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One of the few bands that doesn't already have a list, let's determine the best songs by April Wine. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Tonight Is a Wonderful Time to Fall In Love
My favorite AW song...a lot of great memories

2I Like to Rock
Can totally hear the "daytripper" riff in there, but really cool song.

Listen to sample

3Sign of the Gypsy Queen
Great song, strong lead guitar and perfect lyrics.
Best song best story behind the song
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This song is very tight and features the best musicianship of ANY April Wine song, particularly the lead guitar. Great lyrics, great recording, great song.
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5Just Between You and Me
Greatest song from them hands down plus I was born to this so it has to be #1 :)
I know, kind of sappy lyrics, but I just love this one

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6You Could've Been a Lady
Roller and this song are the best. Why isn't it on here? Anyway, it doesn't matter. Great song fro
You could put Future Tense on list

7Oowatanite Listen to sample

8Say Hello Listen to sample

9Like a Lover, Like a Song Listen to sample

10Enough Is Enough Listen to sample

The Contenders

11Weeping Widow
Listen to this Song Live and then Tell me Where is belongs on this list!


Listen to sample

12Rock Myself to Sleep
One of my most fave AP songs!


13You Won't Dance With Me
Wonderful Slow dance song


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14Future Tense Listen to sample

15I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love
Myles Goodwyn just Recently Retired and it's sad because of all He & April Wine has meant to my Family! This song is also wonderful!


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16Wings of Love Listen to sample

17Bad Side of the Moon
Easily one of the greatest songs of all time, or at least one of the catchiest!
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18Shotdown Listen to sample

19Cum Hear the Band

20If You See Kay

21All Over Town Listen to sample

22Fast Train
Awesome guitar riffs throughout
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23Before the Dawn
They should do more like this one its great
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24Rock N' Roll Is a Vicious Game
Best song buy them for sure
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25Doin' It Right

26Crash and Burn Listen to sample

27If I Was a Stranger

28Anything You Want, You Got It Listen to sample

29Can't Take Another Nite Listen to sample

30Drop Your Guns Listen to sample

31Coming Right Down On Top of Me Listen to sample

32Child's Garden Listen to sample

33Just Like That Listen to sample

34Come On Along Listen to sample

35Electric Jewels Listen to sample

36Tonite Listen to sample

37Victim for Your Love Listen to sample

38If You Believe In Me Listen to sample

39Voice In My Heart Listen to sample

40Tellin' Me Lies Listen to sample

41This Could Be the Right One Listen to sample

42Hot On the Wheels of Love

43Silver Dollar
Better than bone jovie

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