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21Empty Room
22My Body is a Cage

This is definitely their best song. It's perfect. Constantly building throughout the song, raw emotion, great use of the organ and amazing drumming that keeps the song moving once the full sound comes in. Win is amazing in this song too. Lyrics are definitely their best as well. Need I say more?

So umm, did people just forget about this one? Did they not see it? Whatever the explanation, this deserves to be in the top 5.

The fact that this song is so low is terrifying

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23Half Light II (No Celebration)
24Here Comes the Night Time

Amazing construction. There so much energy, it's just make me feel happy. A really great song with a great interaction of a lot of instruments judiciously used. My favorite one on reflektor

My favourite Arcade Fire song NO DOUBT

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I could listen to this on a loop, I absolutely love it. Amazed it isn't higher

Wow, I'm shocked this isn't in the top ten. One of AF's best, haunting and powerful, I never get tired of it.

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26The Woodlands National Anthem
27Normal Person

This song is just awesome! Lyrics, instrumental... It should be a top10!

Woaah wooah woah! Why is this at 32? My favourite rack off the new record by a long way.

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28City With No Children

No. 28? Are you all mental

29It's Never Over (Oh Orpheus)

A really powerful, energetic and beautiful duet of Regine and Will, telling a story of two lovers losing each other. Deserves every listen!

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30Black Mirror

Feels like dark walls of sound are closing in around you.

Creepy awesomeness.


Most underrated song from "Reflektor". Great lyrics, great chorus and an awesome outro!

32Cold Wind
33We Exist

Lately I've become so addictive to this song... Music video is so damn good... It deserves a bit higher place in this list

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34The Well and the Lighthouse

After my first Neon Bible listen, this song somehow impressed me and it still is my favorite even after The Suburbs album.

I don't know what it is about this song, but whenever I hear it, it makes me feel emotional in the beat possible way.

35The Suburbs (Continued)

One of the most beautiful lines I've ever heard or read "if I could have it back, all the time that we wasted I'd only waste it again and again and again

I love this outro. The perfect ending. "If I could have it back, you know I would love to waste it again. Waste it again and again and again."

36Black Wave/Bad Vibrations
37Speaking In Tongues

Deserves to be in the top 5!
Absolutely beautiful guitar and killer bass with some of the most intense lyrics and vocals the band has ever produced!

38Antichrist Television Blues
39You Already Know

How is this song nowhere to be seen on this list? Unbelievable

40Abraham's Daughter

I came to know of this song after it was played in The Hunger Games movie but I STILL LOVE IT.

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