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Ayumi Hamasaki


Power and courage in her song, that from her bottom of heart. All most songs she sing, write by herself. Many people like her, also many people don't like her. She is born for stage. No one can copy her. A lot of female singer in Asia, they may beauty and sexy than Ayu. May better voice than Ayu. But Ayu write more then 180 songs for herself. All those songs make Ayu in the last 13 years take 25 Top1 Hit in J-Pop. Even in Japan, people say "Only Ayu can broken Ayu's record. ".
She's an amazing singer and her performances are great. Ayumi Hamasaki is known for her amazing PV's and song, which most of it has been composed and directed by her. She controls mostly in most of her projects, and does still today. In Mid August, she's coming back with a new single called Progress. Look out for that!
Ayumi Hamasaki has been a huge influential key factor in what has made Asian Music popular today. After gracing the cover of TIME magazine in 2002, her music and universal appeal started to spread like wild fire. Breaking record after record, she still remains today one of Japan's top selling and well-liked artists.
Regardless of what others have to say, she still dominates Japan and she still is the Empress of Pop. The only Empress of Pop. :) Her music contain pure emotions (and she writes her own songs) whereas other J-POP artists can't put it as much emotion and probably don't even write their own lyrics. + She is amazing live.
She is indeed unique thanks to her great versatility. She always changes her image and musical style :from house, trance, pop, rock, dance to traditional, oriental, country, jazz, electro, techno etc.. Also, she has a very good voice and she writes all of her lyrics.
She's the EMPRESS of Jpop! Fans always empathy with her song, heartfelt lyrics, powerful performance! Her charisma and her personality are great, always sincere with her fans, ruling the fashion trend, always devoted to her music career! The best in the world.
Ayumi Hamasaki still remains a huge part of my life, and her fans continue to stick by her and her music. She's completely dedicated to her fans, and her music. She once received an award for "Most influential artist in Asia" and that still rings true with me
My favorite artist ever. She has talent in lyrics writing, composing, everything. She is a sweet person, caring for her fans all around the Globe. She is a real Queen of Pop, in music, in everything.
The QUEEN of Asia! A true star with passionate singing and songwriting, lyrics always self-penned. Her voice is unique and versatile from ballad-style to pop and rock.
The queen of asia...
no one asian female artist on this decade who can surpass her sales..
the best performer ever...
having the most expensive video clip in asia...
She's absolutely my favorite singer, my leader of ALL TIME. After learning Japanese and understanding thoroughly her stuff, I bet she's the uniquest, most sincere and admirable idol I know. Love you Ayu ane:X
A mainstream pop artist with actual artistic integrity and who pours her soul into everything she does? This is why Ayumi Hamasaki is the best pop artist, period!
Meaningful lyrics, introspective observations in her songs and one-of-a-kind
voice full of emotion made her into a queen she is today
The real queen of asia..
she's the best selling asian female music artist this decade
no one beats her
this the fact...
Ayu is the best singer I have ever heard. Not from Asia just from around the world. Shes my favourite artist at all. I don't know no one else who is as good as her.
Ayumi Hamasaki is the most amazing artist in the entire world, not just Asia. You don't know music if you don't see this.
Yes... Ayumi is the Trully Diva of Asia. She's been around 14 years in themusic industry... She deserve number 1!
Only Ayu can stay that big in a difficult market like Japan for more than 10 years, because She is the Queen of Jpop!
The Empress of J-Pop, nobody has reaches her level in terms of quality, sales, variety, popularity, cultural impact. She should be number one.
She is just way too awesome to be describe as just best asian singer. She should be called world best singer.
She has sold more than 50 million records in Japan ALONE.

Enough said
Ayumi is the Empress of JPop and she'll ever be the one singer I'll always listen to. No matter if I'm happy or sad, her music alwas lifts me up
Ayu of course! No one writes lyrics as heartfelt as she does. She's come a long way and is only getting better. Long live the JPOP QUEEN.
She's a great artist. One should check out her concert and one will be amazed by the passion and what a brilliant artist she is.
For me is ayu the most important singer in the world
I can't live without her Music

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