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Aizen - Bleach
Aizen, former Captain of Squad 5, leader of all Arrancars. Nearly as powerful as Head Captain Yamamoto even during his time in Soul Society, and after his subjagation of the Hogyoku, he literally becomes immortal. Able to take on nearly every Captain, Vizard, and Vice-Captain single handedly. A man who mastered every form of Shinigami combat, is able to plan out war 100 years in advance, and able to deceive nearly everybody in the entire series. Someone who's power is so beyond normal, that he eventually decides to try and destroy the Soul King (God, basically) by himself. With the ability to use Kido that can bend time and space, and a Zanpakutou capable of perfectly controlling all 5 senses of anyone who lays eyes on it even once in their life, he is nearly unstoppable. So please, someone tell me why an overrated pretty boy like Light Yagami whose only ability is to right peoples names down in a book to kill them, could ever surpass the only man who has evolved into a being beyond both Shinigami and Hollows? I can understand Frieza being above Aizen, due to his fame and planet-bursting powers, but what the hell does Light have that makes him the best villain in all of anime? He is pathetically overrated, as is Death Note itself. Poor Bleach and poor Lord Aizen, you deserve so much more. Lastly, unlike Light, Frieza, Naraku, and most other villains, Aizen is literally unkillable. The other three died, while Aizen still lives, waiting, and plotting for the day he shall return. Aizen will forever be the best anime villain. Why, you might ask. Because it's all a part of his never-ending plan.
Aizen is easily one of the most talented villains to ever come to existence. Some may argue that he is overpowered but let's face it; unlike Light Yagami, he's still alive and for all we know he could easily come back considering he didn't exactly look fazed when given his prison sentence. However, it's not like he's an impossible character despite planning everything out for 100 years; even Aizen had to make adjustments here and there. To be honest, it wouldn't be surprising if he returned earlier then expected and as the ever charming villain he always was. A) We have no idea what his bankai is. B) In The Thousand-Year Blood War arc, Yhwach wanted him as 'special war power. ' Does he know something we don't about Aizen? Either way, considering he refused when he could have easily got out must mean he has other plans. C) He planned to be God, and probably still is; do you really think he wouldn't have planned as thoroughly as he did? He considered nearly every possibility, it's likely he has another few backup plans in that deceptive smile of his. And lastly, do I even have to mention how badass he is; I'm pretty sure just his entrance made his the God of Villains.
Aizen is the perfect villain... He stands back and let's others do his dirty work for him and not because he's a coward but he because he believes he has no equal... Unlike most villains that just wanna destroy everything is a game to Aizen.. Like a giant game of chess he allows things to play out because he believes he will come on top every time.. Aizen is the true King of Villains
[Newest]Aizen is a god. Untouchable & Immortal.
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2Light - Death Note
Light Yagami started out as someone who believed he was doing right... But he ended up with the power going to his head. When he finally dies, he isn't even in possession of the death note, technically powerless, putting all his faith in a fan boy. But he managed to trick L to believing that he wasn't kira to the very end. Out of every anime villain, he has the best moments and plans ( definitely the smartest)... I'm not going to mention the potato chip scene...
He's one of the only anime villains who's made me really hate him. Some villains like Frieza or Madara I just sort of forgive 'cause they're so awesome. But Light. No matter how awesome he is I still end up resenting him to death. THIS is what makes a villain great. Having an anger so great towards him. Back to the topic though Light is seriously the epitome of evil. He thought what he was doing was right and literally used everyone to make sure he got what he wanted. And then on top of all that... he (spoiler) killed L. No matter how much I hated him up to the point and that just took my hate for him to a whole new level. And that smile... He decided to relish his victory right in L's face as L was dying. He is pure evil.


