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The Top Ten

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
The hardest to me is to pick only one song from Arcade Fire, but Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) has everything in it. It has the emotion, the instruments and the lyrics that makes a young man smile.
This song is just so awesome... Everything about it is just stunning... Gosh, pickin a favourite Arcade Fire song is so hard.

The ending of this song in particular is stunning.
This song is the song that defined my teenage years. Coming from a family in emotional turmoil, I found comfort in this song. Reminds me of fighting for the one girl who made everything feel better - the one girl who didn't neglect me, and made me see in color. It also reminds me that one day, that girl and I will look back and wonder where the hurt even went. She makes me feel like the best girlfriend in the world.
Makes me cry because the guitar and piano together are so beautiful

2Wake Up
This song is so good... Easily the best Arcade Fire song and by far one of the best songs I've ever heard in my entire life.
Wake up deserves to be number 1 whoever made thi list made it excellent bu wheres no cars go
I love arcade fire, probably one of the best indie bands around, they just provide something different and energetic but this was the first song I heard by them. it was in the trailer for where the wild things are and I bought the album (funeral) and all the others since. love it!
This song is one of the best Arcade Fire songs. I just love everything about it!

3The Suburbs
"Sometimes I can't believe it, this song has so much feeling... "
I can't believe that this song isn't #1 great lyrics, great music, and the best music video I've ever seen probably. We Used to Wait and Ready to Start should be 2nd and 3rd as well.
This was the song that made me love arcade fire. It sets the tone for the perfect album that is 'the suburbs'and shows so much emotion. What more could you ask for in a song?
[Newest]Such a wonderful lyrics.

4Rebellion (Lies)
One of my favorites, and definitely one of Arcade Fire's best. It's simply beautiful.


My favourite of Arcade Fires! Such a beautiful and heady song! The piano and the violin make it ethereal, atmospheric... It's poetic and powerful at the same time. It gives the shivers!
Like every other arcade fire song, this was my new favorite song during the first 30 seconds. Arcade fire is so amazing I get obsessed with every new song I hear by them.

5Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
All the songs are beyond amazing but I think this one shines the most of all of the songs and it is currently my favourite song at the moment. Love to ARCADE FIRE


Amazing. Best Arcade Fire song there is. This makes you, literally, in your dreams. It can make you in a happy mood for the rest of your awesome life.
This song is gorgeous. It's stunningly beautiful. From the heavy synths to Reginé's very high, almost shrill (which is not a bad thing) voice, it creates such an epic story. It almost feels as though her voice carries a panicky tone like she will be trapped inside the "sprawl" with no way to escape, but at the same time it's so anthemic that one can only derive a sense of hope. It's simple amazing.

I have a serious crush on this song. Arcade Fire is such a unique band, and every song they produce is a complete masterpiece. The band is made up of a lot of people, against the usual four or five members. I've noticed that most of their songs use the same song format, then they go on for a long time with amazing melodies and just pull you into their world. This song, Reflektor, is mysterious and almost creepy in a way, but it's super catchy and the kind of song you find yourself dancing to at your bedroom mirror. The singers have great voices, and I find it really cool that part of the song was sung in French. This song definitely deserves to be boosted up into the top five Arcade Fire songs!
Produced by James Murphy and featuring David Bowie, this song lives up to its expectations. One of the more dancier songs Arcade Fire has done, it is simply a masterpiece. You can't help but tap your foot.
There's just so much going on in this track with great vocals to catchy beats. Truly a work of art!
I will never get tired of listening to this song

7Ready to Start
The best song from Arcade Fire, it defines me, and gave me a fealing of rebirth every time I listen it. I cried the first time I listened live, if the businessmen drink your blood, doesn't matter because... you're now ready to start...
I set this as my alarm.

Actually, that's only partially true: it rotates with Wake Up. :3
For me it's the most emotional song ever. When I heard it live it was one of the best moments in my life. The climax is immense.


The organ, the organ, the organ...
My favourite :) ready to start, and suburbs are good too!
Powerful chorus. Just one anthem.
Its just a powerful, the lyrics

9No Cars Go
One of the very few songs that's never gonna bore me out. I really could listen to it a hundred times - it IS one of the best songs ever produced!
The outro is one of my favorite moments in musical history. The energy is awesome.
Also one of best songs I ever heard

10Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
Definitely their most high soaring, lively song. Fantastic energy in it and the lyrics are quite powerful.
Such a powerful song!

