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SHINee is the best Group Ever!
Lee JInki <3
Kim Jonghyun
Kim Kibum
Choi Minho
Lee Taemin
They are MY DESTINY >, <
I Love Them so much
and Last but not least I proud to be SHAWOL!
This group made me appreciate KPOP. They just turned me into this awesome creature :). Onew's angelic voice, Jonghyun's high notes, Taemin's dancing prowess, Key's awesomeness and Minho's rapping skills, low voice, sportiness and coolness, can make everyone go crazy.
Shinee is always in Shawol heart...

Shinee The boy grup music best ever after.. ^^

Shawol always support you.. ^^

Everywhere, every time, everyday, Shawol and I always LOVING YOU'RE^_^

SHINee keep fight... ^. ^
SHINee is The Best Boyband in the World♡ Lee Jinki Kim Jonghyun Choi Minho Kim Kibum Lee Taemin are the king in my heart
I really love shinee because they're the first kpop group I listened to and they are my most favorite out of all the sm. I'm a very big shawol and always will be one! Shinee fighting! They care a lot bout each other and they love all their fans!
SHINee is a totally great group! They're so funny, and I want SHINee be number one this time!
SHINee is a unique group. SHINee members has their own talent. I like them so much
SHINee, We (Shawol) always love U. SHINee always in my heart. SHINee is the best!
SHINee is amazing group, I like song and dance of them... We love you so much.
SHINee! They Are So Great And Amazing! Love Them.. Hope They Will Win
They've their own style and no one can be like them^^b
SHINee is an awesome group. Each member has his own charms, talents. They're unique. They have real talent. They can sing live very well. Love them and proud to be a Shawol!
Keep spread our love for the shining boys
SHINee is the BEst...
SHINee is the Amazing Boybang In The World ;) Keep Shining
SHINee will be shining brightly always, and their fans "shawol" will always love and never leave them, HWAITING uri shining boys,
They are really multi talented group. I'm proup to be a shawol and lives in shinee world.
Especially Onew that person who the most I like. Go go go! SHINee!

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