Light really, at the beginning, thought he was doing good. But as time went on his heart became a evil soul caught up in killing criminals. Even though he is one of my favorite anime characters, he helped in killing L. I can never forgive him for that. Light really put justice in his own hands. He is smart and that is how he managed to trick L, but he in the end was defeated by Near. Like what the heck!? Light you out smart my third favorite anime character and then you get defeated by the little brat Near! But all in all Lights heart really became evil and stayed that way til he died. That is why he is one of the most evil anime characters ever.
[Newest]A villain, who is the hero as well. You hate him so bad that you can't resist him

3Frieza - Dragonball Z
While I love Light Yagami I gotta admit Frieza is the Definitive Anime Villain He Killed The Main Characters entire Race and Showed No Remorse what so ever He is the type of Guy who would Lead all of the Anime Villains if they ever all came together infact I can imagine that All Of The Anime Villains come back from the Dead and they form an Alliance Led by Frieza while all of the Anime Heros must Join together to Defeat them in an Alliance Led By L (Death Note)
Freeza is the most wicked villain in the DBZ franchise. Flippant murder and decent all done with a cold and calculating smile, Freeza is a truly Machiavellian villain, wine glass and all. Just considering Vegeta for a moment, yes the boy was strong but by the time the Saiyans come to Earth Vegeta is only as strong as Cui. His life would have been nothing off of the cruel emperor's back. There was no reason for Freeza to keep Vegeta alive other than his own amusement. He back stabbed the Saiyans then made their child prince a pet soldier. If that is not pure unadulterated evil, I don't what is.
Frieza might not be the strongest villain in Dragon Ball Z, but he could be favored and hated from the audience. He's a bloodthirsty tyrant who seeks power and absolute control over the universe. Destroying the Saiyan Race and molding Vegeta into a killing machine. Frieza showed no remorse or regret to any life in the universe, trusting only himself, killing a person would be like hitting a fly. Frieza is one of the best villains in Dragon Ball Z, Cell too.
[Newest]Frieza who never got mercy he has to be number 1

4Madara - Naruto Shippudden
Madara is just pure hate and bitterness. Even at the prospect of peace with Konoha, his choices are only either to rule it or destroy it. The man even stooped so low as to take Naruto hostage as soon as he was born. And even though he professes to be Sasuke's ally, he even says that he'd be willing to give him up at just the right time.
hundred of times better than frieza which i consider childish villain, and we are not yet 100 percent sure that tobi is madara we will wait till he shows his face
Madara is the best. Not only did he plan how to destroy the future, he comes back and truly demonstrates what true power is. No One is a challenge for him. His truly the best.
[Newest]I think Madara should be second or third.

5Naraku - Inuyasha
Naraku makes you hate him so much you love him. You can't help but acknowledge his skill at simply being heinously evil. He touches countless lives directly and indirectly, and seems to revel in being cruel, destructive, feared and loathed. He is calculating, intelligent and sensible enough to pose terrible threat, and has the bloodthirstiness and power to back up his claims most of the time. There is a sense in the series that he is constantly in control, and what happens is going according to his plan. He is ominous, from his theme, to his appearance, to his powers, his voice and even his surroundings. He makes powerful incarnations of himself and discards them when they have outlived their purpose. And even more miraculously, he actually improves as time goes on. He forces the protagonists to keep up with his steady gain of power. Many villains are static characters, besides their back story. Naraku is not. He makes it difficult for everyone and tension builds. He is a wonderfully terrible charachter.
Doesn't matter what said the other people about Frieza, Aizen or any other villain, please think before vote, Naraku is the worst ever in the trajectory of anime, why? , he manipulates, he has ambitions, he kills ( with out using even a finger), he lies, is a traitor, he is the real personification of the real evil human mind, in the series is called a monster but his origin is human, some people thinks that anime series are just cartoons, but like novels, movies, books we can see important things about reality, doesn't matter if is fiction or not, anyways, Naraku is the greatest anime villain ever, no matter what others said, is the best definition of evil in anime series.
Naraku's going to be my favorite villain as he's not here simple for power or glory. He started out as a bandit, and fell in love with a woman (Kikyo). Someone really taking the time to bring food back to an evil man, he clearly was touched by her. Then demons came into the cave to try and talk him into giving up his body. Which he does in order to have the chance to get Kikyo to love him. He then is lied to, and turns into Naraku.

