Best Australian Bands


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The Top Ten

AC/DC's 1980 album Back In Black currently stands at the #2 all-time highest selling albums... Ever. Being that the #1 spot is occupied by an American, I would say this is good enough reason to convince anyone AC/DC is Australia's #1 band... Oh, they are also in the record books as Australia's #1 export, never fallen into the "where are they now" category, never had an album that didn't produce two or 3 chart makers, let alone have never had an album go out of print that became impossible to find for a while. Not to mention, not many bands could compete with having created so many memorable and classic rock anthems and riffs. Even Deep Purple only have TWO of those, and most people don't even know Black Knight without hearing it.
Yep. They're number 1 ozzie band. And they are still going strong.
AC/DC are easily the best band to come out of Australia saw them live in Melbourne last february and there is nothing like it they are just simply amazing
[Newest]Best in history, undefeated in the whole galaxy.

I Highly agree... their music mix of POP/FUNK/R&B/ROCK genres reached the most tastes of all music lovers worldwide and MH had one of the top 5 Rock Vocal ranges ever... I love AC/DC but have to categorize them as Hard/Heavy Metal Rock. For all that, I would have to put INXS at # 1!
I discovered INXS with the video of the song 'Need You Tonite' and never, ever stopped listening to them. Michael Hutchence was the best ever Rock singer to walk planet Earth. Great voice, sensuous - he had it all and and he left it all to soon. Every member of the band performs well. Their song 'Never Tear Us Apart' is one of the BEST rock ballads by a Rock Band. The band died with the death of Michael Hutchence. There never will be another!
Great band especially I love their song never tear us apart the music and the drummer plays very well

[Newest]Inxs crowded house are equal 1st forget the rest.
More comments about INXS

3Little River Band
Everybody's written about their songs, lyrics and muscianship... But for me they are well up there with CSNY and S&G as proponents of harmony singing. Simply flawless.
Nothing beats them.. My girlfriend is Aussie and she loves them as much as I do..
Love this group. That old taste of rock is what rock will always be.
Love how the chorus sounds as well as the guitaring. Tunes are always catchy.
[Newest]Simply fantastic music. They rock!

4Crowded House
If you take personal bias aside and take a band on a song-by-song basis, then no one comes even close to Crowded House. Sure ACDC are an amazing rock band, Chisel have produced some power ballads, but Crowded House are the masters when it comes to writing a perfect song. Track for track of every album (pre reunion and latter efforts) is amazing. The combination of both Finn brothers on "Woodface" was huge and I do not think there is a single singer/songwriter to come out of Australia / New Zealand with the talent of Neil Finn. He and the band are amazing. They are without a doubt number 1.
I absolutely love Crowded House, not only are they one of the best Aussie bands (I know Neil Finn is a Kiwi, but they're still overall Australian), I honestly think they are one of the best all-time bands.

It's a rare occasion when you find a Best Of album where every song is not only recognisable but of the highest quality.
Should be number 1. Amazing musicians with heart touching lyrics. Takes me back to when I was younger and my dad played their albums non stop in the car Aah those were the days...
[Newest]Crowded House are easily the best band in the world... let alone Australia!

... I'm going to pretend "The Young Modern" never happened and vote Silverchair for best Australian band.
Their music got me through tough times and let me know I wasn't the only that felt that way. His voice is AMAZING, I hope they put out more albums cause I'm in love with that band. WE LOVE YOU SILVERCHAIR
Silverchair is an amazing band. I could listen to all their albums all day they have so many good songs which spreads over Indie, Grunge, Punk, Rock, Alternative and Pop. One of the best bands to ever come out of this country without a doubt!
[Newest]Very underrated. Great vocals is one thing, but the guitar play is also intriguing! One of the best bands out there!

6Midnight Oil
Strongly think this band should be listed higher. A band can only be judged in its own time frame. Midnight Oil was hugely important in its time, and references to it and its songs are still being made in political and social circles.
Having seen 7 of the top 10 live in the states, there is not another band that comes close to the power of Midnight Oil. INXS was really good and Crowded House was very good live too. AC DC is probably the worst of the 7 that I've seen.
Maybe not the highest in popular appeal, the Oils have to rank at the top in terms of musical content and body of work. Great lyrics, lots of albums, awesome in concert-what more could you ask for?
[Newest]Simply the most dynamic inspiring irresistible music ever made. Great studio albums and even greater live performances. ALL great musicians, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. No other band will get your blood pumping quite like the Oils.