The Contenders

It's a fantastic song
The most beautiful lyrics that I've heard in years!
Means so much to me. Very danceable and yet has the ability to make you think.
Still love this song

12Crown of Love
This song is incredibly beautiful, the emotion you hear when Win sings "You gotta be the one, you gotta be the way, your name is the only word that I can say" is so epic. And I absolutely love the transition into the upbeat part!
This song means a lot.

13We Used to Wait

14Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
I used to hate this song. I would skip it while listening to Funeral. But then I listened all the way through... and it hooked me. It features the best use of accordian (albeit some of the ONLY use of accordian) in any rock/indie/alternative song of recent years.
Just began listening Arcade Fire, but this track really stood out on my first listen of Funeral, it is just so different.
This is the best song, and it was this that first got me into Arcade Fire. My other faves are Rebellion (Lies), Sprawl II, Reflektor but the rest are equally great
Now the neighbors can dance! So underrated...


15Keep the Car Running
First song I ever heard from Arcade fire.
It still is undoubtedly the best one.
Great hook. Fun to sing along to.

16Suburban War
The song has so much feeling and emotion. Should be much much higher. Having said that though all the above are awesome to. Haven't heard an arcade fire song that I don't like yet.
When the drums come in and Win sings "All my old friends, they don't know me now"... most emotional moment in an Arcade Fire song for me. Except maybe in My Body is a Cage

17In the Backseat
Perfect ending to funeral with Regine offering some amazing vocals.

18Ocean of Noise
This one's underrated, it's so layered and relaxing.

19Modern Man
This is the absolute dumbest system for commen shiite eve men

20My Body is a Cage
This is definitely their best song. It's perfect. Constantly building throughout the song, raw emotion, great use of the organ and amazing drumming that keeps the song moving once the full sound comes in. Win is amazing in this song too. Lyrics are definitely their best as well. Need I say more?
So umm, did people just forget about this one? Did they not see it? Whatever the explanation, this deserves to be in the top 5.
The fact that this song is so low is terrifying

21Normal Person
This song is just awesome! Lyrics, instrumental... It should be a top10!
Woaah wooah woah! Why is this at 32? My favourite rack off the new record by a long way.
Good Neil Young rock in AF style.

I could listen to this on a loop, I absolutely love it. Amazed it isn't higher
Wow, I'm shocked this isn't in the top ten. One of AF's best, haunting and powerful, I never get tired of it.

23Here Comes the Night Time
Amazing construction. There so much energy, it's just make me feel happy. A really great song with a great interaction of a lot of instruments judiciously used. My favorite one on reflektor
It will make you dance
My favourite Arcade Fire song NO DOUBT

24It's Never Over (Oh Orpheus)
A really powerful, energetic and beautiful duet of Regine and Will, telling a story of two lovers losing each other. Deserves every listen!
The hooks in this one are incredible

25The Well and the Lighthouse
After my first Neon Bible listen, this song somehow impressed me and it still is my favorite even after The Suburbs album.
I don't know what it is about this song, but whenever I hear it, it makes me feel emotional in the beat possible way.

26The Woodlands National Anthem

27Half Light II (No Celebration)

28City With No Children

29Black Mirror
Feels like dark walls of sound are closing in around you.

Creepy awesomeness.

30Une Année Sans Lumière

31Deep Blue

32Antichrist Television Blues

33Joan of Arc
Arcade Fire going' punk. One of the best ones on Reflektor


Nr 33?! This has to go up. Love Régine part

34The Suburbs (Continued)
One of the most beautiful lines I've ever heard or read "if I could have it back, all the time that we wasted I'd only waste it again and again and again
I love this outro. The perfect ending. "If I could have it back, you know I would love to waste it again. Waste it again and again and again."

35Empty Room

36Headlights Look Like Diamonds

37Black Wave/Bad Vibrations

A great Arcade Fire song

39Half Light I

40Neon Bible

41We Exist


43Month of May

44Flashbulb Eyes

45Cold Wind

46You Already Know
How is this song nowhere to be seen on this list? Unbelievable

47Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)


49Abraham's Daughter
I came to know of this song after it was played in The Hunger Games movie but I STILL LOVE IT.
Fits the hunger games perfectly

50Speaking In Tongues

Most underrated song from "Reflektor". Great lyrics, great chorus and an awesome outro!

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