Best Attack Type Beyblades


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Meteo L Drago
Meteo L Drago has the power to make ties. In the beginning it goes very speedy, but then he backs down and sometimes lose. I don't know why people say he always makes ties. I like how much energy it has but it sometimes get stuck in the pocket of the stadium. If you have a meteo l drago and use it in almost in all of your though battles it's tip might crack a little bit. If you go in you tube you might see it whacking of other beys by absorbing other players powers and you don't believe it it is true. Trust me in everything because it is still very true. Remember to like this comment.

Yes I do believe this guy is very good its attack is very high if you check out youtube it'll have some pictures of meteo l drago beating up other beys knocking out them so please do keep this guy the top and just like l drago destroyer has steal spin like meteo l drago thank you all for a wonderful attacking bey to those that make beyblades
[Newest]When you hand spin in absorption man its powerful
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2Galaxy Pegasus
Galaxy pegusus is awesome I did a match withe six beyblade. It broke one beyblades tip and the rest were out of the stadiam in 5 seconds.
I had a galaxy pegasis I defeat earth eagle burn fireblaze lightning l drago rock leone
The best he's great awesome too best I ever seen my friend thou can't figure him out he's the bomb best bey
[Newest]I have that bey it is pretty strong I broke a lighting l drago I first broke its bolt then its tip

3Big Bang Pegasus
I like the mode changes in battle in the middle of battle you're in the middle going slow but after you get all fast again.
Big bang pegasus is the coolest bey in the world. Because it has more modes than l drago. It has four modes and l drago has just two modes. It is faster than l drago. It throw the l drago out of my stadium. Big bag pegasus is cool man.
Yeah! Petty high attack or you can say extreme attack! It's not really good at defense/stamina.
[Newest]It knocks Beyblades out of the arena
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4L Drago Destroy
He has to modes, I like his steal spin. Yes he has spin steal when the red is out it can do hat. You can do this by turning the fusion wheel on him. Then the red should be sticking out.
It beats every bey including meteo l drago big bang pegasus
And also diablo nemesis unbelieveable
It is awosome it has both attack and defense facilities than meteo l-drago and it can defeat diablo nemeses
[Newest]This bey has a lot of power if you put it in a 3 man or above battle it is sure to win. It has amazing attack power. But it's a little hard to control

5Ray Unicorno
Ray unicorno is really good, because of its coat sharp performance tip. The ray wheel is also good, definitely better than storm. Coat sharp, when not launched in sliding shoot, is a top tier defense tip. Buy it
Top attack type bey. It can change from attack to stamina to attack! Highly recommended. Ray wheel has extreme smash attack. Sends opponents flying. My brothers Rock leone, gravity destroyer, poison serpent all went down.
It can beat meteo ldrago galaxy pegasus and big bang pegasus and any beyblade that goes faster than it.
[Newest]Awesome bey number 1 bey

6Lightning L Drago
Cool. It's okay but yeah but Lightning L-Drago is pretty strong compared to other beys.
I think that l-drago is the best attack type beyblade because he has 6 stars for attack. The one that comes with earth wolf can ##rotate to the left and the right so I think he could even be better than gravity destroyer.
I have lightning l drago and its so awesome it can beat all my other beys including earth eagle, galaxy pegasis and rock leone!
[Newest]This dude kicks ass

7Storm Pegasus
My pegasis is my most trusted attack type, and also how is galaxy pegasis and meteo l-drago better than their evolved forms cosmic/big bang pegasis and l-drago destruction?
It defeated galaxy pegasis, meteo ldrago, rock zurafa and ray gil
My storm pegasus defeated the lightning l-Drago in just one hit but yeah! We call it a attack type. Mine was just defeat meteo l-drago but you all know spin steals so I lost
[Newest]Beat my Earth Eagle. Need I say more?

8Cyber Pegasus
Cyber Pegasus is an attack type but has the best defense in all the attack type beys. It has cool looks and a whole lot of stamina
Cyber pegasus has the best defense but has normal attack but it has a whole lot stamina too and has a cool look
It is the fiercest bey and it is 200 percent speed. IT BRAOKE ALL MY COLLECTION of beys into peices yeh it really happened no jokes
[Newest]He is absolutely the strongest pegasus. It sent my galaxy pegasus flying out of the stadium and I launch cyber first. Galaxy is an extremely strong beyblade but my cyber would beat it any day no joke

9Mercury Anubis
I think he's a cool looking bey. When it spin's it look's cool. When it doesn't it still look's cool. Even though it has not that good smash power it still does great. Some people think that the mercury metal has not that good performence but the spin track and the performence tip are great but I believe the metal is cool looking and also it is simaliar to the vulcan metal right. Well any way it's a good bey I think so I hope you think the same as me!.
He is the top most attack bey he defeat meteo l drago which is the top most bey it rocks like the galaxy pegasis it moves like that it have turbo boost
Its just plain awesome. It beats all my other beys
[Newest]Cool comes with any 85 spin track