Because they are one of the best Aussie bands that still have more to come. I love there songs because there are great quality and it doesn't matter if you are rocking out at the supermarket because you are listening to one of the greatest rock artist ever
Wolfmother aren't as good as ac/dc but I haven't even heard of half of these other. Their songs always have something new to them some are a bit like screamos but most aren't I respect all their songs even though joker and the thief is the only one that most have heard of I think at least they should be 3rd if not 4th.
Joker and thief lyrics, voice is impressive
Same as iTunesJunky they should be first or second
[Newest]Best Rock band since LED ZEPPELIN

Jet one of the greatest bands on all time.. Please come back to the UK soon.
So underrated... JET are one of the best rock bands out today!
Love them Jet please lets get it back together even if just for one more gig
[Newest]Some very nice songs they have

9Parkway Drive
Parkway Drive are the most technically accomplished and musically enlightened metalcore band of the 21st century. They play fast ultra heavy style metal, but it is still music. Most modern metal/deathcore bands I have heard only want to be the loudest/fastest/most dissonant band and forget that they are meant to be making music.

Just a personal note, Metalcore isn't really metal/punk at all. It is it's own genre.

At least Parkway make some real metal.
One of the best bands alive and kicking, fast beats and massive breakdowns. I have never heard anything like them, plus Winston McCall brings the whole band up to a new level with hard vocals and big shouts.
How is parkway drive not in the top 5 they are arguably the best metal core band in the world. The have the best growler I have ever heard and kick ass drumming and a awesome guitarist. Beast solos and epic intros what more could you want?
[Newest]So amazing they come from byron bay which is near me

10Bee Gees
One of the best bands ever. I always love their songs. They were one of the best musicians in their time. One of my dreams is being in one of their live concerts will never come true!
How is this band NOT in the top 2? (ACDC being the only legitimate challenger for top spot)
Umm? Bee gees Australian?

The Contenders

11Living End
AMAZING BAND! Absolutely awesome to see live! Not to mention how incredible Chris Cheney is at playing guitar
From great simple songs to insane ones like "Carry Me Home", The Living End has done it all! Bloody brilliant!
Brilliant Australian band, definitely deserve higher

12Cold Chisel
You have Cold Chisel WAY down the list from their rightful place in the top 5 when they are Australian Rock Royalty. It's like listing Led Zeppelin below Oasis on a British list. I mean what? This is a band that crosses generations with hit after hit. Even if you don't like them, you gotta be impressed with the song writing and amazing vocals of young Jimmy Barnes. This list loses all credibility with Cold Chisel down this low. Just go see a whole crowd of young kids raise their glass in the air and sing an entire Chisel song regardless of whether they own a single album.
Absolute joke leaving chisel out of the top 10 let alone the top 5, I mean these dudes were just so real and everything Australian culture is about, absolute legends and the voice of barnes is something that no country or other band will ever have, the uniqueness of this great aussie pub rock band is something that no body will ever be able to compare to, again absolute joke leaving them out of the top 10!
If they aren't the best band Australia has produced, they're a close second to AC/DC... which is only because of worldwide popularity. Easily better than INXS and Crowded House, they are the definitive Aussie Rock band with most of their music being very cultural and nationally relevant. International fame is the one thing they lack, and should this list be judged on that?


[Newest]R you 4 real! Cold Chisel not even in top 10 if deserves top 3! Jimmy Barnes you legend your great even solo

Greatest band ever, so much better than all the modern day music and so many great songs. I went to the Sunsets Farewell Tour, where Powderfinger and jet both played and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Bernard Fanning is amazing.
This is one of my favourite bands of all time! Every single one of their songs is brilliant and original! They are BY NO MEANS your mainstream average band! They definitely retired too early, because they could have easily gone on and made it big.
Love their songs even more than ACDC, sorry to any ACDC fans out there...
Its obvious this band is underrated. Powderfinger deliver so much lyrically and musically. Although I think they retired to early I'm sure its not the end yet. How does living end rate so high. Wrong. Little river band. Give me a break.. I think acdc at the top is right.
[Newest]Love Powderfinger, classic iconic Australian band, and from my home town of Brisbane too, what's not to love about their stuff!

14Men At Work
Down under was the best song, it was on kangaroo jack my favorite movie.
I'm from Canada, and honestly, if I can say that, it's because they were REALLY famous all over! Man, it cannot be that low on this list; please fix it!
Great band, wonderful lyrics! Held best single and best album at the same time in US. Can't believe it is ranked so low.

