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1This Is What It Feels Like

It makes you want to jump and start dancing

Should be in the top 3... GREAT TRACK...

Really great song the beats match perfectly

It is awesome

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2In and Out of Love

Beautiful vocals, and beautful trance mix into this track making it the best trance track of all time. Noting will ever match this, and nothing ever can.

I can't stop listening it

Really it's the best song ever... It take me to paradise... Where I could only make my dreams in my world

Best Ever Trance

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Really intense song...loving it...

Euphoric Intro.. Great Dj!.. Love That Track Very Much

New but it definitely is one of his greatest songs

The best of all

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4Waiting for the Night

I was expecting in top ten... Common guys.. This songs deserve something better then where it is now

The song is less trance... But the music will take your mind... This should be in top 10...

This is an awesome one.. really love it

Very nice and cool song

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5Face to Face

This a really best song ever

You want to listen again and again

This songs take me to heaven

Probably my favourite Armin's track

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6Save My Night

This song is just worth listening... If its not enough, It will surely make your body exited as the tune is just far far beyond comparison... The best song for any DJ can't beat the tune of Save My night.. It really saves you from getting bored. Wont be old even if you hear it 10001 times.. This song's place is At the top 1!

Vote it up fellas supersonic beats... Totally takes you on a joy ride!

This must be at the top

Best trance forever we love

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! I love this song, armin van buuren is the best dj of the world, and I love the adam young voice!

This song is the perfect combination of all sounds and vocals! This should be #1!

This is the real ARMIN VAN BUUREN! THE best dj's of all... The god of disks! This song would be more beautiful at his live concert...

Very Hard To Judge...

Every Song In This Album Is Masterpiece!

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This should be a lot higher up, one of the best trance songs ever

Found two weeks ago and my iTunes tells me I've already listened to it 45 times.

This is my absolute favourite

My No. 1, absolute! - XMrGentlemanX

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Very few people can incorporate trance, classical and rock music together in one track, Mirage blends the three perfectly and is a musical masterpiece! #1

Old but best in my opinion, blend of lots of musical instrument

I cannot believe this song is not just on the top of the list!

Great song can't stop listening to it everyone must listen

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10Not Giving Up On Love

Really awesome song people! Please listen to it... !

I want to down load how

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11We Are Here to Make Some Noise

The melody is Perfect
Wonderful and Awesome Track!

Much better than just this!

12Beautiful Life

Great song! Can make anyone high!

I love this song <3 It puts me into a trance

The vocals make me crazy!

Amazing, this is a piece of art!

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One of the bests

It is the mona lisa of trance

Never makes you tired...

14Full Focus
15Humming the Lights
16I Surrender

If you're not one for buildup, skip to about 3 minutes into the song. The drop is UNBELIEVABLE!

This is one of the best AVB songs up to now! It should be in the top ten. You should listen to it.

I love it. Accidentaly deleted off my phone once and cried!

17Forever Is Ours

The best dj with the best trance singer. PERFECTION

The tune from 1:10 makes mah mind free... Love this track so muchh...

I can't believe this! This song is super cool! But why is it so poorly rated? Should be in the top 5

This is so amazing...

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Love Armin but let's get real some of his best stuff is under the Gaia moniker. Intense was alright but Who's Afraid was the best track and that doesn't even start to touch the likes of Tuvan or Empire of Hearts. Let's get the real trance perfection closer to the top yeah? Waiting for the Night? Not bad, but not epic like this.

I have no idea what other people are thinking, but this is by far Armin's best track, with Communication close behind. If you believe that songs from his 'intense' album deserve top spot, just die.

Agree... People who like his Intense album are more Pop listeners! I still think the number 1 track is Communication!

Best of all! One of the most awesome trance track ever made

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19This Light Between Us

Overlooked, but in my opinion top 5 worthy for the breathtaking, dramatic, uplifting euphoria that you get from this trance/vocal combo!

Transports you to another world..

My first Armin Van Buuren's song that I heard

20Suddenly Summer

Loving the slow beat...later it goes crazy

Emotional, dramatic song. great vocals and beat

Better than his vocal tracks from 2013

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