Best Asking Alexandria Songs


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The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)
this is my absolute favorite song! I fell in love with Asking Alexandria while listenign to this song.
The screamo on here is awesome I totally fellin love with the band after listening to this
Simple.. " your knife my back, my gun your head" lolz! Lml, absolutely best asking alexandria song
[Newest]The first song I've heard

2A Prophecy
This song got me into screamo music. This song is undescribable, its a piece of art. I love the beginning of the music video, the piano part is just amazing.
Yeah I heard the final episode, and it's great, but I like a prophecy more, love the wailing of the guitars. This song will make you bang your head
Asking Alexandria have several brilliant songs, but A Prophecy is definitely the best. Run Free may have the most positive message, and The Final Episode may be the heaviest, but A Prophecy has the most incredible melody and atmosphere, and is the most special. Number 1 on this list for sure.


[Newest]I break down when I hear this song, AA is the best, ben has the best voice ever. I break down so hard in tears, this song explains one of my past girlfriends that passed. that's why this is my favorite song ever

3Not the American Average
I love this song the lyrics are so good and bens singing is amazing. I think it is one of the best asking Alexandria songs. I've listened to this song 10000 times and I'm still not sick of it
The best Asking Alexandria song period. Got me into them in the first place I've heard this song so many times.
I love this song so much. It was the song that got me into this kind of music because my friend was listening to it and I'd only ever listened to the charts before and I fell in love with the song as soon as I heard it. It means a lot to me because it has made me who I am today.
[Newest]Bens part is just amazing! The amount of screaming and slower parts is just right and the songs meaning is always great

4The Death of Me
This is the song that definitely shows off how much of a talented drummer James Cassells really is. The rest of the band is great but he definitely stands out. The meaning behind the music video, as well as the actual music video itself, is awesome too. Definitely one of Asking Alexandria's greatest songs (I prefer the "Rock Mix" to the heavier version of the song) and can definitely stand up to the best of Stand Up And Scream and Reckless and Relentless.
This may be a new song, but this definitely deserves to be in the top 5 at least. Danny's vocals are phenomenal, Ben and Cameron were fantastic, and James. They've all said it themselves, James has the most raw talent in the band. He did absolutely incredible. And I haven't even started on the meaning of the lyrics yet. The song AND album title are both very clever, not something I would think of.
Come on people... This rocks!
[Newest]Am I insane? This amazing song

The intro is one of the best I have ever heard! This is the song I play when I want to get in the zone and block out everything in the world. When I want to relax I lay it over and over and over and over and over!
This song should be at least in the top 3! Come on people lets vote for this one. Its a really good song! I just get so pumped up and active when I listen to it! I love this song its the best!
Such a good variety of rythyms, impeccible vocals, clear screams.. inspiring and great lyrics! It just makes you want to go crazy!
[Newest]This song is amazing it should be #1 or #2... this is my most favorite song by Asking Alexandria I love everything about it, the rhythm, the vocals, the screams, the lyrics this song is just awesome

6Someone, Somewhere
This song is so inspiring. I love their screamo, but this song doesn't have any, and it's still amazing! "Even though I'm on my own, I know I'm not alone. Cause' I know there's someone, somewhere praying I'll make it home. " You have to listen to it.
This song got me into them when I was still not really used to screamo but now I love them. And it's all thanks to this song.
Better song than any other song. This one is truly my favorite and it still haunting me until this time. Never stop listening this one. Please Vote more!
[Newest]This is by far the best song from Asking Alexandria's album Reckless and Relentless. It is easy to play on the drums so I play it all the time, now I can play it off by heart. My girlfriend hates screams and I suggest she listened to this song and now she likes SOME of Asking Alexandria's songs

7A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta
It's intro by growling is one of the best ever heard. It shows the metal spirit in them...
<3 this song. It's SO amazing. <3 I wish it was more popular! Wow! I am so surprised it's only #10 on the list! It should be so much higher! <3 <3 <3 I love Asking Alexandria and I love them even more for writing this song.
One of my favourite songs by Asking Alexandria, saw Danny Worsnop Live on YouNow and he answered my question 'Why have you never played A Candlelit Dinner Live? ' and he said because he hates it, I don't know how you could possibly hate this song, its amazing m/
[Newest]This song according to me is the best song made by AA and no other song can reach its beaut