15The Easybeats
I love them since I heard Friday back in 1967, I was 15 years old.
Friday On My Mind, what else is there to say.
Great but not one Aussie member
[Newest]Great band with the greatest Australian song writers

You don't know what you've got till it's gone. The Divinyls had a magic full sound, great guitar and Chrissie's great vocals. Not to mention an awesome presence and performance on stage. What can separate the bands for me in the number of good to great songs. I can get about 15 to 20 with Divinyls but only 12 or so for AC/DC (most from Back in Black).
The Divinyls are one of my favourite Australian bands. Chrissy Amphlett was amazing in her schoolgirl uniform. Pleasure and Pain, I Touch Myself, Science Fiction, Boys in Town, I'll Make you Happy, Great rock n roll / new wave songs.
Why aren't the divinyls here? They are way better than the Hoodoo Gurus!
[Newest]Simply the best of an era

17The Saints
The first punk band formed before The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Ramones
A really great band from the punk era.

18Savage Garden
One of the best bands in australia with their hits to The Moon And Back, I Knew I Loved You and Truly Madly Deeply.


This band should be on place 2-3, NOT 13! They may be a pretty old band, but they have great songs, such as Truly Madly Deeply and To the Moon and back. They were very popular 1997.
This is a great band of all time they should be number 1


[Newest]I miss their music... Them!

19Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
I'm sorry but Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds needs to be in the top 10, simply the sophistication of their music places them above most of these bands. Into My Arms, Where the Wild Roses Grow, Are You The One That I
Ve Been Waiting For, Do You Love Me? , The Ship Song, The Mercy Seat, Red Right Hand- are some of the best Australian songs ever
For decades Nick Cave have been genreating the one magnificent song after the other. I rank this band as one of the top ten bands in the world.

20Rose Tattoo
I swear I started thinking that my browser search was not working when I did not find Rose Tattoo in the list. They are one of the most influential bands in Aussie rock history!


Rose Tattoo NEVER TOO LOUD is easily the best Australian hard rock album in my opinion, every song is gold
Yes these guys are top 10. Angry the only original member left.
I have been to plenty of their gigs & Angry still sings with flat out passion. Saw them support Guns N' Roses, Angry sung with Axle "Nice Boys" mate, Axle sounded like a cat in heat compared to Angry. I think they turned down Angry's mike because his voice was so strong & showed up Axle.
Rock n Roll is King.
[Newest]THE BEST ROCK EVER, Get them to USA TO PLAY.

21The Cat Empire
The Cat Empire is one of the greatest bands today, they have real talent unlike other auto tuned bands that are sponsored by the media. The Cat Empire deserves proper credit! It's a shame to let them fall like this. If you guys give them a better chance they would get more known in the world, they are a really great band.
"The Cat Empire is the best band you've never heard. "
Great band. I think they should at least be in top ten. come on guys! They are awesome! I hate this minimum content quality thing...
They are awesome! Actually awesome is not enough to describe their sound! They mix many instruments and it's very unique! I went to visit Australia inspired on their songs, cause they are happy and make you feel good! They are for sure my favourite band!
[Newest]They are one of the few bands that can truly create their own genre. Their music has inspired me since I first heard them. They are truly amazing and unbelievable.

They are a lot like AC/DC another awesome band! Runnin' wild, diamond in the rough,.. Gotta love all their songs.
Since AC/DC is #1, how can Airbourne not be in the top 5 since they sound more like them than any other band out there? Check them out... They are awesome! I wished they toured here in the good ol' USA. If Airbourne isn't rank higher, than you need to move AC/DC down, which would be blasphemy!
[Newest]These guys are awesome!

