Best Apocalyptic TV Shows


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2Earth 2
4Space: Above and Beyond
6The Tribe
7The Walking Dead

What can I say it has zombies (i mean walkers) and katanas it's the first zombie movie that's just not guts and gore I mean I like that part too but robert kirkman pulled this out of his butt and made a epic seires that's why this show takes the cake or top ten on this list

8Battlestar Galactica
9Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Damn people why do idoits go and ruin great T.V. shows futurama again and again and then they had go a destroy it but they made serenity

The Contenders


This show is a freak that's why its so amazing

12Planet of the Apes

Its ok I guess


The power goes out the ratings are about


Well you probaly never seen this show but its pretty good it recived 4 stars on imdb and enertanig to watch too

15Adventure Time

I didn't say it couldn't be a cartoon

Adventure time is full of emotions. marceline is cuddly...

16Falling Skies

Well its a kingpin on its inatial network usa the reason why its not higher is because after a while it just gets you know repetitive

17The Lost World
18Highschool Of The Dead

Anime Series are allowed to right?


This is a very apocalyptic and good show for all the families.

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