Naraku manipulates and tortures the people he encounters in many crazy ways. From having two lovers hate each other, to having a boy kill his entire family and friends.
[Newest]He like Iago of the play "Othello" a mastermind in doing evil and is a well created character.
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6Cell - Dragonball Z
The only one that killed Goku, the perfect lifeform, with cells of all the best martial arts fighters of the Universe, and he can become stronger and powerful after any regeneration.
The one who was a scary insect man, a brute without intelligence, and the one who would have beaten the Z-Fighters if he wanted to.
That makes Cell, exactly 2000 times more powerful than Frieza, the perfect anime villain.
Actually, Piccolo (Junior) killed Goku in the Saiyan saga, in the fight with Raditz, and in Dragon ball (pre DBZ) Piccolo was a villain so Cell was not the only character or villain (kind of) to kill Goku.
This guy should be higher than Frieza. He even beat Goku and made all the Z fighters even Frieza look like scum. Instead of killing everyone on earth, he STRUCK fear into everyone when he announced the Cell Games, making everyone flee.


He's cruel I like that and tough but why didn't he destroy the whole world when he had the chance instead of having that dumb cell games tournament!

7Orochimaru - Naruto
As far as antagonists go, Orochimaru was persistent, powerful and so very typical. You would be nothing but a pile of flesh to him. He gives no regard to any pain. He killed women, men and children alike. He is the only truly evil character in the series. His name was always muttered with hatred and fear upon it. He is the anime version of Voldemort (giant snakes). Orochimaru was very creepy, yet the most charming character in the series. He didn't walk, he staggered. He didn't speak, he teased. Everything about him was inhuman. Immortal, in a sense. Orochimaru's main wish was to destroy the protagonist's home village. He killed the village leader (Hokage). He took Sasuke away. He kidnapped other characters and genetically augmented them for his own taboo experiments. Everybody else was a pawn in his plans. He was no genius like Light Yagami (Death Note), but he was one hell of a mad scientist with no moral grounding or real concern for any form of life. He was cold and heartless. All he craved was immortality and greater knowledge. I watched the series just to see him. Even when he perished, his evil, his name and his essence remained. He is the perfect form of villain. Pure evil if you could define it.
Orochimaru would speak in a way that made to want to fight him, but then when you did, you would lose and he'd laugh in your face. The way he spoke about the people he used as 'temporary bodies' was inhuman. It was as if they were just pieces of clothing. Orochimaru is an evil villain if there ever was one.
Orochimaru is a villain through and through. He's one of the most powerful characters in the series (not to mention HOT). The way he died was so stupid. Hopefully he will come back and have the couple episode battle he deserves.
[Newest]He is a badass but very sexy!

8Johan Liebert - Monster
Johan is quite simply a monster. He's the most terrifying character I've ever witnessed in fiction.
He is a mystery.

Why has he emotionlessly murdered an uncountable number of people by his own hands or otherwise?
Why has he driven everyone he's ever met to either death or mental scarring for life?
Why does the viewer of the show freeze up whenever his name is even mentioned by the end of the series?

The first question is difficult to answer as the answer doesn't make much sense in itself. It would require an
Understanding of Johan to answer. This understanding is never developed.

The second and third questions are easy to answer by comparison. Johan is a terrifying monster, barely human. He is an emotionless murderer with seemingly endless contacts and resources. But despite this, he doesn't exist to the public or event law enforcement. His murderous orchestrations are weaved perfectly in such a way that anyone he wants dead will die. His physical appearance (when he shows up, not controlling things from behind the scenes) in the series almost ensures "fun times" (death, terror, among other unpleasant things) for every named character in the vicinity.

In the last arc of the series, Johan tries to commit the perfect suicide by massacring an entire small mountain town through paranoia and a small squad of hitman (along with himself, of course).
Over the course of a single day, all but a couple dozen (at the most) people survive out of what must be hundreds.
Keep in mind that this is for his suicide...