23Tame Impala
Yank here. Elephant playing on the radio constantly exposed me to them, and listening to both albums pleasently surprised me. Tracks like Half Full Glass of Wine, Lucidity, Apocalypse Dreams and Mind Mischief have a gritty 70's sound that I long for. Frankly, Impala has me eager to explore Aussie rock in more detail. Looking forward to more from them in the future.
Both of their albums are absolutely incredible, they're definitely going to keep getting better and better! Already one of the top 5 Aussie bands in my opinion.
[Newest]Tame Impala is simply awesome... Great songs, great melody, same of old Floyd-Beatles stuff but totally refreshing and new. They should be top 5

Great Band produced many good songs/albums and most of them had successful solo careers - RED and the lead singer had huge success.
Skyhooks should be much higher

25Birds of Tokyo
Incredibly amazing music. The album actually titled 'Birds of Tokyo' is one of the most brilliantly done albums of Australian music ever. I think they should be at least in the top five. I can't wait for a new album.
Love Karnivool as well but I prefer Birds of Tokyo. The music is simply fantastic. Wild At Heart, Silouettic, This Fire, Lanterns, White Leaves, Circles, In The Veins of Death Valley, Plans, When the Night Falls Quiet, Wild Eyed Boy, The Gap, the list goes on.
Good to see Ian Kenny Pops up with Karnivool too.
[Newest]There are no words to describe how amazing they are!

26John Butler Trio
Here in Europe John Butler is an icon. Greeting from Portugal.
The new voice of australian music. The are the power
Epic and very emotive... Awesome guitar pieces... You just cannot express with words, you have to hear it
[Newest]What a band, so underrated

27Eskimo Joe
They rock the mostest... Really good band... Black fingernails read wine is one of the greatest albums like ever bro... It's up there as my favorites out of about 600 albums I own...
Their music are just super quality, should have gained more recognition.. give it a listen, songs like black fingernails red wine, foreign land and New York will make you an instant fan overnight, trust me
Their album 'Ishalla' just gives me goosebumps as to how good they are. They have such an interesting way as to how they create their songs and I think they have incredible music talent. Alternative rock is one of if not the best genre of music.
[Newest]Must be top ten -Black fingernails read wine is one of the greatest albums ever

28Australian Crawl
Aussie crawl should be top ten. Errol, boys light up, reckless, downhearted, things don't seem, beautiful people, oh no not you again. Cold chisel has been forgotten as well and should be higher up the list.
Daughters of the northern coast, Lakeside, indisposed, unpublished critics... Top twenty at least
There the best band ever!

29Air Supply
Well, yet it wasn't purely Aussie but no one can deny they were one of the first to put Aussie name outside Aussie which concerns music. I'm Brazilian and they were the first Aussie band I heard, later I fell in love with Silverchair. Even younger people know "lonely is the night", "Lost in love", "Every woman in the world", "Goodbye", "making love out of nothing at all". They are unforgettable.
They were one of the most successful bands to come out of Australia. However Australians like to pride themselves on sending the world hard rock so unfortunately they have been ignored here. I personally love their music and a lot of others do but wont admit it laugh out loud silly really
Surely they should be in the top 10. At least the third they should be.
[Newest]I cannot imagine them out of the race

30The Amity Affliction
Amity is probably my favourite band. They are amazing whether its a cd or live, definitely worth listening to and obsessing over. Love these guys.
One of my most favorite bands and there still young so they will find their space in the top ten soon even though they already deserve it!
These guys are just as good as parkway, they should be in the top 5
[Newest]Best hardcore music ever

31The Church
Formed in 1980 and still going strong. These guys deserve to be in the top 10. I wish radio stations would actually play tracks from their 'current' albums (After Everything Now this, Forget Yourself, Uninvited Like The Clouds, Untitled #23) instead of 'rehashing' Under The Milky Way' all the time. A good song but they've produced others as good as, or better than this since Starfish.
The Church is No. 1 on my list. I've been listening to them since Starfish, but love their entire catalog. They continue to evolve and put out great music. I recently made a playlist of my favorite Church songs and it exceeded 50.
Travesty that they are not in the top ten. These guys are one of the best bands ever - Australian or not. They just never got the commercial success to match the quality of their music.
[Newest]Amazing band - subtlety is the key

32Hunters & Collectors
Listen To Holy Grail
Sick Song
Best live pub band Australia ever had. Full stop.
On this list Hunters and Collectors are certainly above the bottom five.
And it's minimum quantity, not quality when a word count is involved.

33Hoodoo Gurus
"It's a very nice band"?! Dude, these guys are awesome!
Every time one of their songs comes on to the radio, I stop what I'm doing and listen to the song. Love their music!
21?! Really? These guys should be FAR higher!
Dude, 'What's my scene', 'Come Anytime', 'Miss Freelove', 'My Girl', are all classics, and their new album is awesome, they should be way higher that 20!
You can't take me anywhere ill strip down to my underwear if you vote for this band to be higher!
[Newest]I really thought they would be in the top 5! No where outside the top 10! Come on!

