Best Ashanti Songs


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Is this seriously number TWO? - bbfan132

2Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)
3Only U

Is my favourite song ever, I can cry on this song, and remeber me of the good times, the old ones, love it, heart ashanti!

4Rain On Me
5Good Good
8The Way That I Love You
9What Are They Gonna Say Now
10Breakup 2 Makeup

The Contenders

11Carry On
12Always On Time
13What's Love
14First Real Love
15No Where
16Never Should Have

How Can this song NOT be on the list?! The top 5 should be Only U, Foolish, The Way That I Love You, Never Should Have and Happy - BranDoss

17Love Games
193 Words
20Don't Let Them
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