In a few words, Johan deserve to be #1 on this list because he is an emotionless and terrifying monster of a person who manages to become a symbol of horror and death to the viewer over the course of 74 episodes.
Johan is the BEST VILLAIN OF ALL TIME! No doubt!
He is so incredibly- well written and unique :) not like some typical villains out there.
(Watch Monster, You will know what I mean)
The only fictional character that truly terrifies me. He even gives me nightmares!

What's best about Johan is he didn't need ANY special powers to be so scary and evil. A gun is his weapon of choice but the REAL deal is his INCREDIBLE manipulation. The way he breaks people psychologically to commit suicide is too HORRIBLE. If he want to, he can make any people to do his dirty works for him WITHOUT even lifting a finger, using his charisma, intelligence and words. His presence can make others fear him and... at the same time you are drawn to this person. He is calm, collected
Extremely handsome, intelligent, charismatic and manipulative.

Often compared to Light Yagami... both are handsome, intelligent and manipulative people but seriously Johan's manipulative skills are far more inferior.

Because the settings of Monster can happen in real life. A person like Johan can possibly exist. Yeah he is not too flashy, We can see someone like him lurking on the streets. That's why he is so scary.

I'm very sad. Johan Liebert is REALLY UNPOPULAR/UNDERRATED and also the series itself. Seriously NO.8? Maybe the anime is too hard to understand/complicated.. ? Yes... I think. Or it is not too flashy? Or.. they only knew mainstream shounen villain... Or is it too old? Or the graphics are not typical anime style? Or the targeted audience is 18+(It's a seinen anime. I admit that :)) I really wish everyone knew how great villain Johan is.

He should be on #1 or in TOP 5 of any person's list. I will definitely placed him #1 spot.
I doubt Johan will ever get to top 10, seeing how most people are just looking for shallow characters with badass powers.

Johan is the best manifestation of the word "monster" in a human skin. He doesn't need laser beam or any other kind of power to be scary. He is emotionless, a walking terror, and yet charming when he wants to.
[Newest]There are only two words that can adequately describe him - "Monster" and "Johan".
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9Uchiha Obito - Naruto Shippuden
He is a genius. He was able to trick others into thinking he was Madara Uchiha. He was also able to manage the Akatsuki while maintaining the persona, Tobi. Although I do think that his motive for destroying the world is stupid, he is able to cause the main character trouble even at the beginning of his life and is also the cause of the Fourth Great Ninja War.
The actual 6 paths tobi should be in the top 5
Someone who was used to be innocent, then turned to be a heartless, soul less villain! Indeed a demonic villain!

10Izaya Orihara - Durarara!!
Izaya is perhaps one of the most interesting villains in anime. He claims to love the entire human race, but he manipulates people and uses them as pawns. Is it for power? To show how bad-ass he is? No, it's for his own amusement. Izaya thinks of the world as a game and he likes to change the rules a lot. For example, if there was a woman running away from a robber and he could tell that she was going to outrun him, he might trip her or put an obstacle in her way to make things more interesting. What makes him even more awesome is the fact that he doesn't possess any kind of supernatural power and can still be this awesome.
Izaya=Troll God. He holds that entire city and those people's lives in his hands. He can screw with people just for the hell of it. I believe why I chose him as greatest villain in anime over people like Aizen, Light, Obito, etc. Is because Izaya used his mind to throw everything into chaos and force people to become his pawns (willingly or unwillingly). And thinks so far in advance, in such a short amount of time. Then for him to just have this childish and jovial aura while he's creating chaos makes him more villainous and psychotic than everyone else in anime. It's like he was born without a sliver of guilt or a conscience.
A cunning and intelligent information broker that sees all from the shadows the city, the ultimate troll, loves humans for all the wrong reasons, NOT to mention, manipulates everyone in the city as guinea pigs for psychological experiments, his personal gains, on a whim, or all three.
[Newest]LOLL IZAYA. I really love him. He is so awesome.