8Run Free
Deserve to be put as the number one spot. It goes hard while still balancing the rhythm with clean vocals.
My God! First time listening this song, I was curious and accidently click the Official Video in Youtube. The Song, MAN, its very clean. Between the Hard rock and slow vocal, its pretty amazing. The last part of this song is very romantic, just like how you tell your Girlfriend to Run Free, you're not alone and don't be afraid.
Its a completely new direction but I LOVE it!
[Newest]Surprised it is so high. There are a lot of songs much better than this one. It's also the second highest here from From Death To Destiny after The Death Of Me. The album has A LOT quite better. Overrated

9To the Stage
I think this song is just SO powerful. It's my favourite after 'The Final Episode' and 'A Prophecy' because of the particular rhythm which is in it. Besides, I totally imagine the guys hanging out to a bar before going to the stage and the description of the girl is really subjective and REAL, I mean you immediately see how she looks like by those few words : 'She's such a masterpiece, self-destruction in such a pretty little thing'. Anyway, this song really talks to me and perfectly reminds me the forfeiture that inspire this wonderful band. "Sex, drugs & ROCK 'N' ROLL! " : That's how to resume all of what I'm trying to describe!
rocking ass song. this song reflect the life of being human and to learn a lesson how to be careful from girls
This is such an amazing song! I love all of AA's songs and I wish I could choose them all to be #1 but this is a really good song I love the sound and the meaning and it sounds really good live I heard them play it live in may 2013
[Newest]Love the evil laugh after the singing near the end, favourite song from them!

Definitely their best song, honestly, none of them even come close, except A Lesson Never Learned. Riffs, vocals just so great. Really great job on vocals from Danny, must say, breakdown sounds the bloody same as about 3000 other metalcore songs, but that's with pretty much every -core band today. But yeah, sick song!
I love the beginning of the song. It's great! My favorite part is when he says YEAH right in the middle of the song... It's by far my favorite song by them
Yeah this song is amazing, I prefer it over any of their other songs. "I don't want to leave you breathless, when will you realize? " That line relates to a lot of things as does " I need to find, a way back inside my mind. "
[Newest]The song in best AA traditions. I love it

The Contenders

11If You Can't Ride Two Horses at Once... You Should Get Out of the Circus
The guitar riffs are amazing, as are Danny's vocals. Also, you can't beat the drumming of this song, nor can you beat the bass.
The ending of the song is simply beautiful, and just shows how versatile AA really are.
Go AA!
This is a really good song- it's got all you'd ever want in a screamo song.
Heavy intro, great riffs, brilliant vocals, and rampant drumming.
Should be up higher.
Amazing lyrics and vocals. I just love it, especially the ending of it and the guitar riffs at the beginning

12Dear Insanity
Should be at number 1!
My favorite song by them!
Danny's voice sounds so good on this song
I just love this song me and my boyfriend always listen to this song when ww hang out or go somewhere ice together...

13Killing You
Amazing song. Just pure genius. I love this. The intro just pulls you in <3. Should be in the top ten for sure.
Love it! The first time I heard this song my heart was in the mosh pit with the rest of my internal organs! This song should be way higher.
You love this song for all the wrong reasons! And its Killing You, damn... This Song should be Number 1
[Newest]This song should be number 1 what

14A Single Moment of Sincerity
this was my 1st song tht i started liking from them i love the soft part 2 the end
No. 1 men¡¡ the best clean part I ever heard¡¡
This sont it my number one favorite. This is my opinion.

15When Everyday's the Weekend
Under rated, the guitar is awesome, the break down is hard and the electronics is awesome "I LIKE TO PARTY"
I really love this song..

16I Used to Have a Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me an STD)
Love this song! Amazing.
Whaat this song is SO GOOD! How is it not higher up on the list?!
Best Asking Alexandria song
Just indescribable of how good it is.

17Nobody Don't Dance No More
Amazing song... The lyrics are epic...
One of the best in my opinion
! Love at first sight

18Morte et Dabo
Both musical and technical, I think this is the best song from AA... Just too damn creative, enough said.
YES. I absolutely love this song. The only reason it's not number one is because it's against God.
This song got me into Asking Alexandria and the lyrics have so much meaning.

