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61 Antz Antz

This was one of the few movies of the 1990's to be made entirely in computer animation.

62 101 Dalmatians 101 Dalmatians V 1 Comment
63 Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty
64 Rock & Rule Rock & Rule
65 Madagascar Madagascar

The original Madagascar! Without this we wouldn't have had the equally funny sequels that came along afterwards.

66 The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Hunchback of Notre Dame

A beautiful story with a message that gets me every time "who is the monster and who is the man" wonderful music and characters -kinda reminds me of a more "brutal" male version of repunzel in tangled

Not as good as up but common this movie made me cry when Quasimodo didn't get Esmerelda

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67 Ice Age: The Meltdown Ice Age: The Meltdown
68 Hercules Hercules
69 The Aristocats The Aristocats
70 My Beautiful Girl, Mari My Beautiful Girl, Mari
71 Peter Pan Peter Pan
72 Disney's A Christmas Carol Disney's A Christmas Carol

Robert Zemeckis previously stated that A Christmas Carol was one of his favourite stories dealing with time travel. No suprise that Zemeckis helmed one of the most faithful adaptations of this famous story.

73 Inside Out Inside Out
74 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
75 The Fox and the Hound The Fox and the Hound
76 Howl's Moving Castle Howl's Moving Castle

I remember when I first saw this movie I wanted to watch it to the end

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77 Chicken Little Chicken Little
78 An American Tail An American Tail
79 Zootopia Zootopia

It should be at least top 20 at the very least

80 The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid
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