The Contenders

11Envy - Fullmetal Alchemist
While I agree with a lot of the other villains (Aizen, Naraku etc) Envy deserves to be in the top 10! He was hated by literally everyone in the series for killing the man with the wife and daughter (don't wanna spoil) and for killing the main character in the end! Envy definitely deserves to be rated higher as a villain.
One reason he is the greatest villain in turns of villainy. He killed Mae Hughes. A do like villains that I can relate to and or like. But it actually takes more work to make a villain you can really hate and call him/her a villain. And Envy did that. I so cheered when Roy Mustang was burning him up (interesting fact, Roy actually gave Envy time to regenerate between blast so it would feel the pain of each one). Overall a true villain.
In both the first and second Envy is a strong and formidable opponent he can talk his way out of situations with his silver tongue and changes into the forms of loved ones to his advantage. Envy basically caused the massacre of the Ishvalan people while doing it with a smile. Also who isn't a little freaked out by the moving souls that create his unleashed form?

12Marik - Yugioh
I really think rating of some of the villains has been completely arbitrary. If general power was a factor, then just about every DBZ villain would be a "best" villain. No, what's really important is the power they possessed in their own realms and the twisted ideology they used to abuse others and the world around them.

Yami Mark, the "evil" version of Marik fits this description. Born from the mental disturbance of Marik Ishtar, Yami Mark was a force of hate, madness, paranoia, fear, pain, insanity and evil. In all of the senses, he was created from despair and no less a true monster.

Although the anime features around card games, which of course is pretty comical his evil (especially in the Japanese version) is very disturbing. At his first appearance, he kills his parents: skinning his father. In his next major appearance, when Marik loses control he tortures and intimidates everyone around him. His very method of battle consists of torture methods that prolong the fight and the suffering of the victim. To achieve his goals of fighting his main adversary, Yugi, he attacks hid friends in extremely disturbing ways.

He is insane, evil, demented and also extremely powerful. He was never technically defeated in a duel and in fact pushed aside the other villains in the series like rag dolls. Even though I've grown older, he is still one of my favorite villains in terms of insanity but also the sheer amount of power his character possessed.
Marik is one of the most disturbing and needlessly violent human villain's. Even though he does the main brunt of his brutality using a trading card game he uses it to inflict pain and prey on the weakness of his enemies until he ultimately finishes them off. He is very remorseless and merciless human being and just wants to cause destruction
I think Marik has the most craziest Yami. And his Yami has a very evil grin._.

13Father - Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Father is most powerful villians of all time

14Shishio - Rurouni Kenshin
He's incredibly strong, and is probably the only person who could kill kenshin, minus seijuro hiko of course (but he's lazy). He only actually died because he lit himself on fire, and not even from amakakeru ryu no hirameki - if it wasn't for that... Then kenshin would have died
Shishio should be number one. He is way beter than most of the villains on this list. He was so powerful that his own body couldn't contain all of his power. Light is more of an anti-hero than a villain by the way
There are villians in this list that make me laugh, only light and shishio deserves the top spot, always fighting for what they believe and trying to make a new world, both original and with deep personalities. Their effort had a meaning and they were both great at what they did, that's powerful. I guess the mayority. Of people in this list are kids...
[Newest]Shishio is great because he is a villain but a real one, real villains are only villains because we look at them from the heroes point of view, he is a murder yes, he manipulates yes, but who could say that if he had won Japan wouldn't became the greatest superpower in the world? He was a man of vision, and very true to his values, you can surely disagree with him but you can't tell for sure that he was wrong.

15Lieselotte Werckmeister - 11eyes
The only villain I know that kills off not one, but multiple main characters. Or at least whose actions led to the death of more than half of the main characters. Also the villain that came closest to succeeding in her evil plan. A lot of people could argue that she doesn't seem that self centered enough. This does make sense because her evil plan was the dying wish of her husband. But in my opinion, the best villains are the ones whose emotions overtake them. Later in the show, her husband spoke to her in some kind of spirit form, telling her to keep the world alive or "terminate the mission". After that, she goes berserk andout of control...


