will have you singing at the top of your lungs when the song reaches it's chorus.


3Secret Crowds
This song starts out with interesting electronics and keyboarding, and when the fuzzy transmission-like voice of Tom comes in, you start to get an idea of what kind of song it is. And then... It explodes into power, sending you on a wonderful journey through creative, life-flowing verses, and an epic chorus... The most powerful I've ever heard.
amazing, uplifting song, makes me feel really good inside
Saturday Love, Surrender, Flight of Apollo were close calls, but I think this one is my favorite. This song makes me just wanna go on a road trip and blast this the whole way through.

4Call to Arms
This is clearly Angels' best song. The upbeat, uplifting guitar with amazing lyrics make this song one to remember.
By far one of the most underrated AVA songs. This should definitely be in the top 5. Listening to this song makes me feel like I am in a dream. I recommend this song to any new AVA fan.
Just listened to AVA's discography, and the Adventure clearly is their most popular song, but Call to Arms is the most catchy to me. Great song

5Everything's Magic
This song is hands down amazing! This song makes me feel a way that I can't even explain! My favorite song! Everythings Magic!
Still is in my opinion the best. It reminds me of being little again, when the world was still outragously grand.
Such a great song, great for singing along to. The beat is what makes it amazing.

6The War
This features one of the greatest guitar riffs ever created! Tom DeLonge is a genius!
This is an awesome song, the lyrics and the music mix and make unicorns. If you ever have a chance, listen to it.
Perfect drum sounds :-)

Very good lyrics and love the outro "Please stay, don't go, I've got you now... "
I can't even describe how this song makes me feel. When I listen to this song while driving down a long country road on a bright sunny day with my windows down, I truly do feel like I'm in heaven.
Awesome song which makes my hair stand on the back of my neck.
[Newest]If not their best song, certainly their most epic

Amazing song! Why wasn't this even on the list before? It deserves to be in the top 10 at the very least!
Amazing song! So uplifting and epic! Tom's voice sounds really amazing too.

9Young London
The song is beautiful. It starts out a tad slow, but it continuously builds and builds until it reaches it's amazing 30 second climax three minutes into the song.
This song sounds a lot like "natives" from blink 182 neighborhoods

10Soul Survivor
In my Opinion, it's the best song theyve ever written

The Contenders

11Rite of Spring
The message behind this song is what makes the difference to most of the others. It got a very catchy and beautiful melody, too.
Number 1 in my opinion!
This song is about Tom's childhood, what went on when he was a kid, this song needs to be appreciated so much more
Completely amazed by this song! Gives me chills every time I hear it!

12Do It for Me Now
Sounds like it could be from a follow up to Blink's self-titles album. One of AVA's more tightly written and least self-indulgent songs. What results is an honest, well-crafted, balanced, emotional song. Easily my favorite AVA song

13The Flight of Apollo
This song is absolutely amazing! But then again so is every AVA song so it is impossible to put them in order!

Hallucinations is an amazing song. It makes me feel lonely and happy at the same time. Listening to this song makes me want to explode because it's too good to be true I don't know I can't explain it this song is amazing enough said.
Lol, why is this down here!? Top 3 along with Secret Crowds.
How could this song not be the first? You all must be having Hallucinations. The only people in their right minds here are those who voted for this one.
Just kidding.
But seriously, vote for this song

15It Hurts
Really emotional song about a relationship... give it a listen you will love this song. It deserves it's spot in the top 10.

Alright what the hell is wrong here, this is hands down one of the best Angels and Airwaves song, now why would it be on #22. Would've made sense if it was on at least #4
How is this 24th? This song is the reason I fell in love with AvA!
Is my favourite song, so I think it should me in first place

This song is apparently about, him watching his friends sister dancing naked in her room, with Tom outside looking through the window. Apparently he said, at one point she looked right in to his eyes but she couldn't see him because he was behind a bush. Yeah something along those lines, there's a YouTube video where he tells the story, it's funny laugh out loud. Otherwise this is an awesome song, it can be interpreted so many ways, it sounds really deep and full of meaning, but at the same time it's not depressing, which is nice. "Can't let go... "
I like to listen to this song "From time to time..."
Simply an amazing song, could listen to it over and over

"Cause sometimes it comes with a shove
When you fall in love" badass lyrics.
I think you guys are missing out on a great song, plus on the end of the song you can hear Tom DeLonge's sister explain the true meaning and definition behind love.