34Kicking Judas
I saw this band play in Adelaide last year and they really kicked arse!
Should be #1, bringing back the NWOBHM and Early Thrash, check em out wont be disappointed
These guys are Awesome! Defiantly reckon they should be first!

35Radio Birdman
Another great Oz band with two tremendous axemen providing searing leads and great drive. Combine that with a class frontman and great lyrics and you have quality.
Derivative, but a more exciting live band than anyone.
Should be number one. This is by far the best to ever come out of Australia. Sorry but they are better than AC/DC. It is 2015 and their music still sounds contemporary.

36I Killed the Prom Queen
Best band nice dudes, you can chill with this people

37The Hilltop Hoods
These guys are just wonderful. Sure its rap but it is so uniquely Australian. Its amazing and so peculiar to us Aussies and just a fantastic band that avoided the trap of mainstream music style and went with their own flow and made it WORK.
Not sure if they are exactly a band, but they are the musicians in my opinion
HILLTOP HOODS ARE AWESOMME, I've recently got about 7 of my friends to start listening to their music... #ADDICTIVE MUSIC

38The Loved Ones
They were truly innovative having changed from a jazz band, which influenced their unique style. Of course Jerry Humphries unique voice range took the band to a new and formidable height in beat music. Never has or will ever be repeated. A 5 star band.
they taught us how to do it.

39The Berzerker

40The Birthday Party


42Empire of the Sun
A really up and coming electronic band. Very underrated on this list considering their sales, chart history, and fan base. Currently my favorite band to listen to and I can't wait to hear their new album.

Are You Old Enough (No. 1), April Sun in Cuba (No. 2), Rain (No. 2) on the Aussie Charts. They had at least 10 top 20 hits, with This Time, Get That Jive, Still in Love With You, Dreams of Ordinary Men, Young Years and the best ever version of Celebration all still all played on the radio today.

Compare this success to many of the bands above them on this list, they are certainly one of Australiasia's most underrated bands.

Not to mention the charisma and stage presence of the towering Marc Hunter, what a front man!
They had it all. Talent charisma and great songs. Fantastic experience live rip in peace marc
Love this band, where can I find their music today?
[Newest]Kiwi band - great music

Should Be top ten with songs such as electric blue, great southern land etc.
Top 10 for the 80s, at least
Icehouse should be in the very least in the top 5!

45Knife Party
Knife Party is just amazing, I love every single one of their songs and they are easily in my top 10 favorite bands.
Knife party is just amazing

46Hillsong United
Hillsong United rocks! It's on first rank to me.. Their songs are great to praise and worship God! Hell yeah!
Thanks God for these brother in faith that you gave us to bless us through them
This Music feeds my soul
[Newest]I love Hillsong United

Never saw them but saw Matt Taylor with the Rock Doctors at the Station Hotel in Prahran one Friday night in 1983. Pissed as a goat he tore the house down with some of the best harp playing I've heard. Only NZs Midge Marsden comes close mate!
Phill Manning can play guitar better than any other Aussie
I followed Chain for years love em. Their best album ever was called "Oz Blues", its an extremely rare album but if you can get it its incredible.

48Dead Can Dance
Yep, even North American death metal band MORBID ANGEL mentions them in the sleeve of one of their albums.

Insane metalcore, very emotive intelligent lyrics. Still growing, they take metalcore to a new level using complex time signatures and rhythms. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys heavy music.
Very nice guys and very good musicians. Been to dozens of concerts and they were by far my favorites
ACDC is legendary, but northlane is better than parkway drive

50Deströyer 666

Masters of the live gig! The ultimate dance band
One of Australia's best live bands
MY favourite band in the early 80's
[Newest]Best live shows in the country...

52Short Stack
Short Stack is totally the best band out there, they have the catchiest songs and make you want to dance. Oh, and if you've seen them you'll have to vote because you'll know that they're so hot.
Short Stack are so hot and have awesome songs that have a catchy songs that you can't get out of your head!
Stack fans! Let's see how high we can get Short Stack on this list... Who knows, maybe the boys will see it and realize we still love them!
[Newest]Great songs, great energy, awesome live


You, my friend are sorely insane. Their old stuff is CLEARLY THE AWESOMEST. You can't go much better than The Shake, Black Dress, Do Do's and Whoa Oh's and Anger is the Brand New Thing. Btw, NEVER put 'pop tunes' and kisschasy in the same sentence ever again. kisschasy (because they are legends) deserve better than that. their songs actually mean something. they're not just the crap you hear on the radio. they're the real thing.


