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161 Crime and Punishment (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
162 Burst the Gravity (Accel World Opening 2)
163 Gravitation (Heroic Age Opening)
164 Kirameku Namida Wa Hoshi Ni (Fate/stay Night Opening)
165 This Is My Road (Guin Saga Ending)
166 Chase the World (Accel World Opening 1)

It is nice song but I did not saw this anime

167 Shiver (Kuroshitsuji)

Sexy opening, once you get into it you wont wanna get out

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168 Innocent of D (High School DxD)

The music suites the anime so well and I fell In love with HighSchool DXD's surprisingly gripping storyline

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169 Get Over (Hikaru No Go)
170 No Regret (Law of Ueki)
171 2nd Stage (Hungry Heart Wild Striker)
172 Song for Lovers (Hungry Heart Wild Strikers)
173 Continued Story (Code Geass Last Song)
174 Melody of the Heart (Tari Tari)
175 Run to Win (Eyeshield 21)

It really represents you have to hard to win.

176 Above Your Hand (Sankarea Ending)
177 Sunshine (Nurahiyon No Mago)

Best song ever.really superb.u wont find a better mine. Really stirs your heart up. Please do watch it.

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178 Morning Grace (Princess Tutu)

Yeah, weird anime name, but it's a really sad, beautiful song that will make you cry.

179 Kimi Nagura (Fairy Tail)
180 Duelisum of Mirrors (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)

Best opining ever for one of the best animes, it is lame that everybody hates it just because they have only seen only 3 episodes, and 4kids screwed up the dub! (zexal haters are I did not see the 1st epidsode so it sucks, I missed most of the show so it sucks, someone told me it sucks so it sucks) anyways it is BY FAR THE MOST INTENSE ANIME OPINING EVER!

Should have been at LEAST honorable mention on watchmojo's top 10 anime list

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