19Saturday Love
This song is literally the best ava song!
Really good songs.. I love it
Esta bien vergas la rola!

20Epic Holiday
One of my favorite songs ever! Especially with Secret Crowds.
My favorite A&A song.

21Love Like Rockets

22Valkyrie Missile
This song makes me feel incredible.

Quite sentimental, Imagine a rock band trying out a love Song...
I also admire the Indian feeling you get at the middle...
Great Love Song... Lyrics to Dream about...
Why is this 22nd, I think it should at least be in the top 10! Its such a simple song, but so beautiful
Wow guess for once my favorite song by a band isn't in the top 10

24A Little's Enough
This sing is just plain awesome. enough said. real toss up between this one and a call to arms though. both are amazing
The list is good, but really this song 'A LITTLE'S ENOUGH' deserves a top 10 position.

25Good Day
"I should have turned back, I should have known better, than to walk away defeated" best lyrics
Such a great feel-good song, should be in the top 10

26True Love
Wait why is this not number 2. You guys are missing out on a great song! The first song I heard from them. Please listen to it, the lyrics and the instrument combine to make this awesome song. Guys I highly recommend this one.
Dudes. If you've ever felt the title, vote here.
When listened to with star of bethlehem, the ~4 minute intro will really get you going

27The Moon-Atomic (...Fragments and Fictions)
The best for me, emotional and with a fantastic rhythm! Come on guys give it a chance
How can such a song be @ such a low spot!?!
The beat along with tom's poetic lyrics make this song truly amazing

28The Machine

29Start the Machine
Great song! Should be higher up the list.

30The Gift

You know a song's powerful when bursting into tears listening to it.
This songs gonna peak at top 5 soon

32The Wolfpack
A little different than most AVA songs... very electronic. Very good song nevertheless!
Just hear it yourself


This song is one of their best... Deserves to be in the top 3 DEFINITELY! I love tom's voice... Anyway, I love this song!
Why is this song so low? 33?! Top ten for sure.

35The Revelator
This is the song that made me fall in love with this band

36Clever Love
This deserves a position in the top 10.
Guys, give it a listen and then come over here. You will automatically vote this one!

37Behold a Pale Horse

38Letters To God, Part II

39Reel 1 (Diary)
This song is the definition if AVA's greatness. Treating us with an almost 6 minute long instrumental intro, leading up to a beautiful conclusion. The piano work is really amazing on this track.

Best song ever! It's just magic!

41Reel 5 (New Blood)
A lot of people put down this song because it's an instrumental and I think that's ridiculous especially for a band like this that makes awesome instrumentals. I personally think it's their specialty. This song starts very straightforward, then Ilan starts laying down some amazing keyboard melodies and piano lines, and then the beat grows, finally arriving at a spectacular and heavenly conclusion.
Great song with great parts in all of the instruments. Maybe no vocals, but it's still amazing. AVA is the best at instrumentals.

42We Are All That We Are
Pure power, pure happiness!

43Some Origins of Fire
From the album "Love". One of my all-time favorite AvA songs. The melody sounds similar to The Adventure.
This song is usually just overlooked on LOVE because it has a melody similar to "The Adventure". This song starts off with cool electronics, then the band comes in with thundering power, then a glorious guitar line, then Tom starts singing and it's just indescribable.
"We all are love and love is hard. We're hard to love". That's one of the best lines Tom has ever written.

44Reel 6
Here's an instrumental off of Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal that is a upbeat and exciting electronic song. WHOAW that bass. Amazing! Makes you want to dance, or run, or like the album title suggests, just hop in a car or on a motorcycle without a brake pedal. Brilliant. Also features some great electric guitar work and piano.

Very similar to Snake Charmer and Ghosts on the Dancefloor. Audio mixing is not very well done. Still a decent track however.

46Kiss With a Spell

47The Disease

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