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The Top Ten

Goku - Dragonball Z
Okay. It's pretty obvious that Goku is at the top. To be honest, this order of heroes is perfect because Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, and Luffy honestly make the best ' heroes team the world could ask for. Plus, Goku is the stronger one and more powerful, followed by Ichigo, Naruto, and I do not know where Luffy's place would really be because I haven't seen ALL of one piece but he definitely belongs in the top 4. But Goku doesn't even need to be involved because once he is, leave it to him by himself to handle any situation no matter how bad it is. He has the others to fight alongside him if needed. Go J-stars victory Vs heroes!
Not even Madaras cheap shringan can hurt 1 cell on goku. He would have no idea how to bind goku in an illusion because basically, ninja stars can't pierce him, fire can't burn him, chains can't hold him, not even an entire planet can crush him.

No matter what technique naruto or madara has, you just can't escape an entire planet being destroyed by goku. Even if they managed to teleport...where to?
Goku is the best, not because he's basicly one of the most powerful fictional heroes of all times, but because some lessons that he teachs to you that you can follow the entire life, but the greatest lesson is that he never gives up, he can be beaten up, but if he can breath, he gets up and keep going, and he always winned doing that! Its like, he's a guy that even if you are a lot of stronger than him, he will be dangerous because he will be determined to pass you and become better, and that's just because he wanna be the strongest that he can, and surpass everyone, and another thing, he does everything while he protects the entire human race, I mean, he never did evil! Goku have a pure heart that is dedicated to goodness! That's why he's awesome
[Newest]My favourite and strongest character of all time...

2Naruto - Naruto
It's both amazing and inspiring how he never gives up, no matter how many times he's knocked down. But that's not all there is to him. He understands the pain of loneliness and helplessness. Even if he hates his enemy for killing someone dear and trying to destroy his home, Naruto overcomes that hatred, he tries to understand his enemy's pain. He fights to protect his friends while at the same time, he tries to save his enemies that are in pain. This anime is much different than Dragon Ball. It shows the pain people go through, including the enemy's pain. It actually inspires to overcome the feelings of hatred and sadness. It makes people want to change themselves, to stop running from our problems and from ourselves. It makes people want to become stronger and stop running from everything around us. It makes us want to stop crying and move forward. I myself am trying to become a stronger person and there's no one I rather be like, than Naruto.
He is awesome and he is the kind of guy who stands up for what he believes in and he would do anything to protect his friends even die for the dearest ones and he never gives up that is why he is a rolemodel for many people!
I think that naruto and naruto shippuden are the best anime in the world because they have got the most interesting storyline awesome powers and it explains everything. It's also funny and Naruto has the strongest fighting spirit and the guts never to give up no matter what. In my opinion nothing can surpass this anime

3Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece
In terms of Heroes, it is impossible to decide, because ALL of them share so much care and courage, etc etc. But by the end of the day, my cents go to Luffy. One Piece isn't popular here in the US, so they haven't witnessed all of his capabilities. I'm not talking about strength or power capabilities, but about his knack to defy logic and survive in order to reach his goals.
Those who talk abt ichigo probably don't know luffy... The greatest anime hero ever.. He dosen't have the power to save the world with a spirit bomb like goku... But has the power to save those who love n cares for him.. Most versatile hero in anime... Love you luffy! Great emotions... Knows when to get serious.. Luffy-kum you rock... Thank you oda for creating an awesome character
Luffy is the best because he is the character I would most like to emulate, above all the other hero characters.

4Ichigo - Bleach
Ichigo is easily the best because despite his powers, he's normal. Unlike all the others on this list of top ten, he came from a normal background. He was dragged into a whole other world and is torn between them as he continues to fight for his friends and family. At the end of the day, his powers don't set him as the best; it's his personality. His will to continue fighting even for a war that wasn't his despite his heritage, but that didn't come till later. So at the end of the day; even without knowledge of what he really is; he still thought thinking he was human. Everyone else on this list was born into things were such powers was a natural occurrence. Ichigo was always strong but did show an emotional side; one that is arguably deeper since he started as just an ordinary teenager getting dragged into a war that most people would crumble under.
Ichigo kurosaki I think should be number 2 or 3 because not only will he kick your butt, but he has a warm and kind heart, and he will literally do anything to protect his family and friends
He is the most unique hero I have ever seen. Simply he is the best. He has shinigami powers which will amaze you, he has holloe powers which will freak you. If you compare him with those up list heroes then: he is not like Goku saved a hundred times;not like Naruto childish and stupid crazy enough to do anything for sasuke;and not that much comical like Luffy.

