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I have only bought Honda's after I bought one of those dirtbikes from pep boys and that was junk. This is when I got a Honda and I have had 3 and there the best thing I have ever gotten. They always start up and perform very well. I had a Yamaha blaster and the throttle stuck on that and it would rev up all the one by itself so I got rid of that. I also had a kawasaki 700 prarie and I loved that it never ever got stuck and went through anything. Honda's are the best but I agree Yamaha and kawasaki are very good too I think my blaster engine was rebuilt and was done incorrectly so I guess it wasn't yamahas fault
When I voted it moved to number 1! Anyway I have a 250ex... Starts every time with no problem. Fun to drive and easy as well. It is what I am learning on and I absolutly love it. Nothing wrong with kawi or suzuki but I think honda has them all by a little bit with there "bulletproofness" if you know what I mean. Highly recommend them!
Hondas are the best
[Newest]My friend has one and my polaris can run all over it.

The new grizzly is a grizzly on wheels.


The raptor 660 with mods is beastly.
I have I Yamaha quad its very good have 2 years riding and haven't had a single problem with it. in my opinion Yamaha is a very good brand
[Newest]Have one so much fun'

I have a Polaris 400, 4 by 4, it's absolutely beautiful, great power and durability! Literally goes through everything! My friends get stuck in mud all the time, but the Polaris just rams right through it.
Polaris is the best companies that make good off road four wheelers. They just go no stopping any where just moving
All these other atv's made in china like Suzuki and Yamaha
I love polaris they are the best an American made
[Newest]It can go through everything

4Arctic Cat
This is really cool. They make snowmobiles and there really good to. I'd recommend it to anyone that had trouble with the company's above or below.


I have always had Arctic Cat and have never had a problem.
Buddy have all Polaris and have never has a ATV that has been a good working machine.
I would recomend Arctic Cat to anyone anytime.
They are very great machines ride great and last long my grandpa has had his since 2001

Can-Am is the Porsche of ATV world!
Yamaha-Made in China
Suzuki-Made in China
Honda-Made in China
Artic Cat- Made in iraq
Can-Am made in heaven!
This rocks that all
Best of the best

Have two brute forces 300 and the 650 fun machines better then ole piece of polaris, never own another one of those no good for nothing machines
I want one for my 16th! The ultimate motocross bike!
I have a 99 Kawasaki kvf 300 and it goes through more than my bro's polaris 700 explorer there tough machines I've rolled it 3 times and still nothing wrong with it. If your planning on buying an atv get a Kawasaki

Work's hard but rather have a honda.
Trust worthy, works, fun to, ride
I have a 1994 QuadRunner 250 2x4 and it keeps up with the big boys on trails no problem. Still smooth shifting after 20 years! Light front end makes it an awesome wheelie bike! This bike has been through hell and back and no issues! Top speed is only 85km/hour on pave but that's enough for me.

Maybe not the best, but bombardier ATV's are super tough and great to ride. my #1



The Contenders

is not the best but haves an average performanceand its the cheapest


Horrible machine but probably the best chinese quad.

Excellent quality and price

Diesel. Has the only integrated cab in the business. Has factory heat and AC.



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