16Marshall D. Teach - One Piece
Blackbeard is by far the perfect villian, he'll do whatever it takes to reach his goals, he betrayed and killed his fellow crewmate, he delivered Ace to the marines to become a shishibukai only to betray them as well later to fulfill his plans, not to mention he took advantage of almost every chance possible, killing Thatch immediately to get the devil fruit of his dreams right after Thatch found it, he wanted to catch luffy to be in good terms with the marines simply because he had the biggest nearest bounty on his head, he used the outbreak on Impel Down to release the sixth level's prisoners, and when he met luffy he gave him the most sinister smile ever to the fact that his brother'll be executed because of him, and he even killed whitebeard, and absorbed the gura gura no mi of his corpse, and now he's sailing the New World looking for devil fruit users to absorb their powers with his evil carefree personality, this guy is the definition of a villian


He is the villain version of Luffy. Both aspire to become the Pirate King, both have very small crews compared to other pirates, and both have the Will of D. Not to mention that Teach would do anything to accomplish his goals, eg: using the Marines and World Gov't by becoming a Shichibukai to go into Impel Down and set free some of the most vicious criminals in history.
He's the evilest and strongest villain because he can add more devil fruit if he wants because of his yami yami nomi fuit

17Nagi Dai Artai - My-Otome
Anyone who saw My-HiME at all should have known that Nagi was going to be the villain for My-Otome. The main reason he is here is thatnot only did he foul the audience into thinking he was a good guy, but everyone also thought that Midori and the Aswad were the bad guys. Also, it's revealed that he has no problem with killing his own men to help him with his plan. And if all he does isn't enough, just is voice is enough to make you ask yourself whether or not to take this guy seriously. These are only a handful of reasons why Nagi Dai Artai is, in my opinion, one of the greatest villains in anime history.


This is one of the smartest villains I know. This guy has about ten back-up plans at his disposal. "The school was taken back? Ok, just shoot and blow up the school. Woops, the Valkyrie unit was destroyed? Well, let's destroy the city. What, The enemies are already comming? Ok, send out the slaves. Darnet, The slaves are all destroyed? Ok, let's use the Harmonium and destroy the city. , The Harmonium is going out of control? Ok, let's just all die together. Oops, Everyone's still alive? Time to run." Not many villains are that smart enough to think that far ahead.


18Lucemon - Digimon Fusion
If digimon wasn't for kids, Lucemon would have easily made the top 10. His acts of innocence and kindness were so deceiving, he even fooled the fusion fighters, and me. When he became president of the sky zone, he only did that to gain access to the code crown. His digivolutions were insane not to mention creepy.

19Kurata - Digimon Savers
Kurata is pratically one of the most ruthless villains. He got rid of digimon just because they scared him. He wanted to become king of both human worlds and digital worlds, so he started destroying digimon to create his own digimon, make the bio-hybrids, and awaken belphemon to fulfill his wishes. But killing merukimon Was TOTALLY OUT OF ORDER!
Kurata has to be one of the most paranoid characters in digimon history, next to Frieza. He's so evil, he's just like Myotismon. Good god if they both joined forces, both digital world and real world would be totally screwed. He was so focused on destroying Suguru and Masaru and taking over both worlds, he never saw where he was going and ended tripping up on his own feet and getting himself killed.

And I'm wondering why he isn't top 10...


This guy is paranoid, evil and mad.

20Lelouch Vi Brittania - Code Geass
Why is lelouch a villain? He was a hero so why is he the bad guy? GO LELOUCH RULE THE WORLD FOREVER!
He was technically a hero. But also a villain, a villain for justice. If you want to include him in this list he should be in top three. He killed his own brother and used his powers on his sister. He also tried to kill his best friend. I don't understand why he isn't in a higher position.
Lelouch technically wasn't a villain but if you're going to count him as one, then he needs to be at the top. He was smarter than Light and Geass is more powerful than the Death Note. And he ultimately achieved his goal of making the world a safe place for Nunnally whereas Light's plan was ruined by Mikami messing up and he died knowing everything he had done was in vain.

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