Best Anime Shows of 2013

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1Attack on Titan

This anime really depicts human weaknesses that if we in that situation could relate too plus its video quality is AMAZING :) and the "hero" of the story is crazy strong because of his sense of purpose.

Greatest anime ever! I am obsessed with it. I love all the characters! (Armin, Connie, Sasha, Levi, and Petra are my favorite! ) The titans are truly terrifying! The plot is amazing and intriguing. I feel sick when I see the titans eat people. Seriously, I never felt that way about a show before.

Also, the soundtrack is BOSS!

This anime is ' epic. I love the characters and the ploy-line in general is flawless and genius. As long as the three main characters and SASHA are alive, I'm good.
I STRONGLY recommend this anime!

By far the best anime of 2013. and my personal 2nd best anime ever! ITS ALSO ALREADY AT NUMBER 17 FOR BEST ANIME EVER MADE

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2One Piece

Without a doubt, One Piece beats any other anime on the list. Its a legend.

This is the best anime ever I watch and it has a lot and lot of episode

This needs to be number two and fairy tail 3

Best Anime I have seen

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3Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is epic! The best anime and guild in the world and Fiore!

Why wouldn't you vote for Fairy Tail?

The best anime ever seen

Best anime to watch after bleach got cancel

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Naruto Has Great Skills!

Naruto is very strong now! He is now one with Kurama! Naruto is getting intense! Madara has rise back from dead, Naruto should be number 1!

I love Naruto. If someone would ask me which anime to watch I would say Naruto

It is no doubt the best anime.

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5Naruto Shippuden
6Magi! The Labyrinth of Magic
7Hunter x Hunter

My favourite anime of all time by far.

8Blast of Tempest

This anime is awesome. I found it looking for anime characters. If you don't watch it, I would most definitely recommend it.

It's a newcomer and it's released on YouTube and its already on crunchyroll that's how good this show is.

I'm addicted to this show! I watched throug it like 8 times in 4 days now! It is mostly for those really well done characters and the soundtrack but it has a lot more to offer. SO WATCH IT! - Immersed24

10Hayate The Combat Butler

Hayate Is So CUte! 1

GO Tsunderes! GO Idiots! GO Butlers! I just love Hayata-kun so much! This anime is too funny and not to mention the romance and harem, also the action! Don't forget Hayata-kuns cross dressing!

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The Baby is Always Crying


Rest all other series like naruto fairytail are nyc.. But bleach is more molded and with times it grows a lot. It never shifts away from the story line and it get more and more interesting after each episode


Music's are SO COOL!

15Saint Seiya Omega
16Dangan Ronpa
17Little Battlers Expierience W
18Blood Lad

Heck yeah. Love this show - Sneslper


Yes it's funny and amazing

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1. Attack on Titan
2. Magi! The Labyrinth of Magic
3. Blood Lad
1. Naruto Shippuden
2. One Piece
3. Attack on Titan
1. Fairy Tail
2. Hayate The Combat Butler
3. Beelzebub



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