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22The Truth of a Liar

the intro riff and the riff about midway through the song is absolutely amazing. combine that with the amazing drums and the sickk vocals/lyrics and you have a reall good song.

Fantastic song, solid metalcore - dhjin2


Brand new song but when I first heard it I loved it. It deserves to be higher on the list even though it's not as heavy as their other stuff. Not to mention it features jeremy McKinnon

24Up Against the Ropes

This song is the heaviest ABR has dished out. So much beauty

I cannot believe this is so far down, my all time favorite ABR track. Just awesome man

25The Eleventh Hour

This song is so beastly and you could almost call it death metal haha

26Separating the Seas

Heavy as song but gets melodic towards the end

This should be #1. Not white washed you mainstream pussies


Heavy as hell best intro riff august burns red has done and now a main staple of their live set

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"Very underrated Song excellent riffs and all.

30The Escape Artist
31Carpe Diem

I've not listened to a whole lot of august burns red but I know for certain that this is a very good.

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That build up and scream though! Come on listen to this song and tell me it isn't amazing!

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The line: The victim in me is dead, I AM REBORN.

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Such a heavy song. not to mention extremely technical at some parts. great lyrics as well. "YOU SKEPTIC YOU, YOU BELIEVE IN UNBELIEF"

36Black Sheep
37Boys of Fall

Kicks ass! One of the best songs in leveler. Good job jake, matt, jb, brent, and dustin X)


Why is this song so low, one of the bands best, melodic as well as brutal. Check out the 30 second blast beat halfway through and tell me how he didn't suffer a mysterious spinal tap drummer death while playing it.

What great guitar work! Really good vocals as well. A really, really good song. Also, the bells version of this song is trippy as.

39Creative Captivity

This is an underrated song currently but is a measure of how ABR has grown as a band. Not the conventional ABR. A song where they have tried on different instruments and made it more epic and progressive. A love/hate song which I love. The song is about how the band is going to save metalcore as a genre. For sure one of the best songs I have listened to.

How is this song SO FAR BACK :O it is so amazing the various instruments they use. IT is the title song of the album rescue and restore and shows how they have grown over the years. A true #1 for ABR fans

One of the catchiest songs abr has made, probably THE catchiest

Not saying it's the best but it definitely needs voted up

How isn't this an obvious #1?

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40The Wake
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