5L - Death Note
L is the smartest character out there. He's an interesting character, and he never fails to predict Kira's behavior.
I like death note! The characters and the story!
i love them so much!
[Newest]Come on Death should be in top 3

6Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist
Ed is a genius when it comes to alchemy and is one of the best, strongest hand-to-hand fighters there is. But there's more to our young hero than that. Ed has a dark past and has made some mistakes in his lifetime, but he is willing to do anything to move forward and fix what he can, protect the people he cares about, and save the whole country. Though hardened in his youth because of the hardships he faced (and faces throughout the series), he retains his morality and a certain idealism that allows him to persevere.
Ed has the caring side of the typical protagonist, but also a side that shows he isn't quite what you would expect. He is smart but tends to overlook some things on his quest. He has my vote because he has a more three dimensional personality that makes him seem more human than the typical hero
I think I can safely say that Ed is the best hero anime-wise. He represents the older siblings who care for their young ones.

7Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail
He is a dragon slayer and he will slay the rest of them except goku deserves top 3
He is awesome and I have never seen any hero like him
All other of my favorite are at top only this was bottom that's why I vote natsu so awesome... I am all fired up seeing this list
[Newest]Natsu and Naruto are the best

8Itachi Uchiha - Naruto
The greatest character in the naruto series
Yes he saved the village from a shinobi but killing his family well that stoped the 4 shinobi war but he did not have to join a terrorist group and kill lots of people
Shouldn't he be first? Guys just watch the anime and find what true heroism is!


9Ash - Pokemon
Ash is my favourite characters in anime series. He care his friends and pokemons and he is newer scare for any challenge. And one day he is become a pokemon master.
Go ash! I love ash...
Better then one piece

10Roronoa Zoro - One Piece
Ultimate beast and yet incredibly loyal and kind
How is he under Ash the dumbass?
He's so better than ash

The Contenders

11Gingka Hagane - Beyblade
Gingka is the top blader his bravery is amazing. He help friends and his bey connected his heart. Gingka Hagane is the HERO.
Gingka is awesome. Not as good as Takao/Tyson (from the Original series) but still cool. He is strong, noble, understanding and he never gives up.
He is a crap and he s anime too


12Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
He should be higher on this list...

13Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass
He is amazing, his talents are unmatched.
Lelouch is one of the best characters out there! Almost as good as Ichigo. His brains and the way he uses his powers, and his kind spirit don't make sense when they go together but as the series progresses he end leaves you feeling like 'what the **** just happened? ' Lelouch has since then been my favourite anime character since.

14Gon - Hunter X Hunter

15Sousuke - Full Metal Panic

16Shinichi Kudo / Conan Edogawa - Case Closed / Detective Conan

17Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin
Goku number one really. Despite the fact goku hates to kill, that all changes when he becomes super saiyan. Kenshin has promised to never kill anyone and he manages to keep that promis throughout the whole series while defeating every enemy.
Kenshin is cheerful and happy with a dark past but he still manages to keep living with a happy personality. He's not afraid to fight and die for whom he wants to protect. Best anime ever if a little long.
Kenshin should be number one. He used to be an assasin who hs killed many people but now he protects the innocent using a sword. He maintains a happy and peaceful attitude despite his past.

18Spike - Cowboy Beebop

19Light Yigami - Death Note
Unlike other heroes this guy isn't just brawn. In fact he is most probably the smartest anime character ever. The way he manipulates everyone is just amazing. Has to be the 1st on the list.
Light is my favorite. But he is not supposed to be on this list. He can be considered dark hero or more likely a villain in later stages.
Who put him on this list, he is a villain not a hero.

20Hei - Darker Than Black

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