19Another Bottle Down
"I won't fall down again
My heart's now dead and gone
And I'm still breathing
I made it out alive! "

20Moving On
The greatest song on 'From Death To Destiny' and one of the best songs they've ever made. Amazing.
Honestly, if they made songs like this more, I think they could be great.
This song shows the hard rocking' mature sound of the new AA album! Best song in my opinion
[Newest]Love this song very much!

21A Lesson Never Learned
Great song... The remix of Celldweller is amazing too...

22I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps a Cowboy King
The beginning is absolutely amazing and the part when he screams "load up your six-shot baby, put it to my head"!
The screamo and the growling in this song is better then any other!

23Don't Pray for Me
Laugh out loud, best intro EVER! I love this song.
I like the intro, good job!
This song is verry great I like it.

24Reckless & Relentless
Its a true song about Rock and roll. "I am rock n roll". Just a great song and a catchy chorus.. It needs to be in the top ten. Danny worsnop at his best.
So awesome, my actual favorite.
Top 5
1. Reckless & Relentless
2. Morte Et Dabo
3. A Prophecy
4. Run Free
5. The Final Episode

Its amazing, takes my breath away and really helps when I just want to ignore the world and listen to some amazing music! I love Asking Alexandria! Totally recommend it
This song does not get enough credit! It has an amazing breakdown and Is my favorite song next to "Another bottle down" which saddens me that it isn't on this list
This song is amazing! This is the first actual song I learned how to scream to! I love it, this should be at number one for sure.

26White Line Fever
By far Danny's best clean vocals. It really suits his voices new style and in my opinion is one of Askings best songs.
Although not my favourite song (final episode forever) I reckon it's a pretty good song and should place higher.
Best of the best should be on the top-the chorus! Just amaizing!

27The Match

28Break Down the Walls
First AA song I heard really enjoyed it not to keen on their other stuff but this song should definitely be higher
Definitely not the first song I heard by asking alexandria but I love this song. I think it should be way higher.


I love this, the lyrics are so truthful and I just love it every time danny says screaming screaming

3118 and Life
One of their best Songs. Amazing vocal and Handelns lyrics. Love Asking

32Until the End

33All You Got to Do

Awesome cover and better then the original
An amassing song with great bass

35Bite Your Lip and Fake It

One of their best songs in my opinion
One of their best songs..
My AA's first and it's just amazing, one of my favorites. Love it so much :3

37Hey There Mr. Brooks
Oh, the bullet's gone!
I take this blade, I slit your throat!
You fall into your grave!
I cover up my tracks, I'm done!
I won't kill again!
I said that's it, I'm done!
Best part! This song is great should be higher.
Great song and it features shawn from alesana and base off the movie mr. Brooks and it needs yo be in the top ten.
This iss the best song vote for it or Mr. Brooks will come for you! Ok but it super catchy and when they say "oh, the bullets gone I take this blade I slit your throat" its just eargasm ok
[Newest]Easily my favorite AA song I love the breakdowns and the lyrics are unique

38Right Now (Na Na Na)
One of my favourites! Fell in love with the band listening to this
Wild cover of akon song...

39Killing Me
Should be way higher

Man this is insane this is awesome song man why the heck it isn't on top...

41Burn It to the Ground

42Bullets In a Music Box
Honestly this song is so amazing and I've listened to it on repeat for hours


Dude are you serious? How on earth is this song so low on this list. I mean, have you seen them play this live. DANNY'S SPIT, CAMERON'S HEADBANGING, THE EXPRESSION ON JAMES FACE WHILE PLAYING THIS, BEN BEING JUST PERFECT AND SAM, WELL SAM IS SAM (HE'S MY FAVOURITE MEMBER) This song is always first on my list, and I will never get tired of it! A.A. is my favourite band (PTV 2nd) and Welcome is one of my favourite songs! ALWAYS.. WE'RE BACK AGAIN. LET'S MAKE A TOAST COME RAISE YOUR GLASSES HIGH. TO EVERYONE WHO DOUBTED US, "KARMA'S A BITCH RIGHT? "
This song is just full of perfect words. It's the first track on "Reckless and Relentless" and a great introduction to an even greater album. This should be in the top ten, if not the top three.
This should be higher on this list O. O' What the hell xc

45The Road
The Road and Dead are actually better than Welcome and Sick And Tired, why are so low?
Can't believe it's last. Are you kidding me?

46Sick and Tired
Someone please tell me how To find this song on YouTube because it's nowhere to be found my mind is blown
Just one word cool songs!


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