Go Darren and Joel..soz to the others but i cant remember ur names! Love the new album...much better now these guys are rock rather than the ballads/pop tunes on the old album.

One of the greatest among its genre!
The kings of drum and bass
Best early dnb. Hold your colour was am album passed down by god himself.

565 Seconds of Summer
They are in pop era, bringing pop punk back. I already saw like 1000 girls listening to All time Low and Blink-182 because they say it is cool. They now listen to the bands who are on their t-shirts, and is cool see these girls listening to rock music in pop era.
They don't have a fandom, they have a family, we are a family!
I think they are a really good band because they support their fans a whole bunch and they've been through a lot for at least three years and like they say " Real bands save fans and Real fans save bands " ;)!
[Newest]These guys legit suck

Karnivool is the greatest band I've ever heard? Every note that they hit is the right one, and every groove they make is infectious. Many consider them to be a progressive rock or metal band, but I disagree. They are just... Karnivool. In their music, they have actually created their own genre. It's almost like a jazz-infused progressive rock with a side or perfection. The only band that is somewhat near to Karnivool is another Australian band, sleepmakeswaves, but Karnivool is king! Themata, the first album, is brilliant, but the follow-up, Sound Awake, is phenomenal work, and is nothing short of a masterpiece. No other progressive band in the world can match the sheer musical brilliance of this group of musicians. Karnivool is a religion.
I can't believe karnivool are ranked so low. As musicians they are absolutely brilliant. Their syncopation and rhythm is perfect, and they write terrific songs songs too. They are Australia's answer to Tool, and produce some of the best progressive music I've ever heard. They are disgracefully underrated and underexposed, and their Sound Awake album is just unbelievably good. Oh and, one of the best band names everr
Pure brilliance this band. Sound awake is a masterpiece and everything Kenny touches just shines
[Newest]I agree Karnivool should be much higher on the list...

58The Temper Trap
These guys should be way up there. Give them time, they're only new, but I guarantee they are going to be HUGE!
This is insane! The temper trap are simply amazing in their musical sound and creativity, their songs such as sweet disposition and fader have such good feel to them, the temper trap should be at leat in the top ten, they are an amazing band
First heard track of theirs on Vexed (BBC1 comedy crime drama)... Will be buying their music!
[Newest]Awesome band with great diversity in music. I really enjoyed seeing them live in Perth.

59The Angels
Come on guys, AC/DC are no more Australian than the Bee Gees. The Angels all live here, record here and play here constantly. There is only one Aussie in AC/DC they don't live here, record here and only visit once a decade or so.
Right up there with angus and the boys! Got to see them back in the 80s in Calgary. Too bad the show ended early when some drunken clown threw something. Still love to crank city out of control the most!
I'll never know why this band didn't make it internationally - they're awesome..


[Newest]Never failed to deliver a superb performance, high energy. They rocked the house down every time!

60Sick Puppies
Its a shame having this band at 41. I have seen them in concert 5 times. They are amazing.
Top 10 band for sure and personally my favorite australian band based on average song quality.
Awesome. And the bass plays is solo cute.
[Newest]I love them! They don't deserve to be on 50! At least 10!


62Dead Letter Circus
Best thing to come out of Australia recently. Alternate rock at it's best!
Great tunes just before you go on a motor bike ride. Love it. Good fast sounds
A band that has had success via touring with Cog, but still an awesome band on their on respect. With great progresive rock sound. And an unique sound. A band to look out for.


64The Veronicas
they were on the suite life of zach and cody. thats where i fell in love with them.

65The Twilights

66Masters Apprentices
Brilliant rock band. They produced some truly classic Australian songs such as "Because I Love You", "Wars or Hands of Time", "Turn Up Your Radio" and many more. They're also in the ARIA Hall of Fame, a place they undoubtedly deserve.
While I won't claim they were the greatest of all time, I certainly think that they rank higher than 66th...

67The Jezabels
To me: the best rock I have ever heard

68You Am I
Anyone who seen Tim Rogers in the zone in a small hot sweaty venue... Best ever Aussie band live
Great live shows! Would go a long way to see this band. Have been around for a while too!
You Am I is far better than most of these bands. Deserves to be much higher.

