Best Animation Companies

Which company makes the best animated feature films?

The Top Ten

1 Pixar

Definitely one of the best of the past decade! They have made some great touching films such as monsters inc and toy story. - dragon13304

My dream job and changing people's lives and mindsets everyday with a heart warming story

Oh, you mean Steve Jobs as in the guy who steals other peoples ideas? That Steve Jobs?

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2 Walt Disney

Classics like Lion King, Beauty and the beast, Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow white and now new ones like Frozen, Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Big hero 6. Plus Marvel and Star Wars.

3 Dreamworks

One of the best because it's old and new and keeps giving out great films

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4 Nickelodeon Animation Studios

They were good until they cancelled most of the good shows. - Connor360

5 Fox Animation

Fox also owns Blue Sky Studios

6 Paramount Animation
7 Studio Ghibli

SG has created some of the best animated movies, from My Neighbor Totoro to Spirited Away to Howls Moving Castle. Its the best animation studio ever in my opinion!

8 Marvel Animation
9 Lucasfilm Animation
10 Hanna-Barbera

Pixar Is Amazing As Always
But Hannah Barbera Is More Historically Significant By
1.Influenced Lots Of Cartoons We Know And Love Even Today
2.They Brought Cartoons Back From The Dark Ages Of Cartoons(1950's)
3.Were Mentors To Cartoon Network In The 1990's And
4.There Shows For Examples-The Flinstones,Jetsons,Scooby Doo Are Shows We Still Know And Love Even Today

The Contenders

11 Aardman

Nobody does stop motion animation quite like Aardman

12 Mondo TV
13 Lanterna Magica
14 Warner Bros. Animation

Animaniacs, tiny toons, looney tunes, pinky and the brain, freakazoid, iron giant, batman animated series, batman beyond, space jam, superman animated series, and The Lego Movie! They also own Hanna Barbera so flintstones and scooby too!

15 Studio MIR
16 Pierrot Studios
17 Rainbow S.r.l.
18 The Animation Band
19 Stranemani
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