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41Fists of Fury
42Boxer From Shantung
43The Road Home

Very touching film depicting love in it's deepest sense. This movie captures the simple gestures of love that we now fail to recognize which is most of the time embodies how it is to love and be loved. Highly recommended...

45Spirited Away
46The Water Margin

I was young when I first saw this. At the time I couldn't tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese. Watching it again I now know I watched the one with Japanese actors. It still gave me that nostalgic feeling.Originally a traditional Chinese Robin Hood style story...several versions have been written and filmed. The version I saw was 1977 dubbed. Even though I prefer subtitles, I loved the quotes from the narrator before and after the show. The story is great for all ages and will forever be one of the classics. However watching the Chinese version the viewer must understand Chinese style of storytelling on film. It's still enjoyable for avid flickers of Chinese film. Unfortunately I still prefer the Japanese version because I saw that with my father as a young boy.

47Kiki's Delivery Service
49The Host
50A Better Tomorrow II

This is the saddest movie I've ever watched, still it's an adorable movie with lots of romance! It's a Japanese movie based on a Manga series! There's also a Drama made! But it's different people there's acting in them... I've only watched a bit of the drama, and I've watched the movie 9 times, and I'd really recommend it, to those who loves watching Asian drama's and movies! You wont regret watching it! And you will fall totally in love with the male lead! It's just such a cute and touching movie! %% If you are going to watch the movie, make sure to have a lot of tissues... because they're needed!

Best movie ever. I've watched it several times and still crying. You must watch! And this movie is based on true story from japan

52Kagen No Tsuki (Last Quarter)
53Ip Man

Ip man is Awesome. I love this movie and the humility displayed by Master Ip. This movie should definitely be rated higher.

WHAT! This should be top ten. What is its still doing here..up up up. Donnie Yen at his best. The sequel is surprisingly good. One of the best Kung Fu films out there which you won't care how far they veered from the true story. YES IT'S THAT GOOD!

54Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
56Zindagi Na Milegi DobaraV1 Comment

A great story about love where it shows love don't have any limits.Extra ordinary story.Great acting by Priyanka Chopra.One of the great Bollywood movie


Best eg of suspense horror. Started my interest in the genre.

60I Saw The Devil

This movie deserves a higher rating in this list. It blew me away! What a great thrill this is. Very violently but excellent executed by the film maker.

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