69Thirsty Merc
It's amazing that Thirsty Merc has not even been considered in this list until now. Slideshows is such an incredible album which I think I have listened to over 100 times. This pop rock band is definitely one the best bands because their music is just purely incredible.
With tours all over the country that pretty much ran back to back and people who come back again and again and fill venues to see them, they well and truly deserve to be on this list and a bit higher on the list than quite a few that I've seen.
Such an underrated band! They have amazing, feel good songs and they definitely deserve to be more popular!
[Newest]There music is awesome, love it!

70In Hearts Wake

71The Screaming Jets
Reminds me of great times in Australia. Also the Finger should be up there too.
Why are these guys down so low? There one of the best bands ever!
Come on and Better best rock songs. Deserve to be in top ten. Dave Gleeson ROCKS!

72Tonight Alive
Awesome band to see live!
Saw them live the best ever
An amazing PopPunk band I just wish I could see them live

73The Living End

74Something for Kate
Without a doubt the coolest band in Australia. Paul Dempsey's voice is like little drops of heaven that have floated down to earth and morphed into an audible tone that has seeped into my ears. Rock on Something for Kate!
Celebrating 20 years and still going strong. Paul Dempsey is one of Australia's most intelligent yet underrated lyricists.

These guys were awesome. Do yourself a favour and get their greatest hits album. Jon Stevens has an incredible voice,
Powerful rock band with nice lyrics and excellent guitars!
Great sound from the 90's. Brings good memories back here in Denmark

76Amy Meredith

77Howling Dollhouse
Unique. Why haven't these guys had more exposure?
Amazing band, should be higher up the order

78The Go-Betweens
One of the great strengths of The Go-Betweens was the song writing skills of Forster and McLennan, described by The Village Voice critic Robert Christgau as "the greatest songwriting partnership working today." wonderfully poetic and evocative, often angst-ridden, ironic and unusual, but also soft and sensitive combined with great musical ability The Go-Betweens 9 studio albums were full of deceptively simple yet accomplished songs. I am proud to say they are not only australian but the best band to come from our shores.
Great songs! Great guys!
Thanks grant
The best Australian indie-rock band ever.
[Newest]The Kings of Australian Songwriting!

79The Sunnyboys

Everybody will find a Cog song they like.
Every song is unique

81Hands Like Houses
This band is incredible, underrated and the best lyricists of all time. They have interpereted post-hardcore in exchanging screaming with strong clean vocals and incorporating unique instruments like harps and Xylaphones. Absolutely awesome. They are probably fit closest to the genre of alternative experimental electronic indie soul post-hardcore. However genre is completely irrelevant to them. If you've never heard of them, change this.
Nice Pop/Post-Hardcore group from Canberra. These guys are one of my favorite bands of all time. I'm surprise that these guys aren't more popular in Australia than they already are.
Amazing isn't even close to how great this band is!

At The Mountain Of Madness - will always be a jewel in the crown of aussie music.
Great band always puts on an awesome show

83Mental As Anything
Amazing for a bunch of clowns. I haven't heard much by them in northern canada but what I did hear I loved especially if you leave me can I come too.

84Boy & Bear
Boy and bear are amazing, I went to their concert in the opera house and thousands were there. the are so funny and fantastic
There is nothing on this list that can beat Boy & Bear
They are absolutely fantastic.. outstanding

85The Screaming Tribesmen

86Weddings Parties Anything

87Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls

The best band Aussie music would never be the same without the phil Jamison rocks
Some great early teen angst rock followed by the crafty poppier tracks of their latter years

89Thy Art Is Murder

90Dream On, Dreamer

Great run of singles in the mid-80s with Grace, Bernie and the team.. Pop/soul perfection and them playing live.. ABSOLUTLEY

92Little Birdy

93Cut Copy

God I love Spiderbait, found them through I heart radio last year along with Cold Chisel, love both, but Black Betty was what sold me on these guys, great band, more Americans need to listen to them, along with allot of others on this list! And by the way I think their cover of Black Betty is better then the original, which I heard after theirs, and now can't remember who the original artist was, laugh out loud!
Spiderbait. Their cover of Black Betty is fantastic. It got me to listen to their other stuff. I soon found out that their music was not limited to one style. What a great and refreshing find they were, when I discovered their music.
Great band. Deserve a place in this list

95Baby Animals
Best rock singer ever!

96The Wild Cherries
Birth of Aussie garage music. They played it loud.



99The Drones
Gareth liddiard. That is all


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