10L Drago Destructor
I just can't get why this is at 10. This Beyblade can defeat anyone on this list. Plus the limited edition looks really cool.
This is a great bey. Should be at the top
This bey should be above the top
[Newest]It is the best bey ever

The Contenders

11Legend Thunder Libra
I think all libra beyblades rock
my favorite beyblade is libra
my favorite attack beyblade is destroyer
my favorite defense beyblade is skithe kronos
my favorite staimana beyblade is gemios
my favorite balance beyblade is byxis
peace out rome

I love libra. I even have one but I need a new fusion wheel
Can you show me the beyblade picture because I also have the top ten beyblade!
[Newest]My favorite Beyblade is Libra

12Wing Pegasis
This Beyblade is amazing! It knocked my heaviest Beyblade out of the stadium. I found out that it loses aggressiveness when it is in mode 0 (ironclad mode). If you are wondering what is my heaviest Beyblade, it is meteo guardian with poison serpent's spin track and the performance tip is RDF.
Wing Pegasis is a great attack type I found out it can gain speed by going around the stadium because the shape of the fusion wheel and if you flip the iron core upside down it may lose a little stamina but it delivers heavy attacks
Wing pegasus is great at attacking its even suppose to be the evolution of big bang pegasus

13Phantom Orion
It rocks it defeat all my beys
This is NOT an attack type.
This bey is the best stamina type

14Hyper Aquario
Oh shut up! It should be at number 1 due to its metal smash attack
Amazing beyblade it cracked MY BASSAULT HOROGIUM TIP IN ONE SHOT
Smashing power smashed pisces and pegasus also metoe ldrago!

15Storm Aquario
Rrally good power in hole flat mode and good smash attack. Awesome bey I reccommend it. It beat hell kerbecs, earth virgo, grand cetus, galaxy pegasus, and lightning ldrago! =)
Storm Aquario can beat anyone, I've never lost using it.
Its P. Tip is aswom

16Blitz Striker
Blitz Unicorno it's better the Ray Unicorno in attack power in my opinion cause when you go on YouTube Ray Unicorno get's owned by Blitz Unicorno also it's evolved ver. of Ray Unicorno
Blitz striker is a really good bey and some of the beys up there can be defeated by him
Blitz striker is better than ray striker. Blitz striker will destroy ray striker
[Newest]Its one of the coolest beys ever...

17Thermal Lacerta
Lacerta sucks as it is once you get it, but give it Earth Eagle's spin track and cyber Pegusus's tip and it can crack Eagle in half.
This bey is so good it should be at least #3. It is super strong because it had lightning l drago's preformance tip.

Variares is the BEST! I have it and it broke the fusion wheel of my lightning ldrago and almost broke my beat lynx. This is truly the best attack type beyblade!
Variares has very good attack capability also it has good attack for a flat tip. Variares is a very versatile beyblade as it has a 4d this tip can go between flat, sharp and wide ball this means it can have good attack defense and stamina.
Okay, AMATURES! Variares is top tier attack. I'm gilaspiderlizard from youtube, and I know the whole who top tier list. Variares, l-drago destroy, beat, flash, blitz, all those and more are top tier attack wheels. Of course there not top tier as stock beys, you need to customize, but d in flat mode is the most agressive botton for any of them, so variares is the best. We nees more people who know what there doing on this site
[Newest]BEST of all Beyblades

19Diablo Nemesis
Everybody knows that Diablo Nemesis is a bey with a power of destructive attack. Its limit of tremendous power is endless. This is the best attack type I have ever experienced.
It is an ultimate attack type. Its fusion wheel is the heaviest, it should be number 1
Diablo Nemesis is so cool that bey blade will crush some beys Cosmic Pegasus will beat it.
Everybody knows that Diablo Nemesis is power of destruction but some of the other bey blades can beat it!
[Newest]It's the world powerful bey

20Inferno Gasher
Inferno Gasher is pretty good. To start, I think that he looks pretty cool. He can defeat most of my other beys. The inferno wheel gives him pretty good attack, and he can move quite well with the Semi-Flat tip. Changing the track (SW145) doesn't make too much of a difference, but protects inferno gasher from destabilizers. Inferno Gasher also has good stamina. I can't say that he is the best, but he is quite good, and I recommend getting this bey. He also comes with a ray striker recolor.
Great Beyblade dose not lose much stamina and can beat storm pegasus easily

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